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November 10, 1998

Meeting Called to Order: 7:10 p.m. By Nancy Van Huffel

Present: Nancy Van Huffel, Rich and Dot Libby, Jim Spears, Jim Sherman, Jim Beglin, John and Dorothy Partridge, Roberta Furger, Lisa Gudjohnsen, Met Brookman, Carol Davis, Harry Gin, Howard Beckman, Travis Thoms, Mary Reynolds and Kathleen Harrigan

1. Up-date on Chevron, KFC, Rite Aid:

a) KFC - Jim Beglin from KFC gave a report regarding the Franchise. KFC needs to upgrade its current facility to meet ADA requirements. They are currently looking at the old Corner House site for relocation. The present site is not big enough to bring the building up to code and meet these ADA standards. Mr. Beglin stressed the franchise is a local employer within San Lorenzo and has excellent benefits and promotional opportunities for its employees. Mr. Beglin also stated that in the past he has worked with different cities and counties to help mitigate any concerns related litter, noise or other problems that are associated with the franchise being located near residential areas. Nancy Van Huffel stated that she had attended an Alameda County Planning Committee meeting related to fast food restaurants within the county. She stated that the Association had done a survey related to fast food operations within the area. San Lorenzo has 10+ store within a 1.5 mile radius. The Planning Commission will come up with a policy regarding fast foods in the next few months. The main concerns by residents who attended this meeting were those related to traffic, trash/fast food wrappers and odor. It was noted that if KFC did relocate within San Lorenzo they would not be affected by any future ordinance related to fast food facilities since they already have a store in the area. KFC was questioned as to what percentage of drive through customers per day and how this would impact traffic at the new location. Mr. Beglin stated that approximately 60% of their customers are drive-through - this would equal approximately 250 cars per day.

Mr. Beglin pointed out that any restaurant or other store would have an impact on the already congested intersection at this site. Three questions were asked of the Administrator to look into.

b) Chevron - Nancy Van Huffel said she had not heard anything from Chevron and thinks that they are still negotiating with Bohannon.

c) Rite Aid - Nancy Van Huffel presented pictures of other Rite Aids in the Bay Area that have interesting architecture. She stated that the Board has told the Bohannon Organization that should Rite Aid be approved - the Association wants to be involved with the architectural design of the store. Nancy encouraged all persons present to attend the November 19, 1998 Board of Directors meeting where Bohannon will do a presentation with Rite Aid and the Board will vote on its recommendation on the Rite Aid proposal.

2. Purpose and Direction of Committee - Howard Beckman had concerns that the business development committee is lacking a specific mandate and vision. Howard stated that to be effective the committee must have a purpose which is clearly written out and understood by all participants. Nancy Van Huffel stated that she believes the committee does have a vision and that at its onset three purposes were outlined: 1) to review the economic health of San Lorenzo Village 2) to have an economic vision and strategic plan to implement and 3) to have long and short-term goals - a time line for the committee. Nancy believes that the committee's vision was tied to these three purposes and that these ideas may need to be reviewed and revised. Dorothy Partridge stated that the Board needs to be clear on who is on the committee and what the specific goal and purpose of the committee is. It was pointed out that in order for the committee to be effective it may need continuity with permanent members from the community and the Board. The committee may need to take a look at how some of the Municipal Advisory Councils operate in the area. It was discussed that perhaps the committee should have a global vision which can then be broken down to specifics. Howard Beckman stated that he would draft a summary outlining the composition of the committee and its goals. This would be sent out prior to the next meeting so that members can make changes and suggestions to discuss at the December meeting.

3. Analysis of San Lorenzo Businesses: Nancy Van Huffel stated that the results of the business survey are in and it was found that 85% of the respondents want another department store at the old Mervyn's site. Mel Brookman, who was a district manager for Goldman's Department store, introduced the idea of trying to attract an anchor store into the area. He stated that Gottschalks might be a potential candidate due to the fact that they are interested in putting a store in El Cerrito and have a new store in Tracy. It was discussed whether San Lorenzo had the economic base to attract the business. Mr. Brookman suggested that the Association let Bohannon as well as Gottschalks know that residents are interested in the idea. It was discussed whether an additional survey could be done. Nancy stated that a survey could be mailed with the assessments which are sent out in early December. The committee decided that this was the best idea given the time and staff available. The survey would be worded in such a way as to give residents a brief background about the idea and then to ask residents whether they would patronize Gottschalks if one of its stores was located in San Lorenzo. Residents would be asked to mail back their results with the assessment payment.

4. Next Meeting: The next meeting would be held on December 8, 1998 at 7:00 p.m.

5. Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 9:04