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December 18, 2014

1.0 MEETING CALLED TO ORDER – The regular meeting of the San Lorenzo Village Homes Association Board of Directors was held on Thursday, December 18, 2014. President Kavasch called the meeting to order at 7:32 p.m.

1.1 SALUTE TO THE FLAG – President Kavasch lead the audience in the pledge of allegiance.

1.2 ROLL CALL – Directors Catherine Kavasch, Wes Auten, Steve Kirk, Cheryl Hoffmann, and Kyle Carlson were present.


2.1 Approval of Board Meeting Minutes #1401 on November 20, 2014 -– Director Hoffmann moves to approve, Director Carlson seconds, the motion carries unanimously.

2.2 Approval of Work Session Minutes #1402 on December 2, 2014 –- Director Auten moves to approve, Director Carlson seconds, the motion carries unanimously.

2.3 Disposition of Executive Session #1403 on December 2, 2014 Staff -– The Administrator reported that this meeting discussed personnel issues.

2.4 Approval of Executive Session Minutes #1403 on December 2, 2014 -– Director Kirk moves to approve, Director Hoffmann seconds, the motion carries unanimously.


3.1 Community Event Committee -– Director Hoffmann reported that the Volunteer Dinner and Winterfest events went very well. There were about 20 volunteers who attended the dinner and approximately 100 residents who attended Winterfest. Hoffmann thanked Catherine Kavasch for providing the music and Randy Waage for setting up the projector and providing the movie. The next event will be Lunar New Year. This will be held Friday, February 27th in the Association Hall starting at 5:30 p.m. There will be food, lion dancers and fun for the whole family.

The Administrator added that the CEC is also working on the Association's 70th Anniversary events for 2015. Volunteers are needed to help. Director Kirk announced that he has set up an event page on Facebook called “San Lorenzo Community Event Volunteers". He asked that residents go on this page and "like" it so that he can get information out to them about future events. A member suggested that this volunteer page be linked to the Homes Association’s page so that people understand who is putting on the events.

3.2 CC&R Ad Hoc Committee –- Committee Chair, Diane Wydler, reported that the Front Yard Policy, the Policy for Exterior Alterations and the Procedure for Application, Approval, and Completion of Exterior Alterations were all completed and sent to the Association's attorney for review. The attorney made some suggested revisions and the Committee incorporated most of these changes. All three documents will be reviewed by the Board and published in the Association's newsletter in early 2015. The committee is trying to make these policies easier to read, understand and implement. Wydler noted that the next policy up for review is the Garden Appurtenance and Fence Policy.


4.1 CHP -– Officer Bowers introduced Officer Thomas and Officer Bryce who are new to the San Lorenzo area. He reported numerous complaints about traffic around Royal Sunset School. The CHP increased their patrols in that area for the past several months and issued 15 citations, of which only two (2) were for speeding. He said the CHP has also increased enforcement at the following intersections to catch motorists running stop signs: Via Vista and Via Chiquita; Bockman and Via Chiquita; Keller and Bockman; and Paseo Grande; and Via Toledo. They have given the most tickets at the intersection of Paseo Grande and Via Toledo. Officer Thomas gave statistics for the entire unincorporated area for the past month. He reported that seat belt and car seat violations are down 30% from last year. The CHP is continuing its teen and elder driving programs at the Castro Valley Library for all who are interested.

A member thanked the CHP for coming to the meeting and for the extra enforcement at the stop sign intersections. A member was concerned about the intersection of Via Rodriguez, Via Segundo and Paseo Grande. This is a very bad intersection. Officer Bowers suggested that the member start with Alameda County Public Works and ask about traffic calming measures for that area.

4.2 Sheriff's Department -– Deputy Stewart reported, that on November 30, 2014, there was a shooting on Via Faisan and Nielson. The deputies found three (3) shell casings in the area, but no injuries or witnesses, and the investigation in ongoing. On December 8, 2014, there was an armed robbery at El Mescal Taqueria at Bockman Rd. and Hesperian Blvd. Witnesses at the scene were able to give descriptions of the suspects who were last seen fleeing southbound on Hesperian Blvd. No suspects have been apprehended and the investigation is ongoing. There was a robbery at the Chevron gas station on Hesperian Blvd. The suspect pointed a knife at the clerk, led her to the back room, and asked her to count to 100. The clerk counted to 20 and called the Sheriff and the suspect was apprehended. There have been multiple complaints about transients in and around Luckys parking lot. Deputy Stewart said he had increased his patrol checks in the area and apprehended two individuals, one who had a parole violation and the other who had drug paraphernalia. The Sheriffs have also had multiple complaints about speeding on Via Arroyo and Via Rivera and caught the motorist who was a young driver. They have given him a warning and spoken to his parents. Today there were approximately 100 students from Arroyo and East Bay Arts High Schools that marched in a "Hands Up" protest from the Lorenzo Theater to the offices of the San Lorenzo Unified School District. The students were peaceful and very respectful to the officers who patrolled the demonstration.

