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November 2, 2000

Present: Members: Kathie Ready, MaryAnn Mc Milian, Mary Reynolds, Pat Pebelier, Mel Brookman, Anne Brichacek, Ann Marie Mrak, Travis Thoms
Businesses: (Albertson's)
Residents: Betty Moose, Howard Beckman
Others: Supervisor Gail Steel, Nancy Van Huffel, Kathleen Harrigan (staff of the SLVHA)

Opening comments - Chair Ready opened the meeting at 7:14 p.m. There were no new nominations for members. Ready thanked those who have come faithfully to the meetings.

Approval of minutes for the October 5, 2000.- Mrak pointed out that the October Minutes needed to be changed to include her attendance. McMillan moves to accept the October minutes with the correction, Pebelier seconds. The motion carries unanimously.


Summary and comments from subcommittee on redevelopment - No report.

Summary and comments from subcommittee targeting problem commerical areas - Ready reported that she had asked Dr. Sanchez of the San Lorenzo Rotary when the advertisements for the haunted house would be taken off the windows of the Paseo Grande buildings. He had stated that the windows would be cleaned the day after Halloween. Ready pointed out that it was the 2nd of November and the windows are still painted.

Summary and comments from subcommittee spotlighting neighborhood businesses in the Village Briefs -. No report. Ready stated that she would try and locate businesses to highlight for the next newsletter.


Report on the San Lorenzo Village Specific Plan Process - Information on proposed timeline - Supervisor Steele announced that the architectural firm McFarland, Vasquez, Emsiek & Partners, (MVE), met with BDC members, theater group members, county staff, SLVHA board members and some residents about development for the Village Square area. This firm recommended a mixed retail development, with housing on top and retail on the bottom. Steele stated that those present appeared to like this idea, the main concern was how this type of development would fit into the Specific Plan. Steele said that this architectural firm has worked well with other communities and wants to have housing that would benefit the community. She announced that there would be one more Specific Plan Meeting held prior to the SLVHA Board Meeting, on November 16th at 6:00 p.m. in the San Lorenzo Community Hall. MVE will be presenting its recommendations to the task force and will discuss with the community whether it approves of these recommendations and how they could be incorporated into the Specific Plan for the area. Steele pointed out that Bohannon was receptive to the idea.

Van Huffel encouraged residents to attend this meeting so that the Board has the possibility of voting on the recommendations from the firm.

Report on the San Lorenzo Business Association - Ron Groves - Groves was not present tc give report. Van Huffel asked the committee to return the business survey forms she had given to committee members when the were soliciting businesses in San Lorenzo for the Broker Breakfast.


Report on Broker Breakfast/Marketing Workshop to he held October 24th - Nancy Van Huffel - Van Huffel reported that the Workshop went well. There were 12 to 14 people in attendance. She was disappointed that there were not more San Lorenzo Businesses in attendance.

Report on current action for the Lorenzo Theater- Van Huffel announced that on Monday, November 6, 2000 the Planning Commission would have a hearing regarding the Theater at 2:00 p.m. She stated that prior to this meeting there would be a tour where the Planning Commissioners would be taking a site visit to the theater. Van Huffel stated that a Negative Declaration is due on the theater and the Association Board is preparing a response.

Cleaning up of roster of BDC - Thoms pointed out that the BDC Charter was amended and approved to state that four (4) consecutive meeting absences by a committee member would constitute his or her dismissal from the committee. Ready pointed out that the following roster members have missed his/her allotted number of meetings:

Millie Arieta
Tina Cheung (San Lorenzo Youth Commission - no longer their representative)
Carol Davis
Harry Gin
Lisa Gudjohnsen
Frank and Adeline Peixoto
Pat Piras
Barry Weiss

Ready said that with the removal of these members from the committee, there would be twelve (12) voting members left (This would include a new member from the San Lorenzo Youth Commission). According to the committee's bylaws, minimum number of members needed to keep the committee running is eleven (11) members.

Thoms makes a motion to remove the aforementioned members who have missed four (4) or more consecutive meetings from the BDC. Reynolds seconds. Motion passes unanimously.

Ready suggested the group try to solicit new members. It was suggested that the group consider changing its name to the "community development committee" so that more residents become interested in the group.


Goals and oboectives of BDC for 2000-2001 - Ready said that she had heard some negative comments about what the committee has done in the past year and what its goals might be for the coming year. She stated that she feels the committee had done a lot this past year, especially given the status of the Village Square and the Task Force that was initiated for the square. Ready stated that the CC&R committee recently established by the Board was a direct result of concerns that the BDC had about CC&R enforcement.

