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December 3, 1999

Present: Members: Harry Gin, Mel Brookman, David Sloan, Ron Groves, Kathie Ready, Jack McKinnon, Tina Cheung. Anne Brichacek, Mary Reynolds, Frank Peixoto, Mary Ann McMillan.
Residents: Keith Barros, Ann Mrak
Others: Frances Nelson, Scott Bohannon (Bohannon Organization), Lou Andrade, Eileen Dalton (County Planning), Gail Steele (Supervisor), Carol Robinson (Daily Review), James Pacheco (Christmas In April) and Nancy Van Huffel (Staff)

Chairperson Kathy Ready opened the meeting at 7:04 PM. She welcomed new member Anne Brichacek.

By consensus, a motion was made to appoint Ann Marie Mrak as a member of the Committee. Her application will be forwarded to the Board of Directors for approval.

Approval of Minutes: Motion to approve by Dave Sloan, seconded by Jack Mackinnon.


Redevelopment Issues: Eileen Dalton, Redevelopment Director for Alameda County, indicated a final draft for redevelopment area was prepared. The report indicated that redevelopment would be feasible for the 5 sub areas of unincorporated areas of the county. The process will be as follows: Dec 7th -- presentation to Board of Supervisors, Dec 20th -- presentation to Planning Commission; 2nd week of Feb-Community "town hall" meetings; final report in May, 2000. Several questions followed and members were encouraged to submit their questions to the Association for the Town Hall Meeting.

Subcommittee targeting other problem-commercial areas: Jack Mackinnon and Mary Reynolds have not had an opportunity to survey the businesses further. They will report at the next meeting.

Subcommittee spotlighting neighborhood businesses: The members reviewed the Village Briefs article on businesses. Ms. Ready indicated she will further discuss the process used in choosing businesses at the next meeting.


Report on the San Lorenzo Village Specific Plan Process: An economist discussed his basic perceptions for the Village. Also, the group broke out in smaller groups to discuss their visions of the Village. These plans will be discussed in detail at the 12/7 task force meeting. The members were encouraged to discuss these draft plans with their neighbors and friends. Van Huffel questioned why the economist seems to believe a department store would not be economically feasible in this community and yet a Theater would be.

There was some general discussion about how successful businesses can pay market rent. Bohannon Organization pointed out that after Mervyns left, smaller retail stores did not have the traffic to warrant market rents. Even with that, the Organization has invest a minimum of 2 million dollars in the past 1 0 years for the existing tenants.

Report from Harry Gin/Ann Marie Mrak regarding neighborhood clean-up proposal: Guest Speaker James Pacheco from "Christmas in April" indicated this project has been in unincorporated County (including San Lorenzo) for the past 5 years. The purpose of the project is to help low income senior or disabled people with home repairs. They identify needy folks through the social service agencies. Last year they worked on 18 projects in one day.

He indicated their program covers the insurance and liability issues and is more than willing to work with our group. After some discussion, a motion was made by Mary Ann McMillan and seconded by Ron Groves to appoint Harry Gin and Ann Marie as co-chairs of this committee and to have them present a plan to the Board at their December meeting. Passed unanimously.


A request was made for a new roster of members at our next meeting.

9:00 Adjournment

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Nancy Van Huffel