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July 16, 2015

1.0 MEETING CALLED TO ORDER – The regular meeting of the San Lorenzo Village Homes Association Board of Directors was held on Thursday, July 16 2015. President Auten called the meeting to order at 7:34 p.m.

1.1 SALUTE TO THE FLAG – President Auten led the audience in the pledge of allegiance.

1.2 ROLL CALL – Directors Wes Auten, Steve Kirk, Kyle Carlson, Michelle Clowser, and Cheryl Hoffmann were present.


2.1 Approval of Board Meeting Minutes #1427 on June 9, 2015 – Director Kirk moves to approve, Director Hoffmann seconds, the motion carries unanimously.

2.2 Approval of Board Meeting Minutes #1429 on June 18, 2015 – Director Kirk moves to approve, Director Hoffmann seconds, the motion carries unanimously.

2.3 Approval of Work Session Minutes #1430 on July 7, 2015 – Staff reported the Administrator was on vacation and the minutes were not complete. The item was postponed until the August Board meeting.

2.4 Disposition of Approval of Work Session Minutes #1431 on July 7, 2015 – The item was postponed until the August Board meeting.

2.5 Approval of Executive Session Minutes #1431 on July 7, 2015 – The item was postponed until the August Board meeting.


3.1 Community Event Committee –- Director Hoffmann said that the Association and HARD sponsored a free movie night on July 10, 2015 at the San Lorenzo Little League Field. The event went well. The East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) presented a program to the children on water conservation. The mascot from Fiesta Auto Insurance was there for photo opportunities and Sgt. Schueller brought his motorcycle for the children to climb on. The committee is working on the Association's 70th Anniversary celebration, which will be held on Saturday September 19, 2015 at the old Mervyns parking lot. There will be Lorenzo Theater tours, carnival games, and entertainment. Volunteers are still needed for the event. The next meeting of the committee is July 22, 2015 in the Bohannon Room at 4 p.m. and is open to the public. There will a second free movie night on September 26, 2015 at the San Lorenzo Little League Field.

3.2 CC&R Ad Hoc Committee -– Chair, Diane Wydler, reported that the committee is making its final changes to the Outbuilding, Workshop, and Shed Policy. It will be forwarding its recommendations to the Board within the next few months.


4.1 CHP -– The Officer reported that on August 31, 2015 there would be a free Child Car Seat Workshop at the Castro Valley Library from 6-7:30 p.m. The CHP will show residents how to safely install car seats and give important information about when to switch to a booster seat, etc.

4.2 Sheriff's Department – Sgt. Schueller reported for Deputy Stewart who was in training. There are several events coming up in the next month. National Night Out will be held at St. John's Church on August 4, 2015. The Sheriff will be giving a Safety Presentation on August 5, 2015 at Redwood Christian School. Saturday, August 8, 2015, is the San Lorenzo Relay for Life event at Arroyo High School. Another COPP Shop Flea Market will be held in the old Mervyns parking lot on Saturday August 15, 2015, and the annual COPP Shop Barbeque/fundraiser will be held on September 21, 2015 at the First Presbyterian Church in Castro Valley. The Sergeant reported that his department recently solved a cold case from 1997. It involved a home invasion, which led to the murder of a homeowner in the Sunset/Unincorporated area of Hayward. Deputies retested some DNA collected at the scene and identified two (2) suspects, who were then arrested.

A member asked about an incident that happened today on Via Del Prado. Sgt. Schueller stated that they responded to a report on Via Del Prado that gunshots were fired. When Sheriffs arrived at the scene, they found that it was a suicide.

6.1 Winner of Free Front Yard Landscaping Contest Announced (Timed Agenda Item 7:45 p.m.) – Director Kirk thanked the 42 residents who entered the contest. The UC Berkeley Landscape Design Professor and her students judged this contest, with no input from the Association. Director Kirk introduced the winners, the Mota Family at 17736 Via Arroyo who chose the California Native Garden design. The Mota's thanked the Board and said they are looking forward to converting their front yard into a beautiful drought tolerant garden.

4.3 Supervisor Wilma Chan – No staff member present, no report.

4.4 Zoning Enforcement – The report was left on the back table.

5.0 FINANCIAL REPORT (motion required)

5.1 Approval of June 2015 Expenditures -– Director Carlson moves to approve, Director Hoffmann seconds, the motion carries unanimously.