Ready suggested that the Business Development Committee change its name to the "Community Development Committee" She stated that the BDC is really more community oriented than many residents think and this may draw more homeowners to participate on the committee.

Thoms stated that for a committee that is an "advisory" committee to the Association's Board of Directors he thinks the BDC has done well and has accomplished many things. In response to Ready's suggestion to change the committee's name, he stated that it should remain a "business" committee due to the fact that the Association Board of Directors is really the Etcommunity" committee and is elected by the community. Thoms suggested that the committee focus on developing a general plan for the community so that the committee could have something to approach new businesses wishing to come into the area. A general plan would also be an outline for new businesses as to what their respective buildings could or could not incorporate into existing architecture.

Reynolds suggested that the BDC rename the committee to include "business" and "community" into its title. She suggested the committee be renamed the "Business and Community Development Committee". This title may attract more residents to participate and/or to attend meetings. Mrak agreed that incorporating "community" into the committee's title would be a positive step for the committee. It would open up the agenda for community issues and may be more inviting to some residents.

Beckman suggested that the committee keep its focus on businesses and liked the idea of developing a general plan for the area. He stated that the committee should develop some expertise about what businesses can and cannot due with the current ordinances that are in place. One example is information on business signage.

Mrak questioned how the committee would focus more effectively on businesses. She asked if the committee could get copies of the Zoning and Planning Commission Agendas. McMillan stated that the committee needs to know what guidelines businesses must follow. She suggested that the committee do an in-depth study to outline what can or cannot be done when business do not follow these guidelines. Thoms stated that the rules need to be set first, and could be set in a General Plan. Supervisor Steele stated that she would look at different ordinances related to businesses to let the committee know specifics on signage, licensing etc. related to businesses. She also stated that the Specific Plan and the Redevelopment District could impose specific requirements for businesses.

Beckman stated that the committee needs to develop some expertise regarding business practice and set up prior to making site visits. Thoms suggested that the group research criteria for businesses and possibly have a speaker from the county look at the current shopping centers in the Village and point out what are violations under county ordinance. The committee could then report on these violations at the Sheriff's Advisory meeting that meets in the San Lorenzo Community Hall once a month. He further suggested that the committee develop a general plan for the area.

Steele said she was concerned with the committee tackling a General Plan without staff or expertise. She suggested developing a vision first that would include some criteria that the committee could use to focus on the problem areas. She said that a speaker addressing business practices and regulations in the unincorporated area would be helpful to the committee. Thoms agreed that a written vision would be a good start that could address criteria that the committee could take to the businesses and the community.

Thoms makes a motion to change the name of the Business Development Committee to the "Business and Community Development Committee -- (BCDC) and that the committee make one of its goals for the year a written general vision for the community of San Lorenzo, Reynolds seconds the motion. The motion passes unanimously.

The Committee's consensus was to concentrate on the following goals for its 2000/01 year:

1. Develop a general vision for the community which includes transportation issues;

2. Target sign ordinance problems in the San Lorenzo Village area;

3. Bring in staff/personnel from the county and/or other agencies who are knowledgeable about county ordinances as they relate to business practices and regulations so that the committee can develop expertise on regulations which new and existing businesses must follow;

4, Continue to focus on the blighted businesses in the San Lorenzo Village area;

5. Finish the brochure.

Discussion on recommendations for crosswalks and turnouts in front of Grant School - Item tabled until future meeting.

Report on the CC&R Committee - Item was tabled until next BDC meeting. Ready invited all to attend the next meeting which would be held on Tuesday, 11/28/00 at 7:00 p.m. in the community hall.

Nomination of new chairperson for the Business Development Committee -

McMillan nominates Anne Marie Mrak as chairperson.
Bricacheck nominates Ready to continue as chair.

There was discussion as to whether the bylaws would allow for a member to sit as chair for two consecutive years. The bylaws were reviewed and it was determined that nothing in them prohibited a member from serving two consecutive terms as Committee Chairperson.

Ready stated that she is running for Director of the SLVHA Board, and should she be seated as a Director she would not be able to chair the committee as well. Mrak states that she would be willing to be Vice Chair and would be willing to accept the position of Chair should Ready become a SLVHA Director.

Ready accepts her nomination as Chair with Mrak as Vice Chair. Mrak declines her nomination as chair, but accepts her nomination as Vice Chair.

Thoms makes a motion to accept Ready as Chair and Mrak as Vice Chair for the 2000/01 BDC, Reynolds seconds the nominations are passed unanimously.

Announcement and Adjournment - The meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.