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October 18, 2018

1.0 CALL TO ORDER -- Director Wydler called meeting to order on Thursday, October 18, 2018 at 7:30 pm.

1.1 SALUTE TO THE FLAG -- Director Wydler lead the members in the pledge of allegiance.

1.2 ROLL CALL -- All Board Members were present: President Diane Wydler, Vice President Kathie Ready, Secretary/Treasurer Emanuel M.S. Robinson, Michelle Clowser, and John Chung.

1.3 SIGN–IN SHEET -- Director Wydler reminded all members who were present to sign-in at the back table.

2.0 PUBLIC COMMENTS (Items not on the Agenda0

A member provided an update from the Library regarding East Bay Community Energy, Alameda County’s new alternative energy provider, information table at the library on 10/24/18 and a presentation on 11/15/18 from 6pm- 7pm. Library events: Halloween programs that the library is offering, Spooktakular Puppet Show is 10/21/18, Mystery Writer 10/22/18, movie Silent of the Lamps 10/30/18. Library will have a voting poll on 11/6 in Greenhouse Community Room and have a vote by mail drop off box. Beat Community Drumming 11/1/18. Pajama story time 11/13/18 at 6:30, second Tuesday of each month. Jeopardy and Mocktails for adults and teens 11/17 at 3pm. There is a ticket out kiosk for laptops to check out for 2 hours. Event Calendars are available at the Library listing more events, classes and programs.

A member made a comment about the status of the roads being rated some of the worst, pressure needs to be put on public agencies.

A member made a comment that we should be appreciative of the people that present here. Member also reminded everyone that the Halloween event will be set up during the week of 10/22/18 – 10/27/18, if anyone would like to help.

A member made a comment about street signs was informed to contact Public Works or Supervisor Chan’s office. Railroad status of cleaning the weeds, was informed that the railroad has been contact numerous times.

A member made a comment about the lack of clarity on the agenda’s, lack of information other than a line item in the budget about salary compensation for staff, staff positions being discussed in executive session instead of at a meeting that the members are able to attend.

A member made a comment about trees and it being mandatory for people to replace trees prior to selling a unit when they have been removed. A member responded to the comment that the section to require a tree to be installed prior to selling a property was removed.


3.1 CHP -– No Report.

3.2 Sheriff’s Office - Deputy Swalwell –- Reported that there were some incidents over the last 30 days, incident about a month ago on Hacienda and Via Media, early in the morning a parolee was shot and injured (believed to be a gang on gang crime or drug deal gone bad) found a fully loaded weapon at the scene. The entire scene was searched, no other items found. Three weeks ago a monthly probation sweep was conducted, only one house was hit as they found several pounds of marijuana, several ounces of cocaine and meth amphetamine, 7 weapons. More houses will be addressed in the next couple of weeks. A month ago, 105 pounds of weed was found from a house in Castro Valley $30,000 in cash. Deputy Swalwell announced that the Citizens Academy is starting in November and is a great opportunity to meet deputies. A member made a comment that there are a lot of reports on Hesperian, specifically in the Lucky’s and Mercy Housing area. Deputy Swalwell stated that it is an easy access point due to close proximity to the freeway, they are working with Lucky’s management on thefts. A comment was made about the events in the via Julia area where people are attempting to enter homes. Deputy Swalwell stated that the office has received calls for people pretending to be PG&E workers to obtain personal information. A member commented that there are homemade flyers being put up at Frodo’s and at the duck pond. Deputy Swalwell stated that neighborhood watches are a great deterrent.

3.3 Supervisor Wilma Chan -- Jared reported that Supervisor Chan’s Fall County update will be held November 14, 2018, representatives from several county departments will be present: HARD, Sheriff’s Department. The Supervisor’s holiday party and toy drive will be held on Thursday December 13, 6 pm at the library. Unincorporated Services Meeting will be Wednesday December 5, Community Development Economic Team will have their quarterly meeting on December 5th at 224 West Winton Ave in Hayward at 6:30 pm. Village Green Apartments will be returning to the planning department in early December. Supervisor Chan’s office is happy to be involved in SLVHA Halloween Party again this year. Update on streetscape, a lot of work accomplished with PG&E and AT&T on currently negotiating with the underground contractor for deductive change orders, will be presented to the board of sup in Dec for approval to then begin work in late January or February 2019. Question on plate readers to streetscape project, they said that it is a law enforcement issue and has reached out to the Sheriff’s Office and CHP. Director Clowser stated that the Sheriff’s Office had requested Public Works to include this in the street scape project. Director Clowser also thanked Jared, Sarah and Supervisor Chan’s office for helping out with the event. A member made a comment on the utility box wraps and wanted to know where the ideas came from. Supervisor Chan’s office does not know where this originated from. Member objects to utility box wrap arounds. A comment was made that the wraps were chosen because of the ease of replacing wraps when there is graffiti involved. Another questions asked when the roads would be closed for the streetscape project and also wanted to know if there is something holding up the approval of the Village Green project. Jared stated that this is the nature of the process.

