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May 15, 2014

1.0 MEETING CALLED TO ORDER – The regular meeting of the San Lorenzo Village Homes Association Board of Directors was held Thursday, May 15, 2014. President Kavasch called the meeting to order at 7:41 p.m.

1.1 SALUTE TO THE FLAG – President Kavasch asked to lead the audience in the pledge of allegiance.

1.3 ROLL CALL – Directors Catherine Kavasch, Steve Kirk, Kyle Carlson and Cheryl Hoffmann were present, Director Wes Auten was excused.


2.1 Approval of Board Meeting Minutes #1376 on April 17, 2014 -– Director Carlson moves to approve, Director Kirk seconds the motion carries unanimously.

2.2 Approval of Board Meeting Minutes #1374 on May 6, 2014 -– Director Kirk moves to approve, Director Hoffmann seconds the motion carries unanimously.


3.1 Community Engagement Committee (CEC) –- Director Hoffmann reported that the next event would be the Board Meet and Greet/Ice Cream Social on August 21, 2014. The committee meets the second Wednesday of every month and all residents are welcome to attend.

3.2 CC&R Ad Hoc Committee -– Director Hoffmann reported that the committee continues to meet and thoroughly discuss the CC&Rs and the Board policies. The committee is working on the Front Yard Policy. The next meeting is Wednesday, May 22, 2014. The Board appoints committee members.


4.1 CHP -– Officer Bauers reported that there were no major incidents in the past month. In June, the CHP will be enforcing their "Click It or Ticket” program enforcing motorist to wear their seat belts. President Kavasch asked whether the CHP could address an issue that happened on Via Lucas. There was a report that large commercial trucks were taking short cuts through this residential street at 4:00 a.m. to by-pass Grant Avenue. Bauers stated that he did not have any report and encouraged residents to get the license plate number, the business name on the truck(s) and then call them into the CHP office.

4.2 Sheriff's Department –- Deputy JD Stewart reported that there were no major incidents this past month. Supervisor Chan's office did alert the Sheriff to problems at Del Rey Elementary School with traffic issues when parents are dropping off and picking up their children. The Principal worked with the Sheriff’s Department to send a notice to parents regarding traffic safety and parking in school zones. Parents are encouraged to park in the neighborhood near the school and walk to pick up their child.

Deputy Stewart stated that his department made several arrests for human trafficking and shut down multiple oriental healing and massage parlors in San Lorenzo. This investigation took months to complete and there may be more arrests in the near future. The Cop Shop Annual Flea Market will be held in the Mervyns Square parking lot on June 8th and August 17th. Spaces are still available to rent. Deputy Stewart introduced their newest Deputy who will be on patrol in San Lorenzo. Deputy Lock introduced himself and stated that he looks forward to working in the San Lorenzo area.

A resident thanked the sheriffs for listening to the community and investigating the massage parlors. A resident asked if the massage businesses have been completely shut down. Deputy Stewart stated they all have been temporarily shut down due to the investigation.

4.3 Supervisor Wilma Chan -– District Representative, Steve Jones, applauded the hard work of the Sheriff's Department in its investigation and arrests of the owners of the massage businesses. Mercy Housing has hosted two public meetings for community input on the proposed senior housing project. The project went to the Planning Commission for an initial review on April 5, 2014. It will have a final review before the Planning Commission on May 27, 2014. The Grant Avenue Project is underway and includes new bike and pedestrian pathways and improved storm drainage. It should be complete by the end of 2014. Jones stated that he would check with Public Works about Grant Avenue and trucks that are taking short cuts through the neighborhoods. This year’s San Lorenzo Earth Day was a great community event and Supervisor Chan was happy to support it with a $1,500 contribution. Supervisor Wilma Chan also contributed $5000 to the Deputy Sheriffs Activity League for their Youth Summer Soccer League. The League is free to all participants from 5 to 17 years of age and nearly 60% of those children who participate are from San Lorenzo.

