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Board of Directors Work Session (Meeting No. 1611)

Thursday, March 7, 2019

San Lorenzo Community Hall
377 Paseo Grande

1.0 Meeting called to order (6 p.m.)

    1.1 Roll call

2.0 Public comments - items not on the agenda

3.0 Updates from administrator

4.0 Financial reports - February 28, 2019 - if available

5.0 CEC events (update)

    5.1 Earth Day 2019

6.0 Discussion items

    6.1 Digital outdoor billboard presentation by Eileen Dalton, Director of Economic and Civic Development
        Dept. for Alameda County Community Development Agency and representatives from Clear Channel project 
        PLN2017-00248). To allow a Clear Channel digital outdoor advertising billboard, two sided, with 14'
        X 48' signs atop a 45' support pole for 59' total height, in conjunction with the removal of 10 bill-
        board side faces at 7 locations, located at 15740 Hesperian Blvd. (San Lorenzo, east side, 400 feet
        east of Grant Ave.

    6.2 2019/2020 draft budget
    6.3 Reorganization of meetings

7.0 Continuing business

    7.1 Hall and bathroom remodel
    7.2 Architectural Committee
    7.3 Ad hoc committee on policy review

8.0 Future agenda items

9.0 Adjournment