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February 15, 2018

1. Board President, Diane Wydler, raps the gavel and makes an announcement relative to the establishment of a membership-meeting quorum at 7:20 pm.

2. Board President, Diane Wydler announced that a quorum of ten percent (10%) of the membership is not present. Therefore, the members can take no official action; however, members are invited to address those in attendance and share their ideas and concerns.

3. Public Comment – Items not on the Agenda -– No comments were made.

4. Adjourn to Regular Board Meeting at 7:24 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Emanuel M.S. Robinson

Recorded and Transcribed by: Mai Vue, Operations Manager
Reviewed by: Eugene Osipov, Administrator


February 15, 2018

1.1 CALL MEETING TO ORDER -- President Diane Wydler called meeting to order on February 15, 2018 at 7:30 pm.

1.2 SALUTE TO THE FLAG -- President Diane Wydler lead the members in the pledge of allegiance.

1.3 ROLL CALL -- All Directors were present: President Diane Wydler, Vice President Kathie Ready, Secretary/Treasurer Emanuel M.S. Robinson, Director Michelle Clowser, and Director John Chung. Staff members that were present: Administrator Eugene Osipov and Operations Manager Mai Vue.

2.0 PUBLIC COMMENTS - Items not on the Agenda

A member announced the event schedule at the San Lorenzo Library for March. The member stated that March is “Art Education Month” there will be Art activities at all the branches throughout the library system. Some March events: March 10-11 there will be Friends of the Library Book Sale. For friends & members only, there will be a pre-sale on March 9th. March 31st at 7:00 pm, the winners of the Library Lit contest will read their work to the audience. The Library hopes to have these readings on Facebook Live. Additional March event schedules are printed and available at the San Lorenzo Library. In addition, Tax Forms for 2017 are being made available. By appointment only, help is being offered in the Tax Preparation, on Wednesdays. A member made an announcement and welcomed new homeowners of the San Lorenzo Village that were present at the meeting.


3.1 CHP – not present.

3.2 Sheriff’s Department –- Reported the stats for January in San Lorenzo area: 5-robberies; 0-assualts; 7- burglaries; 8-auto burglaries; 10 thefts; 10 vehicle thefts; 1-forgery report, 3-frauds; 3-lost or stolen were reported; 5-vandalisms; 13-drug possession/indoor violation were reported; 1-runaway reported; 2-trespassing; 6-vehicles were towed; 2-mental health case reports; 3-domestic violence; 10 disorderly misconduct reports; 2-recovery of stolen vehicles; and 24-miscellaneous reports. Deputy encourages everyone to stay vigilant of their surroundings.

3.3 Supervisor Wilma Chan –- Jared with Supervisor Chan’s office announced that Karina has resigned her position and is the new replacement. Jared is currently working with his staff to get himself up to speed with the current issues and updates for San Lorenzo and specifically came to introduce himself and will be the person to come to the meetings to report any updates for Wilma Chan’s office. Office contact was provided for any further information: 510-278-0367.

3.4 Zoning Enforcement – not present.

4.0 OTHER BUSINESS (motions may be required)

4.1 The Community Identifier Project (update on Artists proposal designs) Rachel Osajima, Director of the Alameda County Arts Commission (Timed Agenda Item 8:00 pm) –- Reported after a yearlong multi-phase process involving the community, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors approved three Community Identifier proposals in January 2018. The next step will be the approval from the Caltrans Transportation Art Program. It is anticipated that the projects will be completed sometime in the fall of 2018. Once Caltrans approves County will return for another update on the project. Each Community Identifier will feature the name of the community along with other design elements. John Wehrle’s design was selected to honor San Lorenzo through images of the San Lorenzo Creek including the depiction of water, sycamore leaves, and other natural elements such as a dragonfly, turtle, duck, and butterfly. The Alameda County is also launching a pilot Utility Box Art Program in which the three artists selected for the Community Identifier Projects will also create designs for the County-controlled utility boxes. The utility box designs will be directly related to the Community Identifier designs. It is anticipated that the pilot project will be completed in the summer of 2018. Additional banners and other street enhancements may be developed.