President Kavasch asked about the status of the naming of the park at Washington and Grant Avenue. Jones said that he has had several conversations with PG&E and they are discussing this with their legal department first and then will let the public know how it can proceed.

A resident thanked the County for the new bike lanes on Paseo Grande and Via Alamitos. Jones said that they are not actually bike "lanes". The new markings designate bike routes.

4.4 Zoning Enforcement –- The report was left on the back table.

*6.1 Variance -- Addition of Front of Property, 1941 Keller Ave. (Timed Agenda Item 8:00 p.m.) -- The Administrator reported that the resident was unable to get the information the Board needed to review the plans, so the item will be rescheduled for the June 19, 2014 meeting.

5.0 FINANCIAL REPORT (motion required)

5.1 Approval of April 2014 Expenditures –- Director Kirk moves to approve the April 2014 Expenditures, Director Hoffmann seconds, the motion carries unanimously.

5.2 Approval of Bank Reconciliations 1st Quarter –- Director Kirk stated that he reviewed the bank reconciliations for the first quarter. Director Kirk moves to approve the first quarter reconciliations, Director Hoffmann seconds the motion carries unanimously.

6.0 OTHER BUSINESS (motions may be required)

*6.1 Variance -- Addition to Front of Property – 1941 Keller Ave -– See above timed agenda item.

6.2 Cleveland Wrecking Co., CUP (Salvage Yard) -– Director Kirk reported that after the last Board meeting he tried to contact Cleveland Wrecking. He left a couple of messages, without a return call. On May 14, 2014, he sent an email to the President of the wrecking company regarding the recent removal of trees from San Lorenzo Park. He asked if the company would be willing to plant trees on its property to mitigate the site/sound of the wrecking yard to the Park and the surrounding neighborhood. Within an hour, he received a return email from the President, who indicated that the placement of the recycling material is at the north-end of their property and is shielded by the warehouse and the office building. However, they would be willing to work with both the County and the SLVHA to plant trees along the southern-end of their property to buffer the site and sounds of the yard.

Director Hoffmann added that the trees would also shield the view of the buildings. Director Kirk stated that if the company plants these trees as indicated, they are fast growing and will shield both the buildings and the yard. He will follow up with the President to discuss the specifics of getting the trees planted.

6.3 Grant Avenue – Trucks in Neighborhood (status-action) -– President Kavasch reported that Oakland Pallet was the company whose trucks were taking short cuts on Via Lucas to get to the Grant Industrial area. She went to Oakland Pallet, spoke with them about these trucks, expressed our concerns, and told them we would be on alert for additional problems. The company said it would work with the community and the Association and did not want to be a problem. President Kavasch asked the CHP to have a similar conversation with Oakland Pallet.

6.4 EALI Working Groups – Community Participation -– President Kavasch explained what the EALI working groups are and how important they are for future development of our area. EALI is for all of the Eden Area: San Lorenzo, Castro Valley, Ashland, Cherryland, and Fairview. She stated that each of the working groups welcome active participation and input from residents. The Economic Development Working Group will meet in the SLVHA Community Hall on Wednesday, June 11, 2014 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. The Governance Working Group will meet on Thursday, June 26, 2014 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Castro Valley Library.

A resident stated that the Governance Working Group is at very crucial standpoint. Residents often complain that they have no local control in the unincorporated areas. Castro Valley currently has a Municipal Advisory Council (MAC), which is another level of local community government that reviews a proposal prior to its vote before a county board or commission. He stated that one of the items the governance group wants to prioritize is the formation of a MAC that would represent the entire Eden Area, not just Castro Valley but Ashland, Cherryland, San Lorenzo, and Fairview as well. At the next Governance Working Group, they will be voting on nine different priorities, of which one is the formation of this MAC. If this proposal does not get enough votes, it will not be considered on future agendas. Residents need to attend this next meeting and vote to discuss this idea of a MAC for the entire Eden area.

