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May 18, 2017

1.0 MEETING CALLED TO ORDER -- The regular meeting of the San Lorenzo Village Homes Association Board of Directors was held on Thursday May 18, 2017. President Wydler called the meeting to order at 7:39 p.m.

1.1 SALUTE TO THE FLAG -- President Wydler led the audience in the pledge of allegiance.

1.2 ROLL CALL -- Directors Diane Wydler, Kathie Ready, Steve Kirk and Emanuel M. S. Robinson were present. Director Michelle Clowser was absent (excused).

2.0 PUBLIC COMMENT -- Items not on the Agenda -A member reported on what was going on at the San Lorenzo library for the next month. A brochure of events was left on the back table.

3.0 COMMENTS FROM PUBLIC AGENCIES (7:40 p.m.) -- None.

3.1 CHP -- No officer, no report.

3.2 Sheriff’s Department -- Deputy Gordon reported that burglaries in the area have decreased however they are seeing an increase in car thefts. He encouraged residents to call in any suspicious behavior.

3.3 Supervisor Wilma Chan -- District Representative, Karina Rivera, thanked those who attended the Lorenzo Theater Tours/Business Expo/Free Movie Night. She said there were about 300 people throughout the day. The Supervisor recently ran a free tax program that was very successful; many seniors from San Lorenzo utilized this service. The “Arbor at Hesperian” had its Grand Opening a few weeks ago and it was well attended. Supervisor Chan has donated $5000 to DSAL soccer program which provides free signups for youth in Ashland, Cherryland and San Lorenzo. A survey will be going out shortly to see if residents in the area want a Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) for the Eden Area (San Lorenzo, Hayward Acres, Ashland and Cherryland). The new San Lorenzo library sign will be installed very shortly and Supervisor Chan plans to attend the Association’s June Board meeting to discuss the County Budget.

The Board asked Rivera where the San Lorenzo library sign would be placed and for a schematic of what it looked like. Director Kirk asked for an update on the Streetscape Project at Hesperian and wanted the Supervisor to follow up on the Tree Advisory website, where he said fines and documentation have not been updated for months. Director M.S. Robinson asked about the “Community Identifier” sign on the freeway for San Lorenzo. He wanted to make sure that the sign said “San Lorenzo Village” not just “San Lorenzo”. Rivera said she will get details regarding the library sign and try to bring these to the next Board meeting. The Streetscape Project did go out to bid, but came back with higher costs than expected; she will see where the county is in this process and report back to the Board. Rivera said she would also follow up with the Tree Advisory website. As far as the Community Identifier Project, she was not aware that “Village” would be part of the identification due to the fact that the San Lorenzo area represents more than just the Homes Association. Staff wanted to make this identification inclusive of all residents. She said if most of the community wanted “Village” added to the identifier on the freeway, they would have to communicate with the committee. She encouraged members to get involved in this project.

Director Kirk asked Rivera to see if the Board could also get a report for all tree trimming and tree removal permits that the county has approved in the past two (2) years.

A member asked the Supervisor’s office to look into getting a 25 mph sign posted for eastbound traffic on Paseo Grande.

3.4 Zoning Enforcement -- No report was left for this meeting.

4.0 OTHER BUSINESS (motions may be required)

4.1 House of the Month - 1218 Via Nube, Award Presentation (Timed Agenda Item 8 p.m.) -– The homeowners were in attendance and were honored for the excellent upkeep of their home and their front yard.

4.2 County Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone Ordinance (Draft) - Liz McElligott, Asst. Planning Director, C.D. (Timed Agenda Item 8:15 p.m.) -- McElligott gave an overview on the ordinance and how it would allow for some plots zoned as commercial to be allowed to become agricultural for a contracted period of time.

