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May 17, 2018

1.0 CALL TO ORDER: President Diane Wydler called meeting to order on May 17, 2018 at 7:30 pm.

1.1 SALUTE TO THE FLAG: President Diane Wydler lead the members in the pledge of allegiance.

1.2 ROLL CALL: Directors that were present: President Diane Wydler, Vice President Kathie Ready, Secretary/Treasure Emanuel M.S. Robinson, and John Chung. Director(s) that were excused: Michelle Clowser. Staff that were present: Administrator Eugene Osipov and Operations Manager Mai Vue.

1.3 SIGN–IN SHEET -- Director Wydler remind members to sign in at back table.

2.0 PUBLIC COMMENTS -- Items not on the Agenda

A member commented that starting June 1st to July 31st Alameda County Library is forgiving fines on all overdue items by simply returning your library materials back to the library in good shape and fines will be removed.

A member commented that they were opposed to the tree policy stating that homeowners were required to plant a tree at close of escrow.

A member commented that the Board did listen to the members concerns and did approve to remove the last sentence to require a tree to be planted before close of escrow.


3.1 CHP -– Not present.

3.2 Sheriff’s Department -- Deputy did not have any updated stats to report. However, Deputy did report that an elderly woman earlier the day – in San Lorenzo, left her car running to go inside also leaving her purse behind to go inside for a few minutes and came back to her car being stolen. The vehicle was later retrieved, but as a reminder to everyone, please do not ever leave your car running to go inside.

3.3 Supervisor Wilma Chan -- Updated members that there have been a lot of complaints regarding the overgrown shrubs at the PG&E park, Supervisor Chan’s office has reached out to PG&E who stated would get back to their Office, but have not heard back, so they will continue to reach out and follow up on the matter. Supervisor Chan had a County Update last night at the San Lorenzo Library, about 50-55 people attended. There were updates from Alameda County Public Works, Alameda Arts Commission, Community Development Agency, and the Sheriff’s Department. There is going to be some upcoming pavement on the followings streets: Via Alamitos, Channel Street, Via Arriba, Via Alamo, Via Aires, Via Rosas, Via Piedras, Paseo Grande, 151st – 153rd, and 155th Avenue. There is also ongoing sidewalk project going on at Channel Street and Via Enrico. Overpass paint project will be ready in the fall. Updated from Community Development Agency, there is a project on 1800 Hesperian Blvd. near McDonalds, there will have 5500 square feet of retail, no details on what kind of retails yet. Showtime of San Lorenzo will be on July 21st. Cars theme and will show “Cars 3” movie. Sheriff’s Department is sponsoring a Rock Climbing Wall, SLVHA is lending the popcorn machine, and there may be a dog pet adoption this year. Developer Terry Demmons with Demmon’s Partner also provided an updated on their project at San Lorenzo Library on May 2nd. Demmon’s have updated that they have increased the square footage of retail the community and Wilma Chan’s office have been asking for; they are also offering other amenities such as daily shuttle to the BART, Community Dog Park, and $300,000.00 to be put towards fixing the exterior of the San Lorenzo Theatre. Streetscape Project may be pushed back due to utility undergrounding issues, due to conflict of infrastructure and mapping of the underground utility. It was found that the utility underground were incorrectly marked and or was marked in the wrong place causing a setback in the project. Due to this matter, two options were provided: Option 1, Complete project as planned with an 18 month (done by 2023) and significant cost increase (approximately over $1 million), and will require obtaining a number of easement as the undergrounding will need to be done on private property Option 2: Do a modify underground utility line in certain part of streetscape area and retain existing poles and wire along certain median island and on sidewalk on north and south end of the project. This will mean the project will be done according to schedule and be done by 2021 versus 2023.

3.4 Zoning Enforcement –- Not present, but report was provided at back table.

4.0 OTHER BUSINESS (motions may be required)

4.1 House Of The Month - 18251 Via Arriba, Award Presentation (Timed Agenda Item 7:45 p.m.) -– Homeowner was not present. Award will be mailed to Homeowner.

4.2 Review Hall Rental Agreement – Director Robinson made motion to approve the changes to the Hall Rental Agreement, Director Ready second, all were in favor.

5.0 LIENS AND VIOLATION REPORT (motion may be required) -- No liens were released last month. Total number of notices – 813. Miscellaneous Notice: 683, 1st Violation Notices: 111. Majority violations were: Yard Maintenance: 356; Plans Required: 111; Multiple Violations: 66; Inoperative/Store Vehicles: 40; Driveway/Walkway Matters: 35; Unpaved Parking: 32; Trash Cans Outside: 24. Director Ready made motion to accept violation report, Director Chung second, all were in favor.

6.0 FINANCIAL REPORT (motion required)

6.1 Approval Of March & April, 2018 Expenditures –- Director Robinson made motion to accept March & April 2018 Expenditures, Director Chung second, all were in favor.