6.0 OTHER BUSINESS (motions may be required)

6.1 Winner of Free Front Yard Landscaping Contest Announced (Timed Agenda Item 7:45 p.m.) – See timed agenda item above.

6.2 Exemption - Fence , Front /Side Yard (corner lot), Doug and Joan Rien, 1848 Via Buena Vista (Timed Agenda Item 8:00 p.m.) –- The homeowner presented his plans to the Board with a new street setback, showing the fence 10 feet from the top of the curb line into his property. The fence would be made of wood and be no taller than six (6) feet. The lot is a corner lot and this fence would extend the homeowner's back yard. Director Hoffmann thanked the homeowner for the upkeep on his house and his yard. She stated that she is on the CC&R Ad Hoc Committee and she does not believe that the Association's CC&Rs allow for this type of fencing in the front or side yard. She will be voting no on this item. President Auten asked the owner what the length of the cobblestone on the outside of the fence would be. The homeowner stated that the cobblestone would be 52 ft in length and the rest of his yard would be lawn. Director Hoffmann asked whether the fence would be painted. The homeowner stated that he would be using a clear stain on the fence. Director Kirk moved to approve the plans as submitted, Director Carlson seconds.

A CC&R Ad Hoc Committee Member and Association member said that she agrees with Director Hoffmann. The CC&Rs do not allow for these types of fences. She also stated that if this fence were approved, the homeowner behind this property would have a side yard fence that is six (6) feet tall. The Board needs to look at all aspects of approval of these front/side yard fences. The motion carries with four (4) ayes (Auten, Carlson, Clowser, and Kirk) and one nay (Hoffmann).

6.3 Appeal - Accent Paint, Door & Fence, Sallie Enderlin, 17265 Via Melina (Timed Agenda Item 8:15 p.m.) -– The homeowner presented her appeal for repainting her accent color to the Board. She presented two (2) applications one was to repaint the doors, trim and fences with one of two (2) blue hues she selected, the other application was to repaint the fence only with one of two brown hues she selected. Director Clowser asked the homeowner what proposal she prefers. The homeowner stated that she would prefer repainting the fence only and leaving the blue accent on the doors and trim. Director Hoffmann and Director Auten stated that painting the fences would soften the bright blue accents. Director Kirk stated that he still does not approve of the blue accent. A member stated that he thought that the homeowner is trying to compromise and encouraged the Board to allow her to keep the blue on her doors and trim, and repaint the fence brown. Director Clowser moves to approve the homeowner's application to repaint the fence brown and keep the blue accent on the doors and the trim. The homeowner will choose one (1) of the two (2) browns submitted in her application and apply it to the fence, Director Hoffmann seconds. The motion carries three (3) ayes, (Auten, Clowser, Hoffmann), two nays (Carlson, Kirk). Director Kirk announced that Kelly Moore has prepared a paint pallet of exterior colors for homeowners to look at for the Association.

6.4 SLVHA Parking Lot – Paving Contract -– Director Kirk reported that two (2) weeks ago the contractors for Library notified the Association office that they were going to repave the parking lot the next day. The Administrator and several Board members met with these contractors and staff from the Alameda Community Development Agency. The County had already replaced some of the parking lot in front of the Library and was getting ready to slurry seal the rest of the lot. The Board asked the County to postpone the work until it got its own contractor to look at the site and give an opinion as to what was needed. The contractor the Association consulted surveyed the parking lot and reported that the entire lot needs to be repaved. It has been several years since any repairs have been done. Slurry seal would only last a few years, repaving the lot would last 15 years.

6.5 Presentation by SLEA (San Lorenzo Education Assoc) – Status of Contract Negotiations - Informational only (no public comments) Timed Agenda Item 8:30 p.m. -– Director Kirk stated that members of SLEA approached him to present this item on the agenda. He said this item is important because these teachers are educating our students and homeowners should be aware of what is going on with the teacher’s contract negotiations and the School District. SLEA representative, Robert Guarino, presented the status of the negotiations to the Board and the audience. He reported that the San Lorenzo School District has the lowest teacher's salaries in the area, with neighboring districts earning 5 to 15 % more on average. Other districts allow teachers to earn their highest tier of salaries sooner than San Lorenzo's School District, who must wait until they have taught for nine (9) years to reach the highest rate of pay. Guarino said that the San Lorenzo School District's website is outdated and does not have current salary comparisons by District, its most current budget projections, or the Audit. The School District's revenue has increased for the past five (5) years and there is an excess of 12 million dollars in its General Fund for this year. The District is not in the financial crisis that the School Board would have you believe. Guarino said teachers need adequate salaries to stay in our district. New teachers must be trained and this costs thousands of dollars. He urged homeowners to write to members of the San Lorenzo School Board asking them to pay adequate salaries so that the schools can retain its teachers. He left the contact information for these School Board Members for residents to contact. Guarino stated that teachers opened negotiations asking for a 6.2% increase and the District countered with a 1.2% increase. The District has been difficult to meet with, cancelling several meetings with SLEA. The next meeting between the two (2) parties is scheduled for the end of August 2015.