Director Ready was very concerned about the fact the Castro Valley was not included in the area that this ordinance covers. McElligott said that in the early meetings the Castro Valley MAC had voted to not be included in the area this ordinance covers. She brought the ordinance to the Association Board and they were not opposed to it. The ordinance would not include areas in the Homes Association. Director Kirk said he does not have a problem with the ordinance but it should not be allowed in San Lorenzo Village thoroughfares. He asked why marijuana grows were not prohibited in this ordinance. McElligott said that cannabis can only be grown in “agricultural districts” this ordinance would not change the “land use” it only deals with giving incentives to grow agriculture on plots in areas that are currently vacant land zoned “commercial”.

Several members spoke for this ordinance saying that there is a need for “community gardens”, especially for schools and in Cherryland and Ashland where several plots of commercial land have been vacant for years.

The consensus of the Board was that it just got this information and it would make a decision on the ordinance at its upcoming Works Session.

5.0 LIENS AND VIOLATIONS REPORT (motion may be required) -- The Administrator reported that there have been two (2) Liens have been released since the April 2017 Board meeting.

April 2017 Violation Report

  Violation                              No. of Letters

Inoperable Vehicles in driveway               12
Recreational veh in front/side yard            8
Unpaved parking                                6                  
Yard maintenance                             138
Holiday lights                                10
Building maintenance                           0
Working on vehicles                            0
Barking dogs                                   0
Prohibited animals                             0
Excessive noise                                0
No home business                               0
Other                                         22
Multiple violations                           32
Plans needed                                   6

Total                                        234

Director Ready moves to approve the liens and violation report, Director M.S. Robinson seconds, the motion carries unanimously.


6.1 Disposition of Executive Session #1519 on May 18, 2017 -- The Administrator reported there were 24 hearings scheduled, three (3) owners were present. Ten of the hearings were closed; five (5) were “thank you but” (please clean up other issues at your property); one (1) was a mistake and was closed; five (5) were fined; one (1) was fined and asked to remove the dead tree and replant an approved 24 box inch tree; one (1) was given 30 days to remove the trailer and clean up the front yard; and one was asked to continue to improve the landscaping in the front yard and to plant and 24 inch box sycamore. There was also one (1) CC&R exception side yard fence was approved. There were three (3) fine reviews where one (1) fine was rescinded; one (1) would be waived if a 24 inch box sycamore was planted and one (1) fine was given 30 days to plant new sod and the fine would be rescinded. There were two (2) assessment reviews. One of these was denied, and the other was granted two (2) years to pay the balance of the assessments without further interest or penalties if the homeowner enters into a monthly payment agreement.

6.2 Approval of Minutes of Executive Session #1519 on May 18, 2017 -- Director Kirk had corrections on how items were voted and spelling error. Director Ready moves to approve, Director Kirk seconds, and the motion carries unanimously.

7.0 BOARD GOALS –- President Wydler explained that the Board will continue to have this item on all Board agendas to keep members apprised of the progress of their yearly goals.

7.1 Collection of Overdue Assessments -- President Wydler said that the Board found a collections company connected with the attorney’s firm they recently hired. This company, Altera, would handle assessments that are in arrears for several years. The Board is making a decision which accounts will be sent to this agency first and will be letting these members know about the new process prior to sending them to collections. A member asked how much money will be collected by the Association. Director Kirk said that the Association will collect the entire assessment amount owed; the member will incur additional costs for the agency’s fees.

7.2 Tree Door Hangers Update -- President Wydler said that all members with a tree(s) in their front yard should have received a door hanger about the trimming/removing procedures/guidelines. The Board thanked members Michele Swartz and Jackie Green for volunteering to distribute these. It took them several months to do so and they were each given gift certificates in appreciation of their hard work.

7.3 San Lorenzo Foundation -- Director M.S. Robinson said that the Association is not a “not-for-profit” organization and the Board wants to set up a foundation that would allow funds to be collected for San Lorenzo. The Association cannot do this as an organization. The Board has sent this to the attorney who will be reviewing the proposal and setting up guidelines.