A member thanked the Sheriff's Department for all their hard work. A member stated he was very impressed with the Sheriff's Department. He recently witnessed a woman being assaulted by a man and called the Sheriff who arrived in minutes to deal with the situation. A member asked if there were any reports of robberies on Via Acalanes and Grant Ave. Deputy Stewart said he did not know of any recent reports, but he would look into this further. Deputy Stewart cautioned homeowners who have packages being delivered to their homes to have a neighbor watch out for these items if they are not at home. Package burglaries increase during the holiday season.

*6.2 House of the Month – 1760 Via Natal; Award Presentation (Timed Agenda item 8:00 p.m.) -– President Kavasch introduced the owners of 1760 Via Natal and presented them with a $50 gift certificate to a local business for winning the House of the Month.

4.3 Supervisor Wilma Chan –- District Representative, Steve Jones, thanked the Association for helping to notify residents about the Supervisor's Open House on November 20, 2014. Nearly 100 people attended. The 2015 ground breaking for the Mercy Housing Project will be held in March 2015. The San Lorenzo Library's construction should be complete by May 2015 and ready for its Grand Opening in July 2015. A member asked if a conduit would be laid when the Hesperian Blvd Project begins. Jones stated that all County construction projects from this point forward would include the laying of a conduit for high-speed internet. A member requested that new sidewalks and walkways be considered in and around the area of Grant and Washington Ave, near the schools. President Kavasch asked about the Grant Avenue Project. She is concerned about the work that was done. It does not look anything like what was originally presented to the Association. She also asked when the County was going to remove the suckers that are growing out of the trees along Grant Ave. Jones stated that Public Works would be removing the suckers in the near future; they are waiting for the trees to recover from the stress of the work caused by the project.

**6.3 Exemption -– Paint Color, 17265 Via Melina (Timed Agenda Item 8:15 p.m.) –- The homeowner introduced herself and stated that she had grown up in San Lorenzo, and moved away until recently when she returned to take care of her ailing father. She and her father picked out the color pallet for the home and unfortunately she unable to paint it until after he died. She inherited the house and did not know that she needed to submit plans prior to doing the work. When she received a letter asking for paint plans, she did so immediately. Shortly after this, she received a letter from the Association staff stating that her paint colors were not approved and she has come before the Board to appeal the decision.

The Administrator stated that the paint on this house was not harmonious with the paint of other homes in the neighborhood and thus was denied by staff. The CC&Rs require all homeowners to submit paint samples to the Association prior to doing the work, if the color is different from the original color of the home. The Association has no records of the original color of the homes, thus all members are required to submit exterior paint samples for approval, prior to application.

Director Auten stated that the base of the house is very nice but the accent blue on the doors, garage, and fences is quite bold. Director Kirk asked if the owner would consider another color for the accent.

Director Auten moves to uphold staff's decision to deny the blue paint color on the doors and fencing, Director Kirk seconds.

Discussion – Director Hoffmann stated that she would have more concern if the garage door were larger and there was more blue showing on the house. A non-member stated she thought it was very authentic and suggested the Board approve the color. A member stated that she is a neighbor and presented a petition signed by other members who live around this house and did not have any objections to the color. A member stated that she also did not know that paint colors needed prior application. She stated that many homes in San Lorenzo have bright accent colors on their doors and did not see a problem with the color. A member stated that she recently painted her house, did landscaping and installed solar panels. All of this work was done with the Association's approval. She stated that the rules of the Association are in place to protect homeowners and to insure our property values are maintained. She suggested that the Association put a sign on homes that have completed the plan process properly noting, "this house's renovations, painting etc. were approved by the Association". A member stated if you are in an Association, you should know the rules and act accordingly.

The motion carries three (3) ayes, Auten, Carlson, Kirk; one (1) nay Kavasch; one (1) abstain Hoffmann.

President Kavasch encouraged the homeowner to go back to the office and submit another accent color for the exterior of the home that is in harmony with the surrounding neighborhood.

***6.4 Exemption – Solar Panel Location, 15546 Lorenzo Ave. (Timed Agenda Item 8:30 p.m.) -– The Administrator stated that this application has all its solar panels on the front of the house where they would be visible from the street. According to Davis-Stirling, the Board can regulate where solar panels are placed on a home as long as it does not reduce its energy or increase the cost by more than 20%.