6.6 Exemption - Fence – already built (Front Yard, Between Houses), Gary & Corrie Fernandes, 1815 Keller Ave. (Timed Agenda Item 8:45 p.m.) -– The homeowner presented new plans for an existing fence that the Board had denied at its May 2015 Board meeting. The fence was a staggered property line fence that divided the homeowner's side yard from the neighbor's yard. The new proposal would take out approximately four (4) feet of the fence so that it would comply with the 10 foot set back from the street line. Director Hoffmann stated that as a member of the CC&R Ad Hoc Committee, she does not believe the CC&Rs allow for this type of fencing. The homeowner noted that a similar fence was recently approved by the Board at an earlier meeting in the year. Director Clowser moves to approve the fence, Director Carlson seconds. A member questioned what direction they gave this homeowner at the meeting where they denied this fencing. She thought they asked her to lower the fence as well as set it back. A non-member stated that a similar fence has been approved by the Board under its current policy and the Board should approve this fencing. The motion carries with three (3) ayes (Auten, Carlson, Clowser) and two (2) nays (Hoffmann and Kirk).

6.7 Fence Policy (Revised) – Board Approval for Review by Attorney -– President Auten stated that the Board has reviewed both the CC&R Ad Hoc Committee's recommendations for the Fence Policy and has made some of its own recommendations to the Policy. Now both of these drafts are ready to be sent to the Association's Attorney. Director Clowser moves to send the Board's Fence Policy to the Association Attorney for input, Director Carlson seconds. Director Hoffmann asked whether the Board would be sending both the Board and the Ad Hoc Committee's recommendations. Director Clowser said both policies would be sent. The motion carries unanimously.


7.1 Operations -– Operations Manager reported that the Association purchased a new street sweeper in December 2014, and it was delivered last Thursday. Both the Association's street sweeper driver and maintenance personnel are being trained on its operation. It should be very helpful in upcoming leaf season. The Association's 70th Anniversary/Carnival Event is planned for Saturday, September 19, 2015 and the Community Events Committee (CEC) is moving forward on soliciting sponsors. Staff continues to work with the new database, VMS, and hopes to have its web/mobile unit up and running by September 2015.

8.0 LIENS AND VIOLATIONS REPORT (motion may be required) -- Two (2) liens have been released since the June 2015 meeting.

June 2015 Violation Report

Number  Violation                              No. of Letters

1/19    Inoperable Vehicles in driveway               11
2/22    Recreational veh in front/side yard            2
6       General maintenance of property                0
7/20    Unpaved parking                                4                  
10      Yard maintenance                              75
13      Holiday lights                                 0
14      No signs                                      NA
15      Building maintenance                           0
18      Lean/miss fence                               NA
21      Working on vehicles                            0
23      Dogs/cats more than 2                         NA
24      Barking dogs                                   0
25      Prohibited animals                             0
26      Excessive noise                                0
27      No home business                               0
28/99   Other                                         11
30      Multiple violations                           12
31      Plans needed                                   9

Total                                                124

Director Kirk moves to approve the Liens and Violations Report, Director Carlson seconds, the motion carries unanimously.


9.1 Disposition of Executive Session #1432 CC&R hearings – Operations Manager reported there were 20 hearings, three (3) fine appeals and one (1) assessment appeal. Six (6) homeowners appeared. Three hearings (3) were closed; seven (7) were fined; two (2) were "thank-you-but" please take care of other concerns in your yard; one (1) was fined for landscaping with 30 days to submit permit for cutting down front yard tree or face further fines; seven (7) were given 30 days to correct all the violations and/or submit plans. The fine appeals were as follows: two (2) fines remained without reduction or waiver and one (1) fine was waived. The Board reduced the assessment appeal, waving late fees and interest for past dues only - all lien fees and assessment fees remained.

9.2 Approval of Minutes of Executive Session #1432 on July 16, 2015 – Director Carlson moves to approve, Director Hoffmann seconds. The motion carries unanimously.

10.0 PUBLIC COMMENT – Items Not on the Agenda -– A member thanked the Board and Director Kirk for all the work that was put into the Landscape Expo and the free yard contest.

11.0 BOARD REPORTS –- President Auten reminded homeowners to please contact the Association prior removing or trimming any front yard tree. It is important that homeowners understand that you need approval prior to doing any of this work. Director Kirk stated that at the HARD Citizens Advisory Committee they are getting ready to host community meetings regarding the site at Via Toledo and Hacienda to see what residents want for that site.

12.0 ADJOURNMENT – President Auten adjourned the meeting at 8:59 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kyle Carlson

Recorded and Transcribed by: Kathleen Harrigan
Reviewed by: Susan Kleebauer, Administrator