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November 15, 2018

1.0 CALL TO ORDER -- Director Wydler called meeting to order on Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 7:30 pm.

1.1 SALUTE TO THE FLAG -- Director Wydler lead the members in the pledge of allegiance.

1.2 ROLL CALL -- All Board Members were present: President Diane Wydler, Vice President Kathie Ready, Secretary/Treasurer Emanuel M.S. Robinson, Michelle Clowser, and John Chung.

1.3 SIGN–IN SHEET -- Director Wydler reminded all members who were present to sign-in at the back table.

2.0 PUBLIC COMMENTS (Items not on the Agenda)

A member provided an update from the Library A complete listing of Library programs can be found on the Library's website or in the event calendars at the Library.Some upcoming events:November 17 at 3:00 pm - Mocktails and Pub Trivia (for adults and teens ) ...Mocktails =no alcohol, December 4 at 3:45 - Charlie's Pals (kids ages 6 - 10 read to therapy dogs; registration required), December 5 at 3:30 pm - Bubble Lady (kids bubble performance), December 20 from 4:00 - 8:30 pm - Arts and Crafts Fair (sponsored by Castro Valley/Eden Area Chamber of Commerce, featuring local arts and crafts vendors. Great last-minute holiday shopping. Interested vendors should contact the Chamber.). Most of the libraries in the Alameda County System have meeting rooms that can be reserved for public meetings. When the San Lorenzo Library was remodeled, a new, larger meeting was created. It was named "The Greenhouse Community Room" in remembrance and in honor of the many greenhouse nurseries that were once in our area. These nurseries included: Kitayama Brothers, Nomura Family, Sakai Brothers Rose Company, Mt. Eden, Junction, M. Yokata, and Ioki Nurseries. Japanese-American families in the area made donations to the creation of The Greenhouse Room. You can reserve the meeting room on the Library's website or by asking Library staff for

A member made a comment about the recent fires in Paradise and how trees that overhang the utility wires are a hazard.

A member made a comment that most people were not aware of the County switching utility providers and that there was no mention of it by the Association.


3.1 CHP -- Officer Walters reported that there were no major incidents. They will be ramping up patrols for the Holiday Season.

3.2 Sheriff’s Office -- Deputy Swalwell reported that there was nothing out of the norm to report. The Citizens Academy started, new members have joined. They are looking forward to some of the fieldtrips that they will take to the jail and coroner’s office. There was a vehicle pursuit that lasted 11 miles in San Lorenzo, the vehicle crashed and 4 people were arrested.

3.3 Supervisor Wilma Chan -- Jared reported that Supervisor Chan’s holiday party and toy drive will be held on Thursday December 13, 6 pm at the library. Unincorporated Services Meeting will be Wednesday December 5, Community Development Economic Team will have their quarterly meeting on December 5th at 224 West Winton Ave in Hayward at 6:30 pm. Supervisor Chan’s office was happy to be involved in SLVHA Halloween Party again this year.

3.4 Zoning Enforcement -– Not present, but reports were provided.


4.1 House of the month –- 250 Via Elevado was awarded the house of the month.

4.2 Certification of Candidates for annual election of board of directors -– Two people turned in their certification of candidacy, Kathy Ready and Diane Wydler. Both certification of candidacy have been verified.

4.3 Appoint inspectors of Election -- A motion was made to appoint Debi Powers, Mai Vue And Beverly Horrocks as inspectors of election if needed for the IRS ruling count. Motion was made by Secretary/Treasurer Emanuel M.S. Robinson. Director Chung Second, all were in favor. Motion passed.

4.4 Appoint Levy, Erlanger & Company as the Auditor for the 2018/2019 fiscal year. Secretary/Treasurer Emanuel M.S. Robinson. Director Chung Second, all were in favor. Motion passed.

4.5 Project Referral - Cell Tower Landscaper Case no. PLN2018-00203 -- Amendment of CUP PLN2011-00213 (monopine cell tower) to modify landscape plan requirements for planting new trees and irrigation near the monopine located at 15951 Hesperian. A motion was made to have the administrator send a letter to the planning department requesting that they plant 4 London Plane Trees as the street trees. Secretary/Treasurer Emanuel M.S. Robinson. Vice-President Ready Second, all were in favor. Motion passed.

4.6 Ad Hoc Committee on review of need for some policy revisions -- A motion was made to appoint the administrator as the chair for the ad hoc committee. Secretary/Treasurer Emanuel M.S. Robinson. Vice-President Ready Second, all were in favor. Motion passed.