The homeowner presented his report from Sungevity, the company who will be doing the work. He noted that the report stated that he would not get the energy needed if the panels are placed on the back of the home. He also said he has already spent $1,000 on having his plans drawn up correctly. He noted that the installation of solar panels on his house would increase the property values in his neighborhood.

Director Kirk moves to approve the application as originally submitted, Director Auten seconds, the motion carries unanimously.

4.4 Zoning Enforcement –- The report was left on the back table.

5.0 FINANCIAL REPORT (motion required)

5.1 Approval of November Expenditures -– Director Kirk moves to approve, Director Auten seconds, the motion carries unanimously.

6.0 OTHER BUSINESS (motions may be required)

6.1 PG&E Lot Grant & Washington; PIG Program Report -– The Administrator stated that a representative of PG&E was unable to attend this meeting, however they will be present at the January 2015 meeting. They report that the wind mesh will be installed around the PIG Unit during the first quarter of 2015.

*6.2 House of the Month – 1760 Via Natal; Award Presentation (Timed Agenda Item 8:00 p.m.) -– See timed agenda item above.

**6.3 Exemption – Paint Color, 17265 Via Melina (Timed Agenda item 8:15 p.m.) -– See above timed agenda item above.

***6. 4 Exemption – Solar Panel Location, 15546 Via Melina (Timed Agenda Item- 8:30 p.m.) –- See timed agenda item above.

6.5 EALI Working Groups – Community Participation –- The Administrator stated there is a flyer on the back table. The Leadership event will be on January 22, 2015. There are two meetings scheduled in February 2015 at the Association Hall for the Governance and the Economic Development groups. She was unclear which date was scheduled for which group, but will have this information at the January Board meeting.


7.1 Operations -– The Administrator said that all members should have received their ballots for the Board election. There was a Candidate Forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters prior to the Board meeting this went well. All ballots are due by the end of January 2015, and will be counted on February 5, 2015. The Board has approved the agreement to purchase a new database; however, there have been problems with the language in the contract, which has held up the purchase. The Administrator stated that she hopes to bring the agreement back to the Board in January. Anyone interested in participating in the Association's 70th Anniversary celebration should attend the next CEC meeting on January 14, 2014 at 5:30 in the Association Hall.

7.2 Assessments -- The Administrator stated that the assessment statements have gone out and deposits are being received at Mutual of Omaha Bank. She will have a report on the status of Assessments at the January Board meeting.

7.3 Landscape Expo & Community Meeting –- The Administrator reported that the meeting on Tuesday, December 16th was a huge success. There were approximately 60 homeowners in attendance and four (4) final landscape designs were presented. The UC Berkeley students are creating a booklet that will accompany these designs and outline how to implement and maintain the designs as well as the cost to install the landscaping. All of this information will be available at the Association's Landscape Expo in April. Landscape professionals will be at this Expo to help answer homeowner questions related to these designs. The Administrator thanked Director Kirk for working on getting this UC class implemented. Director Kirk said he has created another Facebook page called "San Lorenzo Landscape Project". It was designed to help homeowners ask each other questions about the landscape designs and get input from each other.

8.0 LIENS AND VIOLATIONS REPORT (motion may be required) –- Six (6) liens have been released since the November 2014 meeting.

November 2014 Violation Report

Number  Violation                              No. of Letters

1/19    Inoperable Vehicles in driveway               10
2/22    Recreational veh in front/side yard            5
6       General maintenance of property                0
7/20    Unpaved parking                                7                 
10      Yard maintenance                              20
13      Holiday lights                                 0
14      No signs                                       -
15      Building maintenance                           2
18      Lean/miss fence                                -
21      Working on vehicles                            1
23      Dogs/cats more than 2                          -
24      Barking dogs                                   0
25      Prohibited animals                             0
26      Excessive noise                                0
27      No home business                               0
28/99   Other                                         30
30      Multiple violations                            8
31      Plans needed                                  17

Total                                                 79

Director Kirk moves to approve the liens and violations report, Director Carlson seconds, the motion carries unanimously.

9.0 CC&R HEARING REPORT -– The Administrator reported that due to the Candidate Forum scheduled before the Board meeting, there were no hearings this month. There will be two (2) CC&R hearings scheduled in January 2015.

10.0 PUBLIC COMMENT –- Items Not on the Agenda -- A member thanked the Board and Staff for their hard work and dedication in the past year.

11.0 BOARD REPORTS –- The Board thanked all in attendance and wished them Happy Holidays.

12.0 ADJOURNMENT –- President Kavasch adjourned the meeting at pm: 9:17 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Steve Kirk

Recorded and Transcribed by: Kathleen Harrigan
Reviewed by: Susan Kleebauer, Administrator