A resident urged San Lorenzo residents to attend. Castro Valley has a large number of residents at these meetings. If this continues, its priorities could outweigh those of other communities.

Director Kirk stated that according to Supervisor Miley's office, the Castro Valley MAC costs the County $120,000 a year. The rest of the unincorporated area has no local representation.


7.1 Operations –- The Administrator thanked everyone who attended San Lorenzo's Earth Day, it was a great success. The Association recently had a playground inspection and one of the recommendations was to increase the height of the tan bark for the safety of the children. Next Wednesday, both playgrounds will be getting new playground grade bark. The Mercy Housing Project is the only item to be considered on the Planning Commission's agenda for May 27, 2014. The proposal is for a four-story building with 77 units at the former San Lorenzo Post Office site. The plans for the project are in the Association office and residents can review them during office hours. The Administrator recently met with the contractors who are working on the San Lorenzo Library. The demolition has finally begun. The delay in construction was due to PG&E, which is requiring all new gas lines. The library also needs a new waterline and the installation of a back flow preventer, will need to be located near a fire hydrant. The Association's late letters for 2014 assessments will be sent out soon.

Director Hoffmann asked when the trenching for the gas lines and water lines would begin and if they would be separate trenches. The Administrator said the trenching would not begin until all the demolition of the library was complete. There would be two separate trenches for the gas and water on either side of the parking lot. The Administrator said that if this trenching damages any of the parking lot, she hoped that the County would redo the entire parking lot. Right now, they are only set to slurry seal the lot after the Library renovations are complete. Director Kirk asked the Administrator to follow up with the County for a new parking lot.

8.0 LIENS AND VIOLATIONS REPORT -– The Administrator reported there were 16 liens released since April 2014. Violation letters April 2014 were as follows:

April 2014 Violation Report

Number  Violation                              No. of Letters

1/19    Inoperable Vehicles in driveway               4
2/22    Recreational veh in front/side yard           8
6       General maintenance of property               0
7/20    Unpaved parking                               5                   
10      Yard maintenance                            137
13      Holiday lights                                0
14      No signs                                      -
15      Building maintenance                          1
18      Lean/miss fence                               -
21      Working on vehicles                           0
23      Dogs/cats more than 2                         -
24      Barking dogs                                  1
25      Prohibited animals                            1
26      Excessive noise                               0
27      No home business                              1
28/99   Other                                         6
30      Multiple violations                          28
31      Plans needed                                  6

Total                                               209

Director Kirk moves to approve the liens and violations report, Director Hoffmann seconds the motion carries unanimously.


9.1 None -– The Administrator reported that hearings are scheduled for a later date due tonight’s Meet and Greet/Fiesta.

10.0 PUBLIC COMMENT –- Items Not on the Agenda – A resident said that the County's "Mobile Citizen" application works very well. If you see graffiti or something dumped in an unincorporated neighborhood, take a picture with your phone and sent it to the County so they can address the issue. He announced that a local resident designed a flag (unofficially) for San Lorenzo in honor of the 70th anniversary of the San Lorenzo Village ground breaking that occurs this Sunday, May 18, 2014. The flag will be raised at the Public Storage flagpole as a tribute to this milestone. All are welcome to attend.

A resident thanked the Board for its pro-active work in the community. A representative from the Castro Valley/Eden Area Chamber announced that the Cowell Ranch Rodeo is going on from now through the weekend. The Chamber is hosting its first Men's Health Event at the Castro Valley Community Center on June 14, 2014 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. There will be food, entertainment, and fun for the whole family.

11.0 Board Reports -– President Kavasch reported that members of the Board are attending board training. Director Carlson, the Administrator, and she recently attended training about common interest law, and later in the month, she and Director Kirk will attend a seminar on drought tolerant landscaping.

12.0 ADJOURNMENT -– President Kavasch adjourned the meeting at 8:49 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Steve Kirk

Recorded and Transcribed by: Kathleen Harrigan
Reviewed by: Susan Kleebauer, Administrator