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September 20, 2018

1.0 CALL TO ORDER -- Director Wydler called meeting to order on Thursday, September 20, 2018 at 7:30 pm.

1.1 SALUTE TO THE FLAG -- Director Wydler lead the members in the pledge of allegiance.

1.2 ROLL CALL -- All Board Members were present: President Diane Wydler, Vice President Kathie Ready, Secretary/Treasurer Emanuel M.S. Robinson, Michelle Clowser, and John Chung.

1.3 SIGN–IN SHEET -- Director Wydler reminded all members who were present to sign-in at the back table.

2.0 PUBLIC COMMENTS (Items not on the Agenda)

A member commented that the Alameda County Library is developing a strategic plan to guide the future of the Library. Community surveys will be available in English, Chines and Spanish on the Library’s website. The final day to complete the survey is Friday, October 12, 2018. A drawing will be held for a $25 Amazon gift from the survey submitters. The annual Book Sale sponsored by the Friends of the San Lorenzo Library will be held Saturday, October 13 from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm and Sunday, October 14 from 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm, with a special Preview Sale on Friday, October 12 from 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm for members of the Friends of the Library. All money raised goes to benefit the San Lorenzo Library. Special events for the Library are Sunday, October 21, 3:00 pm – Halloween Spooktacular Puppet Show, Monday October 22, 5;00 pm – Mystery Writers of America Author Panel ( six local authors will talk about a variety of mystery subgenres – from Thrillers to Historical Mysteries. Event Calendars for October are available at the Library listing more events, classes and programs. San Lorenzo Library offers learning tablets preloaded with age appropriate games to foster early literacy for a 3 week check out. Meeting scheduled for Eden Voice on the 29th to get clarifications on what is going on. Hayward Area Historical Society will have a big exhibit on Day of the Day. St. John’s Fall Festival is on September 29th.

A member made a comment on disaster preparedness and how trees are a danger and effect insurance premiums.

A member made a comment that My Eden Voice Event on the 29th will allow San Lorenzo Voices to be heard on the EDEN MAC committee formation and agenda items.

A member made a comment that the Hayward Executive Airport is having their open house on Saturday, September 29th, Last day of San Lorenzo Cemetery Cleanup on Saturday 29th.

A member made a comment that there will be a memorial for Bob Campisi from Cherryland on Saturday September 29th.

A member made a comment that there are irises available for free at the front table. Chabot College offers a first aid/ CPR course. There will be two all days sessions in November and December information may be obtained from or 925-943-5846.


3.1 CHP –- No Report.

3.2 Sheriff’s Department - Deputy Swalwell -- Cop Shop BBQ will be held Friday, September 21st. Reported that two months ago an operation of search warrants for marijuana grows was conducted, 12 out of 13 homes were located in San Lorenzo, 8 of the 12 homes are now in asset forfeiture. This continued process is believed to deter future growers from coming to San Lorenzo. Requests members to report suspicious activity around vacant homes. A proactive parole sweep of 25 houses was conducted, 10 arrests were made. Crime Report is available at the table for review. A comment was made about home invasions a few weeks ago. Deputy Swalwell will look into, but has not heard of any. A question was asked about paper plates on new vehicles and the new law going in to effect July of 2019 that will require plates to be put on the vehicle at the time of purchase. A question was asked about illegally tinted windows, offenders are given a fix-it ticket that will turn into a fine if not fixed.

3.3 Supervisor Wilma Chan -- Jared reported that on Wednesday, September 26 at 6:30 pm, the monthly County Unincorporated Service meeting will be held, the Eden MAC ad-hoc committee formation will be discussed at the meeting, MAC to be formed in the summer of 2019. On Thursday September 27, Supervisor Chan’s office will hold a community forum event in Hayward Acres at Sunset High School. My Eden Voice event will be Saturday 29th at Eden United Church of Christ 9:00 am -2:00 pm, purpose is to build community power in unincorporated areas of Ashland, Cherryland, Hayward Acres, and San Lorenzo and the county supervisors will allow for a greater voice in land use, zoning and civil matters. Supervisor Chan’s Fall County update will be held November 14, 2018; representatives from several county departments will be present: HARD, Sheriff’s Department. The Supervisor’s holliday party and toy drive will be held in December; more information will be provided as available. Director Kathy Ready made comments about the road conditions and the need for Public Works to address pot-holes on Hesperian and Paseo Grande. Jared will reach out to Public Works to have them addressed. Board of Supervisors Meeting is the first week in October.

Director Robinson brought up that when the first homes were built, they were built with garage pads without the actual garages being built. Recently Planning has been giving staff and board concern about the construction of carports and or garages in those locations, the board and county passed a resolution in 1951 that would allow residents to build single car garages in these locations. Now the planning committee is bringing this back up, it seems like some of the things that are in place are now being brought up by county as an issue. Supervisor Chan’s office will reach out to Planning and or Damien Curry. It was offered by Director Robinson to meet with the Planning Department and County Council. Second item brought up was the stance that Supervisor Chan’s office took at the Planning Commission Meeting on the Demmon’s Project. Director Robinson felt it was in poor taste that the Supervisor did not allow for public comment prior to her giving her opinion on the Demmon’s project. Jared stated that they spoke at the meeting for transparency.