6.2 Approval of Bank Reconciliations - 1st Quarter 2018 –- Director Robinson made motion to approve Bank Reconciliations, Director Ready second, all were in favor.

6.3 Approval Write offs –- Director Robinson made motion to approve writing off amounts below $14.50, Director Ready second, all were in favor.


7.1 Community Events Committee -– Director Wydler reported on behalf of Director Clowser that the Earth Day event was a great turn out, many volunteers came out to help clean up and

7.2 Architectural Committee –- Director Robinson reported the committee now consist of 3 members and continues to receive approximately 20+ plans a month and recently suggested to the staff to request other than paint codes, but to also obtain paint chips from applicants.


8.1 Operations -– Alterra Collections: total amount collected as of 5/14/2018 is $97,050.55; Bostock & Williams completed awning entry way roof repair and invoice paid on Tuesday, April 24, 2018. Fire House Roof repair will start on Thursday, May 17, 2018. Bay Area Climate Control will replace old metal square ducting on top of the roof of the Fire Station #22 in order for the roofer to replace the roofing. Phone system installation scheduled on May 23, 2018. Hall Ceiling Replacement was request to provide an additional estimate to include old fan removal, electrical work, plans and permits – currently pending final estimates. Administrator met with Sunrise General Construction, Inc. to obtain a proposal for the main hall ceiling replacement and installation of all new electrical LED fixtures on May 02, 2018. Arbortech Tree Care and Landscape company trimmed Redwood Tree in the back of the parking lot (tree was caught on fire in 2017) and 2 Arbutus Marina Tree on Wednesday, April 25. In exchange for Arbortech’s work, the HOA will advertise their business in the next 2 Village Briefs (May/June & July/August). Personnel parking fire house broken garage door, the existing hardware is obsolete and was replaced by R&S Overhead Garage Door, Inc on Thursday, May 3rd. All SLVHA Fire Extinguishers were replaced (office, hall, kitchen, garage, and preschool) by AFE Fire Protection Inc. on April 26, 2018, next replacement will be in April 2019. Standard application form for conditional use permit (pre-school) was submitted to Alameda County Planning Department on May 3rd. Deposit for planner review in amount of $500.00 was paid. This review is done every 5 years, the last one that was done was June of 2013. Official retail food inspection report for SLVHA kitchen passed on Thursday, May 10th – inspection report score is 100%. SLVHA Insurance Policy is up for renewal on July 1st – Renewal application was submitted on May 11th. Lease agreement with Lollipop Lane initial term of the lease expires on May 31st. Addendum to lease prepared by Tinnelly Law Firm, signed on May 2, 2018. Term of the lease extended and will expire on May 31, 2020. Little League Lease was signed and renewed.

8.2 2018 Assessment (Update) -– As of April 27, 2018, 502 accounts that are still delinquent.

9.0 BOARD REPORTS -– Director Robinson stated as a reminder that the proposed rule change to plant a tree was approved with modification of removing the last sentence at last month’s meeting (April 2018). The new modified rule now states: “When a home does not have a street tree it is recommended that a street tree be installed. Street trees shall be installed within the County’s right-of-way or within the first six (6) feet of a front yard. A variance as to the placement may be granted by the Board of Directors (e.g. when certain lots cannot accommodate a street tree within the County’s right-of-way or within the first six (6) feet of a front yard).“


10.1 Disposition Of Executive Hearing Session Minutes # 1569 On April 19, 2018 -– This was an executive sessions, in which discussed 15 violations, 2 disputes, Alterra Collections, and personnel matters.

10.2 Approval Of Executive Hearing Session Minutes # 1569 On April 19, 2018 -– Director Ready made motion to approve Executive Hearing Session Minutes # 1569, Director Chung second, all were in favor.

10.3 Approval Of Board Meeting Minutes # 1570 On April 19, 2018 -– Director Robinson made motion to approve Board Meeting Minutes # 1570, Director Ready second, all were in favor.

10.4 Disposition Of Executive Session Minutes # 1571 On May 3, 2018 -– This was an executive session, in which discussed leasing contracts, vendor contracts, Alterra Collections, legal matters, personnel matters, and

10.5 Approval Of Executive Session Minutes # 1571 On May 3, 2018 -– Director Ready made motion to approve Executive Session Minutes # 1571, Director Chung second, all were in favor.

10.6 Approval Of Work Session Minutes # 1572 On May 3, 2018 –- Director Robinson made motion to approve Work Session Minutes # 1572, Director Ready second, all were in favor.

11.0 ADJOURNMENT – Board Meeting was adjourned at 9:05 pm.

Respectfully Submitted By:

Emanuel M.S. Robinson, Secretary/Treasurer

Recorded & Transcribed By: Mai Vue, Operations Manager
Reviewed By: Diane Wydler, President.