4.2 House of the Month (Timed Agenda Item 8:15 pm) -– The winner for house of the month went to 1725 Via Carreta. The homeowner was not present to present award to. Staff will mail award to homeowner.

4.3 Lien Resolution (Authorization to Record Lien) -– Secretary/Treasurer Emanuel M.S. Robinson moved to approve recording of lien for account #28055, Director Michelle Clowser second the motion, all were in favor, none opposed.

4.4 Board Election (2018) –- The Results of the Acclamation – At the close of nominations the number of candidates were equal to the number of position to be filled and the Board was not required to conduct balloting for the election of Directors. The Board can find the positions have been filled by acclamation. Therefore, by acclamation John Chung and Michelle Clowser will be appointed to start their 3 year terms tonight.

4.5 President’s Report -– President reported it was a busy year and it came with some major changes. At the beginning of the term, some goals were set to accomplish. One goal was to improve the Association’s legal counsel to get immediate responses and someone local. The Association has obtain new legal counsel and they are very responsive to the Board’s request, provided guidance with contracts, and address major noncompliance issues, and free 3 hours Board training. The Board also looked at the dollars that were owed to the Association in outstanding assessments and contracted with a company where its main focused is to collect such debt. Another main goal was to improve the CC&Rs code enforcement. Unfortunately, Kathleen Harrigan the Association’s main enforcement person for almost 18 years had resigned and the Board had to scramble to find another replacement and had contracted Mai to fill in the position. Although, Mai is contracted, she has enforcement experience and has been working for the Association towards the goal to improve the CC&R enforcement. There are many properties that have been an eyesore in the Association for a long time. Some may think the Board is not doing anything, but letters are being sent, hearings are scheduled, and fines charged – in some cases, monthly, some fines are racked up to $3,000.00, but it has not really corrected the problem and properties continue to be noncompliant. The Board’s goal is not to collect money and fines properties, but to ensure that properties are in compliant and continue to be. Properties that have been an eyesore for a very long time, the Association is taking a more aggressive legal action to get those houses to correct their violation(s). The Association is using legal counsel to intervene with those properties that are not in compliance. The Association is also looking closely to those homes that are up for sale to make sure there are no violations. If there are, to notify the sellers to correct the violations prior to the sale.

The Association is also trying to improve enforcement from catching up on past violations, catching up and identifying problems ahead of time before it gets worst. The Association would also like to implement a “welcoming committee” to welcome those that are new to the community to know that they are members of the Association. The Board also discovered that there are close to 3,000 open violations in the data base and are attempting to verify these violations. Two years ago, the Association switched data base and during the transfer the violations probably just got moved and didn’t get closed before getting transferred over. A member of the community had made a suggestion that lead to an idea of having a committee composed of association members (homeowners of the HOA) to help identify or clear these violations. In the last newsletter you would have noticed there was a “Call to Action” article in the Village Briefs. The purpose of the committee is not to go out and report violations, but to look at this list of open violations and identify the cases that should be closed out. In addition, as a remind to all homeowners living in the Association that you are the Association, the Association is not just the Board members. Board members are homeowners and members of the Association just like everyone else. It takes all homeowners living in the Village to keep our Association looking nice and to keep our property values up. It takes everyone to mow their lawn, maintain their yard, move their car on street sweeping days, and if you can help your neighbor, you don’t have to report them, maybe offer to help mow their lawn. So the purpose of all of this is to keep our community looking nice and maintain property value. Moving on Kathleen used to also review Architectural plans, but since she has left Emanuel Robinson has stepped up to review the plans. Michelle Clowser also stepped up to take on the community events. During this term Steve Kirk also resigned and John Chung was appointed to take his place. Another setback was that the Administrator had a family emergency and had to be away for a month or so. There was also the normal every day repairs planned and unplanned that came up. the HVAC in the Hall was finally completed and updated. There were some leaks in the fire house, plumbing problems, roof replacement and repainting of the office.

