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December 7, 2000

Present: Members: Kathie Ready, MaryAnn Mc Millan, Mary Reynolds, Pat Pebelier, Mel Brookman, Anne Brichacek, Ann Marie Mrak, Travis Thoms
Businesses: (Albertson's)
Residents: Betty Moose, Howard Beckman
Others: Supervisor Gail Steel, Nancy Van Huffel

The meeting opened at 7:10 p.m. No approval of minutes from the November 2000 meeting or committee reports were presented.

This was a special meeting devoted to:

Lisa Lo's proposal to re-open the old KFC building as a restaurant andfor approval of a beer license for a proposed market also in the Lorenzo Manor Shopping Center.

History of the-building: - KFC decided to relocate-to-the opposite end of the shopping center, and at the time they promised to tear down their old building. Subsequently, Ms. Lo purchased the building, and indicated she was not aware that this building should be demolished. The County admits they did not inform her of this condition and apparently the previous owner did not tell her either. Ms Lo recently rented the building to an individual who is running a Chinese restaurant from the building.

The discussion generally was about the promises made by the County, Kentucky Fried Chicken and the prior owner of the Center that the old KFC would be demolished upon completion of the new building. It was noted that this subject should have been addressed in the disclosure documents when the property was sold. It was also questioned as to whether there is intact disclosure documents for commercial property. Ms. Lo was told to seek advice from legal counsel. There was much discussion as to the promises made to demolish the building when the hearings were going on for the new KFC. This was addressed at several different times. There was discussion about the fact that "someone" painted a strip on the old building a bright green. Ms. Lo and her son insisted it was not them, and not the owners of the restaurant. There was also pointed out that there is a need for parking at the center as it is now, so the added space could be a benefit. After a quite lengthy discussion on the matter a motion was made and seconded by the committee to ask the board NOT to approve keeping the old building, and that they ask for it to be demolished. The vote was 10 in favor and 1 abstaining.

The owner of the proposed new Mexican Market [at the Manor Shopping Center] at the center asked for approval to apply for a beer license. There was discussion about what kind of things would be sold and how much space would be devoted to the selling of liquor. The owner is planning on selling fresh vegetables, meat, and groceries. The committee felt that it would probably be alright for him to also sell beer. A motion was made and seconded by the committee to ask the board to approve the proposed beer license for this location as we felt that it would be an important part of this business.

There was also discussion on the steel fabrication plant proposed for the foot of Grant Avenue. Members were encouraged to attend a community meeting being held on December 13th, where members of the County Planning Staff and the owner of the property would address concerns.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.