3.4 Zoning Enforcement -– not available.


4.3 Agenda item 4.3 was moved up in the schedule to be addressed first. Amendments to Chapter 6.106, Chapter 6.108 and Title 17 of the county Ordinance Code to allow permitted cannabis retail operations. Director Ready made a motion to oppose any new ordinances that would permit cannabis distribution, manufacturing, testing laboratories or micro-businesses in the San Lorenzo Village Specific Plan Area, by Director Clowser second, all were in favor.

4.1 House of The Month -- 17249 Via Corona owner was not present, award will be mailed.

4.2 Via Toledo Community Park -- Boards official position on proposed project. Director Ready made a motion to accept the development plan for Via Toledo Park, Director Chung second, all in favor.

5.0 LIENS AND VIOLATION REPORT (motion may be required) -- There were no liens that were released last month. Violation Notices were mailed: 180 Yard Maintenance, 126 Plans Required, 46 inoperative/stored vehicles, 24 Building Maintenance, 27 Items in Yard, 150 Multiple Violations, 22 Unpaved Parking, and 62 Miscellaneous Violations (e.g. complaints of loud noise, dog barking, items in yard, etc.). Director Wydler asked about homes with businesses it was reported that there are two active AirBNB ads and the units are being called to hearing. Director Robinson made motion to accept liens and violation report, Director Chung second, all were in favor.

6.0 FINANCIAL REPORT (motion required)

6.1 Approval of August Expenditures -- Director Robinson made a motion to table approval until the quarterly review is completed. Director Chung Second, all in favor.


7.1 Community Events Committee -– Director Wydler reported that the next big event is the Halloween Parade and festivities are October 27th, Anybody interested in helping to let Michelle, Randy or Diane know. Anyone who would like to help with decorations and or would like to share some new ideas for the event is encouraged to sign up and volunteer.

7.2 Architectural Committee update – Director Robinson requested that all members submit architectural applications prior to completing any work on a home or yard. In the last two months there have been at least 5 homeowners that made improvements to their homes prior to receiving approval and have had to restore the home to prior to the improvements.


Administrator’s Report -- SLVHA 2018 Assessments: Currently we have 5762 residents. 5533 residents paid their 2018 assessments as of August 31, 2018. 229 accounts are still delinquent. 50 units have paid since last month.

Audit was completed with no discrepancies found, signature needed to finalize.

Fire House Roof Replacement: Bostock & Williams outstanding roof area was completed on 8-20-18.

Landscaping: Proposals received from Allied Maintenance and Loral Landscaping.

Street Sweeper: Sweeper passed the vehicle inspection on September 11th with the CHP. Registration was completed and plates obtained.

Security Update: Security Audit/Suggestions walkthrough with Deputies Swalwell and Delgado performed 9-4-18. Report forthcoming from the Deputies.

VMS: The VMS System was down for 3 days. VMS said that the problem was on our server. Tim came out to troubleshoot, he did not find anything wrong with our system, VMS found the problem to be on their SQL Server. Once we have received Tim’s bill, if there are any charges incurred, a refund from VMS will be sought.

AirBNB: A home is advertising for a room on AirBNB. A letter was sent to the owner informing them that they are not allowed to operate a business out of their home per the CC&R’s. The owner was also informed in person. A second home was found to be advertising on AirBNB; a violation letter has been sent. A request has been sent to Tinnelly Law requesting a quote for drafting formal policy on AirBNB, the cost is NTE $500.

SurveyMonkey: An account has been created and Tim contacted about having the link installed on the website once the survey has been created.

Violation Hearing Process: an inquiry has been sent to Tinnelly Law asking if a Traffic Court style meeting would be permissible and steps needed to implement.

SLVHA Driveway Apron: East Bay MUD has been contacted to address the grate and driveway apron that is a hazard. The grate has been replaced. Public Works has opened a ticket to have the area inspected.

Paychex PTO: Implementation of the Time and Management module has been started, estimated go live date is November 1.

9.0 BOARD REPORTS -– No other report from Board.


10.1 Disposition Of Executive Hearing Session #1586 on August 16, 2018 -- This was an executive meeting to address 4 appeals, 12 hearings, discussed collection matters.

10.2 Approval Of Minutes Executive Hearing Session #1586 on August 16, 2018 –- Director Ready made motion to approve Executive Hearing Session Minutes # 1586 on August 16, Director Chung Second, all approved.

10.3 Approval Of Minutes Board Meeting #1587 on August 16, 2018 -- Director Wydler requested a date change in section 4.0 Other Business subsection 4.2 Front Yard Policy Amendment - It should state “amendment will be voted on at the October meeting. Director Ready made a motion to accept with changes, Board Meeting Minutes # 1587 on August 16, 2018 , Director Chung second the motion, all approved.

10.4 Approval of Minutes Work Session Meeting #1588 on September 6, 2018. -– Director Ready made motion to accept Work Session Meeting Minutes # 1588 on September 6, 2018 with changes to the date on item 7.4 Discussion items to include to October, Director Chung second, all approved.

10.5 Disposition Of Minutes Executive Session Meeting #1589 on September 6, 2018 -- This was an executive meeting to discuss personal [Editor note: personnel?] matters.

10.6 Approval Minutes Executive Session Meeting #1589 on September 6, 2018 -- Director Chung made a motion to accept Executive Session Minutes # 1589 on September 6, 2018, Director Robinson second, all approved.

11.0 ADJOURNMENT -– Meeting was adjourned at 8:52 pm.

Respectfully submitted by:

Emanuel M.S. Robinson, Secretary/Treasurer

Recorded and Transcribed by: Debi Powers Operations Manager
Reviewed by: Diane Wydler, President