Vice President Kathie Ready commented that President Diane Wydler has kept everyone on their toes and has done a good job to ensure everything gets done.

5.0 LIENS AND VIOLATION REPORT (motion may be required) -- 11 liens were released in the last 30 days. First violation letters mailed 135, Plans required letters 115, Yard Maintenance letters 151, Multiple violations letters 39, Miscellaneous letters 297. Vice President Kathie Ready moved to accept liens and violation report, Director Michelle Clowser second the motion, all were in favor.

6.0 FINANCIAL REPORT (motion required)

6.1 Approval of January 2018 Expenditures – Vice President Kathie Ready made motion to approve the January 2018 expenditures, Secretary/Treasurer Emanuel M.S. Robinson second the motion, all were in favor, none opposed.

6.2 Approval of Bank Reconciliations -4nd Quarter January 2018 – Secretary/Treasurer Emanuel M.S. Robinson made motion to approve bank reconciliation for the 4th quarter January 2018, Director John Chung second the motion, all were in favor, none opposed.


7.1 Community Events Committee –- Per Director Michelle Clowser there hasn’t been as many CEC meetings as it was request to work on one event at a time. Currently the committee is working on “Earth Day” and getting sponsors. The theme is it takes a Village” which everyone can contribute whatever they can and however they can. Some are pitching in memberships to clubs, some are pitching in gift cards, and donating terra cotta pots that will get painted. Sheriffs are coming out as well to make sure we are safe. In the next couple of weeks the plan is to finish the flyer with the sponsors that we currently have. The flyer will have the registration contact info on it for those who would like to pre-register and let us know which activity you would like to participate in. There will be Town Clean up for 2 hours, painting with local artists, planting, and an 1 hour activity education on how to recycle and why to recycle.


8.1 Operations –- On Friday, February 9, 2018, Group 4 Architecture, Research & Planning Inc. completed the installation of the three (3) preferred parking signs for low-emitting and fuel efficient vehicles on the Northwest corner of the parking lot. On Wednesday, February 14, 2018, the Fire House had a roof inspection done by Ridout Roofing Co. and is waiting to receive a roof replacement proposal. On Monday, February 12, 2018, Administrator met with Kyle Little who is the Resident Services Coordinator with Mercy Housing. Kyle Little would like to be added to the SLVHA email blast list, so he may be informed and inform residents at Arbor at Hesperian of any events going on with SLVHA and he would like to do the same and share any events, workshops, courses, and activities at the Arbor at Hesperian with SLVHA. On Wednesday, February 7, 2018 KMC Cleaners replaced floor tile in the main hall kitchen after plumbing repairs and also cleaned the carpet in the main office.

On February 2, 2018, Star Rooter Co. repaired the main broken kitchen drain. The broken drain repair will be covered by Philadelphia Insurance less Policy Deductible $1,000.00. The Association is expecting the check from insurance next week for $10,829.32. The broken gate was broken was repaired by Baily Fence Co. on January 26, 2018, vendor was paid for the repairs. The multiple chain links fencing repair was approved by the Board and is in the process to schedule repairs with vendor. On Wednesday, February 14, 2018, Administrator met with vendors: Worley’s Home Design Center (original installers) and 3 Day Blinds Co. and is waiting for proposals from the vendor.

8.2 Assessments –- Payments that were not received on February 2, 2018 by 5:00 pm incurred late fee of $12.50 and will start to accrue interest effectively on March 01, 2018. SLVHA currently has 5,714 single family home residents. As of February 15, 2018, so far only 4,729 residents have paid their assessments and 985 have not paid their assessments.

