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October 7, 1999

Present: Members: Travis Thoms, Harry Gin, Mel Brookman, David Sloan, Pat Pebelier, Ron Groves, Kathie Ready, Jack McKinnon, Tina Cheung.
Residents: Anne Brichacek, Keith Barros, Betty Moose, Susanne Regnier, Ann Mrak, Adolph Stafne.
Others: Frances Nelson, Scott Bohannon (Bohannon Organization), Daryl Gray (County Planning) Nancy Van Huffel & Kathleen Harrigan (Staff)

Opening Comments: Chair Thoms welcomed new committee member Kathie Ready.

Approval of Minutes: Pebelier made a motion to approve the minutes of the September 2, 1999 Business Development Meeting. Ready seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Chair Thoms opened up the floor for nominations of new members to the BDC. Gin made a motion to nominate Ann Brichacek for appointment to the BDC by the Association Board of Directors. Pebelier seconded the nomination. The motion passed unanimously.

Comments from the county concerning the San Lorenzo Village Specific Plan Process: Ron Groves reported that he is pleased with the economists change in the demographic data for San Lorenzo that was presented at the last Task Force meeting. The median household income was changed to reflect an increase of $10,000 from the l990 census. Groves reported that the economist and architect hired by the county had talked about expanding the Lucky's shopping center area and moving the post office and fire station to a different location.

Groves stated that he felt discouraged with the number of children in households which was reported on the lower end of the scale in attracting some businesses.

Kathie Ready stated that she felt that the figures for children were incorrect given the amount of new schools which have had to open since 1990 in San Lorenzo. It was pointed out that the data used was based upon the 1990 census and that this information was reconfigured with the state department of finance figures to come up with the best numbers for the present date.

Bohannon pointed out that the economist is trying to provide the group with industry standard conclusions. He is making assumptions based upon his expertise.

The issue of the current 2000 Census was brought up by Keith Barros. He stated that in order to get an accurate census for the San Lorenzo area the BDC may consider helping with the census. Kathleen Harrigan stated that according to the Department of Census the population which was undercounted the most was children. Anyone who was interested in helping with the census should contact the county or Harrigan.

Summary and comments from the subcommittee on redevelopment issues: Van Huffel stated that she had acquired the names and numbers of the various counties and cities who had used redevelopment and Pebelier was calling them to get their respective opinions regarding redevelopment.

Pebelier stated that the cities/counties she had contacted so far had only positive things to say about redevelopment. She stated that the only negative point she had heard was related to the length of time the redevelopment process takes. Pebelier said that she will continue to cclntact the agencies on the list and will report back at the next meeting.

Summary and comments from the subcommittee on targeting other problem commercial areas: Jack McKinnon stated that he and Mary Reynolds will be going out next week and identifying problem commercial areas. A letter will then be written to the tenants and/or owners of these properties offering potential solution/help for problems with litter, graffiti, etc.. McKinnon stated that the group would first notify the tenant then if no action occurred they would notify both the landlord and the tenant. The subcommittee would be concentrating on the properties on Washington and working its way through San Lorenzo. McKinnon encouraged anyone who has ideas/concerns about certain properties to let the subcommittee know.

Summary and comments from the subcommittee spotlighting neithborhood businesses in the Village Briefs: Kathie Ready reported that she and Barry Weiss had formulated a questionnaire to have San Lorenzo businesses fill out for articles which would highlighted in the bimonthly Association newsletter. Ready was concerned with the amount of space available. She stated that in order to properly highlight three (3) businesses in a newsletter she would need at least one page. Pebelier recommended that the Villager would be it good publication to highlight these businesses in. She stated that its paper comes out more often and the Association Newsletter and may have more space available for the articles.

Van Huffel stated that she would be able to comniit to one (1) page for the Nov/Dec newsletter to highlight businesses, but she was unsure of the amount of space she would be able to commit to in subsequent publications. Scott Bohannon stated that he would have a meeting with personnel who edit/publish the Villager and would see if they could commit to offering space for articles related to business in San Lorenzo, Bohannon would report back to the committee on the status of the Villager's commitment at its next meeting in November.

Other: Gin talked about using volunteers to help target some of the residential as well as the business areas which are blighted. He suggested having a Christmas in April that would assist homeowners who are disabled, elderly or do not have the financial means to take care of the problem. Van Huffel pointed out that the Association has advertised on several occasions, a Christmas in July or volunteer program that would assist homeowners who do not have the funds and/or who are elderly and cannot clean up his or her property. The main problem is that lots of residents would like the help, but few want to volunteer. Ann Mrak suggested that the group solicit the School District's support and/or that signs be placed in different areas of San Lorenzo advertising that "XYE' business/classroom/or community group has adopted a specific part of the conununity - similar to what they do with keeping areas litter-free.

Cheung stated that highschool clubs would be eager to get involved. Chair Thoms suggested that Gin formulate a draft plan for the BCD at its next meeting. Gray offered his staff's assistance with respect to the implementation of the plan.

The consensus of the committee was to have Gin form a draft plan with respect to cleaning up blighted areas in San Lorenzo and bring this plan back to the committee at its November meeting.

Chair Thoms stated that his term as chair is ending and the BDC should be nominating and selecting a new Chair at its November meeting.

Meeting Adjourns: Chair Thoms adjourns the meeting at 9:13 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by

Kathleen Harrigan
for Nancy Van Huffel