5.0 LIENS AND VIOLATION REPORT (motion may be required) -- There were no liens that were released last month. Violation Notices that were mailed: 194 Yard Maintenance, 138 Plans Required, 33 inoperative/stored vehicles, 26 Building Maintenance, 24 Items in Yard, 42 Multiple Violations, 17 Unpaved Parking, 14 Home Business and 32 Miscellaneous Violations (e.g. complaints of loud noise, dog barking, items in yard, etc.), 73 violations were closed. Vice-President Ready made motion to accept liens and violation report, Secretary/Treasurer Emanuel M.S. Robinson second, all were in favor. Motion passed.

6.0 FINANCIAL REPORT (motion required)

6.1 Approval of August 2018 -- Secretary/Treasurer Emanuel M.S. Robinson made a motion to approve the August 2018. Director Chung Second, all in favor.

6.2 Approval of September 2018 Expenditures -- Secretary/Treasurer Emanuel M.S. Robinson made a motion to approve the September 2018 Expenditures Director Chung Second, all in favor. Motion passed.

6.3 Approval of the October 2018 Expenditures -- Secretary/Treasurer Emanuel M.S. Robinson made a motion to table the October 2018 Expenditures, Director Chung second, all in favor. Motion passed.


7.1 Community Events Committee -- Halloween event had a good turnout. Volunteers were instrumental in having a very successful event. The Christmas Festival is scheduled for December 11, everything is going smoothly.

7.2 Architectural Committee update –- Director Robinson requested that all members submit architectural applications prior to completing any work on a home or yard. In the last two months there have been at least 5 homeowners that made improvements to their homes prior to receiving approval and have had to restore their home to prior to the improvements.

8.0 ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORT (motion may be required)

SLVHA 2018 Assessments -- Currently we have 5767 residents. 5555 residents paid their 2018 assessments as of October 29, 2018. 212 accounts are still delinquent.

Alterra Collections -- Total amount collected by Alterra Collections Company by 10-29-18 is $131,821.06.

Office Administration --

- Office Visits for October: 129.

- Office Security System: The alarm system is currently semi disabled. The alarm will sound but will not call Bay Alarm. We are actively working with Bay Alarm and Comcast to have this addressed. The line for the alarm needs to be analogue. This problem occurred when the phones were first switched over, at that time, the Comcast Agent was able to switch the line to analogue. The switch was not done properly resulting in the Comcast System resetting itself. A ticket has been created to have the line switched properly.

- Ricoh Printer: There are two components that need to be replaced. The cost for part replacement is roughly $1100. When the components stops working, Alameda Business Equipment Systems recommends that we buy a used color copier for about $1600.

- Staff Lunch: October’s monthly staff lunch was purchased for staff.

- Street sweeper: Service call has been placed to have the sweeper inspected as it is making an odd noise. Status of old sweeper.

- Driveway apron repair: walkthroughs performed with American Asphalt and Dryco. Bids received. American Asphalt roughly $14K, Dryco roughly $40K. Still waiting for an update from the fire department on cost sharing.

- Tree Trimming and tree removal was completed October 18, it was decided not to replace the tree that was removed from the tot lot due to the lack of water source and concern that the children at the preschool would climb it.

- Fidelity Insurance: Beginning January 2019 all associations are required to carry fidelity insurance that covers the current amount held in reserves and three times the monthly dues as well as computer fraud and fund transfer fraud. Current amount of the Fidelity Bond is $15k. Current amount in reserves is $728,905.97 (478,905.97 + 250,000) and three times the monthly dues is $180,218.75. Total amount to cover is $909,124.72. The underwriter at Philadelphia Insurance states they can go up to $1,000,000 on the current policy. If the fidelity limit needs to be higher, then a standalone policy will need to be issued. The underwriter stated they need an application completed and financials to determine the pricing.

- Hall Rental: 10-13-18 damages. Damages exceed the $400 deposit; overage amount is being billed to the renter. hall cleanup $105.00; light box repair $208.00; garbage fee $110.00; Cesar Manquero one hour $23.47; total $446.47.

9.0 BOARD REPORTS –- No other report from Board.

10.0 MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING -- Secretary/Treasurer Emanuel M.S. Robinson made a motion to table approval of the minutes. Director Chung Second, all in favor. Motion passed.

10.1 Disposition of Executive Hearing Session #1593 on October 18, 2018.

10.2 Approval of mkinutes Executive Hearing Session #1593 On October 18, 2018.

10.3 Approval of minutes Board Meeting #1594 On October 18, 2018.

10.4 Approval of minutes Work Session #1595 on November 1, 2018.

11.0 ADJOURNMENT -– Meeting was adjourned at 8:49 pm.

Respectfully submitted by:

Emanuel M.S. Robinson, Secretary/Treasurer

Recorded and Transcribed by: Debi Powers Administrator
Reviewed by: Diane Wydler, President