9.0 BOARD REPORTS -- Director Michelle Clowser commented that she is big on safety and was helping with citizen’s academy that is hosted by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department. The next one will start in a couple of months and will get a flyer out to those who are interested in attending. It is a free for members. Director Michelle Clowser also attending the LEOs in the Library event that was promoted in the email blast. Law enforcement, CHP, Sheriff’s, and park rangers were in attendance and answer many questions that people have. They plan to have another one in a couple of months and hopefully will be scheduled for the evening where most parents and people are off work. The board is also trying to get more information from various agency about plate readers and hopefully to have more information at the next work session.


10.1 Disposition of Executive Hearing Session Minutes # 1556 on January 18, 2018 –- This was an executive session to address hearings for violations of the Association, there were approximately 11 hearings and 3 disputes.

10.2 Approval of Executive Hearing Session Minutes # 1556 on January 18, 2018 -- Director Michelle Clowser made motion to approve the Executive Hearing Session Minutes # 1556, Director John Chung second the motion, all were in favor, none opposed.

10.3 Approval of Board Meeting Minutes # 1557 on January 18, 2018 -- Director Michelle Clowser made motion to approve the Board Meeting Minutes # 1557, Director John Chung second the motion, all were in favor, none opposed.

10.4 Disposition of Executive Session Minutes # 1558 on January 25, 2018 -- In this meeting the Board discussed collections and reviewed various accounts on the level of foreclosure, some payment plans, and personal issues.

10.5 Approval of Executive Session Minutes # 1558 on January 25, 2018 -- Vice President Kathie Ready moved to approve the meeting minutes for Executive Session Minutes # 1558 on January 25, 2018, Director Michelle Clowser second the motion, all were in favor, none opposed.

10.6 Disposition of Executive Session # 1559 on February 01, 2018 –- In this meeting the Board discussed collection activities, contracts and personal issues.

10.7 Approval of Executive Session Minutes # 1559 on February 01, 2018 -- Vice President Kathie Ready made motion to approve Executive Session Minutes # 1559 on February 01, 2018, Secretary/Treasurer Emanuel M.S. Robinson second the motion, all were in favor, none opposed.

10.8 Approval of Work Session Minutes #1560 on February 01, 2018 -– President Diane Wydler request to correct item 8 on the minutes where it states “Board reviewed two (3)…” to change “(3)” to “(2)”. Vice President Kathie Ready made motion to approve meeting minutes with corrections on Work Session Minutes #1560 on February 01, 2018, Director Michelle Clowser second the motion, all were in favor, none opposed.

11.0 ADJOURNMENT -Meeting was adjourned at 8:51 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Emanuel M.S. Robinson

Recorded and Transcribed by: Mai Vue, Operations Manager
Reviewed by: Eugene Osipov, Administrator


February 16, 2017

1.0 CALL TO ORDER – Eugene Osipov, Administrator called meeting to order at 8:52 pm.


2.1 Election of President –- Director Emanuel M.S. Robinson moves to nominate Director Diane Wydler as President, Michelle Clowser second, the motion carries unanimously.

2.2 Gavel turned over to new President –- The Administrator hands the gavel over to President Diane Wydler.

2.3 Election of Vice President –- Director Michelle Clowser move to nominate Director Kathie Ready as Vice President, Director Emanuel M.S. Robinson second, the motion carries unanimously.

2.4 Election of Secretary/Treasurer –- Vice President Kathie Ready move to nominate Director Emanuel M.S. Robinson as Secretary/Treasurer, Director Michelle Clowser second, the motion carries unanimously.


3.1 Remarks from Board Members –- Welcome Director John Chung and Director Michelle Clowser.

4.0 PUBLIC COMMENTS –- No comments were made from the public.

5.0 ADJOURNMENT –- Meeting was adjourned at 8:55 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Emanuel M.S. Robinson

Recorded and Transcribed by: Mai Vue, Operations Manager
Reviewed by: Eugene Osipov, Administrator