7.4 Improve CC&R Enforcement -- President Wydler said that the Board is working with staff to try and improve enforcement. Part of this was done with the door hangers to educate members on restrictions for front yard trees. Staff is also reporting each month on the status of properties that came before the Board 6 months earlier.


8.1 Tree Trimming or Removal Enforcement -- Director Kirk said the Board had asked him to rewrite the Association Board’s Fine Policy and the Front Yard Policy to deal with the enforcement of trimming trees. He will be giving updates on his progress

8.2 Policy for Heritage Modifications -- Director M.S. Robinson said that he and other Board members are concerned about the modifications to some of the homes in San Lorenzo that have not preserved the historical integrity of their original design. He is working on creating a Board Heritage Policy that preserves the architectural look of the Associations’ original tracts.

8.3 Architectural Committee -- President Wydler said that the office staff reviews a lot of plans and the Board wants to help with this process by creating an Architectural Committee to help with these reviews. It will be appointing members to this committee very soon.

9.0 FINANCIAL REPORT (motion required)

9.1 Approval of April 2017 Expenditures -- Director Kirk makes a motion to approve, Director Ready seconds, the motion carries unanimously.

9.2 Approval of Bank Reconciliations 1st Quarter –- Director Kirk reported that he had reviewed the first quarter bank reconciliations and moves to approve them. Director M.S. Robinson seconds, the motion carries unanimously.


10.1 Community Events Committee -- Member Randy Waage reported that the Theater tours/Business Expo and Movie night went very well. He said that he wished that more residents would have attended.


11.1 Operations -- The Administrator reported that the HVAC project in the main hall was completed by May 3, 2017. SAFE2PLY provided playground safety inspections and installed new wood fiber into both playground areas. There are a few items that need to be resolved with regard to the playgrounds and these will be done as soon as possible. The firehouse now has HVAC issues, the last repair was in done in August 2016 and now it needs to be replaced. The Administrator is accepting proposals from vendors. He will submit them to the Board for review and approval. The tree information door hangers were completely distributed by May 3, 2017. The goal was to do this by May 3, 2017. The Administrator thanked both Jackie Green and Michele Swartz for volunteering to do this.


12.1 Disposition of Executive Session Minutes #1512 on March 30, 2017 -- This meeting discussed the personnel issue of medical insurance, the Board was not able to pass this last month due to the quorum of Board members, thus it was continued to the May meeting.

12.2 Approval of Executive Session Minutes #1512 on March 30, 2017 -- Director Kirk moves to approve, Director Wydler seconds, the motion carries, with three (3) ayes Kirk, M.S. Robinson and Wydler and one (1) abstentions (Ready).

12.3 Approval of Board Meeting Minutes #1516 on April 20, 2017 -- The Board did not have enough directors who were present at this meeting to approve, thus the item was continued until the next Board meeting.

12.4 Approval of Work Session Minutes #1517 on May 4, 2017 -Director M.S. Robinson moves to approve, Director Ready seconds, the motion carries with three (3) ayes, Kirk, Ready and M.S. Robinson, and one (1) abstention (Wydler).

12.5 Disposition of Executive Session Minutes #1518 on May 11, 2017 -- The Board discussed the details about the Altera Collection Company and legal issues regarding an unapproved fence and other CC&R issues. They also discussed how to honor the volunteers who distributed the door hangers for the Association.

2.6 Approval of Executive Session Minutes #1518 on May 11, 2017 -- Director Kirk moved to approve, Director Ready seconds the motion carries with three (3) ayes (Kirk, Ready and Wydler) and one (1) abstention, M.S. Robinson.

13.0 BOARD REPORTS -- None.

14.0 ADJOURNMENT -- President Wydler adjourned the meeting 9:44 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Steve Kirk

Recorded and Transcribed by: Kathleen Harrigan, Operations Manager
Reviewed by: Eugene Osipov, Administrator