3.4 Zoning Enforcement -– Not present, but reports were provided.


4.1 Front Yard Policy Vote: Director Ready made a motion to approve current revisions with revision date 10-18-18, Director Robinson second, all in favor. Motion Passed.

4.2 Correspondence to Legal Counsel regarding Zoning Requirements and CC&R’s Hierarchy: Motions withdrawn, will be moved to executive session.

4.3 Ad Hoc Committee for Policy Review: Director Robinson made a motion to form an Ad Hoc Committee for Policy Review consisting of 5 members; two board members, the administrator, operations manager and one member from the community. Director Ready Second, all in favor. Motion passed.

5.0 LIENS AND VIOLATION REPORT (motion may be required) -- There were no liens that were released last month. Violation Notices that were mailed: 186 Yard Maintenance, 134 Plans Required, 56 inoperative/stored vehicles, 34 Building Maintenance, 16 Items in Yard, 76 Multiple Violations, 20 Unpaved Parking, Home Business 12 and 47 Miscellaneous Violations (e.g. complaints of loud noise, dog barking, items in yard, etc.), 180 violations were closed. Director Robinson made motion to accept liens and violation report, Director Chung second, all were in favor.

6.0 FINANCIAL REPORT (motion required)

6.1 Approval of August and September Expenditures -- Director Robinson made a motion to table approval until the quarterly review is completed. Director Chung Second, all in favor.


7.1 Community Events Committee -– Director Clowser reported that that Halloween event is coming up on the 27th and volunteers are needed. Budgeting for the event might be a little over due to the new county food regulations. The Donations should cover all costs. Director Robinson stated that it has been requested that lights be installed at the homes association the week of Thanksgiving. This will be covered by the CEC donations received.

7.2 Architectural Committee update -– Director Robinson requested that all members submit architectural applications prior to completing any work on a home or yard. In the last two months there have been at least 5 homeowners that made improvements to their homes prior to receiving approval and have had to restore their home to prior to the improvements.

8.0 ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORT(motion may be required)

Driveway Apron Repair: walkthroughs performed with American Asphalt and Dryco – proposals forthcoming. American Asphalt is recommending that the parking lot be seal coated in 2019. They will provide a proposal for cost.* a proposal has been received from Dryco roughly $40K. Public Works has confirmed that the sidewalks are the responsible of the adjacent property owner. A call was placed to Pete Pegadiotes of the ACFD to determine if the fire department would be able to split the cost of repairs.

Paychex implementation has been started and initial training has been done with the administrator, additional training has been scheduled for the 1st week of October.

Tree Trimming for the office is scheduled for October 18th.

Meeting with Assembly Member Quirk on October 2. Would like to have a meet and greet in the future.

Hall Rental – On 10/13/18 hall was rented by a non-resident. Damages were done to the exterior of the property (the light that illuminates the flagpole was broken and arcing), debris left all over the grounds and the hall, hall oven was left in the on position, underage drinking occurred, security reported that over 200 people were in attendance of the birthday party being held. The light for the flag pole has been repaired, cost was roughly $240.00. Extra charges for staff hours to clean and respond to security’s call will be taken out of the security deposit and amount over the $400 security deposit will be billed to the hall renters.

Two project notices were received from the Alameda County Community Development Agency.

The car wash located at 17945 Hesperian has requested permission to allow new construction and remodel of the existing car wash.

Notice of Availability and Notice of Intent to Adopt Mitigation Negative Declaration (Written Statement that the project will not have a significant effect upon the environment due to the proposed mitigation measures to be followed by the project applicant.) Regarding the Billboard Replacement Project – 8 billboards to be removed at 8 different locations and installation of 2 electronic billboards at 2 different sites located at 22083 Arbor Avenue (immediately north from A Street, in unincorporated Hayward) and at the northern terminus of Langton Way, north of East Lewelling Boulevard, Ashland area of unincorporated Alameda County.

Office visit by Gary Izadi who is working with a client and Scott Bohannon to put in an event center in the old Lamps Plus location. The Board asked that Mr. Izadi be invited to the next Board Work Session.

9.0 BOARD REPORTS –- No other report from Board.


10.1 Disposition Of Executive Hearing Session #1590 on September 20, 2018 -- This was an executive meeting to address 4 appeals, 12 hearings; discussed collection matters.

10.2 Approval Of Minutes Executive Hearing Session Minutes #1590 on September 20, 2018 -– Director Ready made motion to approve Executive Hearing Session Minutes # 1590 on September 20, 2018, Director Chung Second, all were in favor.

10.3 Approval Of Minutes Board Meeting #1591 on September 20, 2018 -- Director Ready made a motion to approve, Board Meeting Minutes # 1590 on September 20, 2018, Director Chung second the motion, all were in favor.

10.4 Approval of Minutes Work Session Meeting #1592 on October 4, 2018 -– Director Ready made motion to accept Work Session Meeting Minutes # 1592 on October 4, 2018, Director Chung second, all were in favor.

11.0 ADJOURNMENT – Meeting was adjourned at 9:27 pm.

Respectfully submitted by:

Emanuel M.S. Robinson, Secretary/Treasurer

Recorded and Transcribed by: Debi Powers Administrator
Reviewed by: Diane Wydler, President