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October 9, 1998

The meeting was called to order by Nancy Van Huffel at 3:10 p.m.

Present: Nancy Van Huffel, John Partridge, Dorothy Partridge, Carol Davis, Mary Reynolds, Jim Spears, Frank Peixoto, Roberta Furger, Lisa Gudjohnsen, Howard Beckman, Pat Piras, and Kevin Cornell from Chevron.

Chevron Renovation: Kevin Cornell (Chevron) discussed the proposal to shut down the current service operation, tear down the old building and put up a new building at the comer of the lot which would become a mini-mart. They will install new gas pumps. The new building will be a total of 1300 sq. ft. with 600 sq. ft. of customer space. By removing the service center, the operation will become cleaner (no hazardous chemicals) and cut down a little on traffic flow. The exterior colors of the building will be earth-tone stucco with a small amount of red and blue trim. It will be impossible to keep the station open while construction is in process. Construction should be complete in 90 days, depending on weather conditions. They will not sell alcohol but would sell cigarettes. They will provide extra parking for customers who are not buying gas and they will be open 24 hours/day.

Howard Beckman said that traffic in the area of the current station is very congested and causes problems to pedestrian safety. The new plan might make these conditions worse. The committee agreed that traffic should be rerouted in the area of the Post Office, Lucky's and Chevron. Howard suggested that the committee write a letter to Bohannon's office about the traffic problems and report on progress at the November Board Meeting. The committee agreed to recommend to the Board to contact Bohannon. The committee agreed that the Chevron development could spark redevelopment in the area.

Business Development Survey:

Surveys should have included an answer option between "Sometimes" (1-2 x month) and "Rarely" (1-2 x year).

Analysts should consider that many residents responding are over 61 and have lived in SLZ for over 41 years.

Surveys need to show where people are going (out of the area) to restaurants. Respondents need more information about the SLZ theater.

Gottschalks: Nancy said that the community and leaders need to put pressure on the Bohannons to get Gottschalks into SLZ. In order to do this the committee needs to conduct a survey of SLZ business rents and contract terms. Howard Beckman will provide Nancy with a data base of businesses in SLZ. Nancy Van Huffel suggested that the committee members survey 3 or 4 business each. The lists will be prepared by Nancy and made available at the November meeting.

Next Meeting:

Nancy said she would invite people from the Castro Valley Village Shopping Center to a future meeting.

The committee will need volunteers to collect business rent information. Committee was asked to bring in pictures of nice-looking, appealing shopping areas in the Bay Area.

The Rite Aid proposal will be heard at the November Board meeting. Could committee hear proposal before Board hears it?

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.