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October 5, 2000

Present: Members:, David Sloan, Pat Pebelier, Ron Groves, Mel Brookman, Kathie Ready, Jack MacKinnon, Anne Brichacek, Mary Ann McMillan
Businesses: Greg Luey (Albertsons)
Residents: Keith Barros, Joyce Barros, Betty Moose, James Sherrow
Others: Tom Guarino (San Leandro Chamber), Kathleen Harrigan and Nancy Van Huffel (Staff)

Opening comments - Chair Ready opened the meeting at 7:04 p.m.. There were no new nominations for members.

Approval of minutes for the September 7, 2000 - Corrections to the September minutes were as follows: Pat Pebelier was not present at the last meeting. Groves made a motion to approve the minutes as corrected, Pebelier seconds. The motion carries unanimously.


Summary and comments from subcommittee on redevelopment - There was no report. Van Huffel announced that a questionnaire would be developed and would go out in the December newsletter.

Summary and comments from subcommittee targeting problem commercial areas - Ready stated that the lot on the corner of Grant and Washington has had its fence down for several weeks, when she checked with Association staff she found out that the property owner is cleaning up the lot and will be purchasing a new fence which will be put up within the next month.

Summary and comments from subcommittee spotlighting neighborhood businesses in the Village Briefs - No comments from Ready.


Report on the San Lorenzo Village Specific Plan Process -Information on proposed time line - See Attached time line. Ready stated that the time line shows that it will be finalized by the Board of Supervisors by December 14, 2000.

Report on the San Lorenzo Business Association - Ron Groves - Groves had nothing to report on the Business Association, since there had not been a meeting. However, he had attended the broker luncheon at the School District and said that it was very interesting. He suggested that the BDC include the level of education of parents in the area in its leaflet on San Lorenzo. He also stated that Duran reported that the ethnic make up of the children in the district is changing dramatically and the school is gearing towards how to educate children who do not have the skills needed to read and write upon entering school. He also stated that the Duran reported that the district has no qualified teacher to teach the computer to the students and the staff at the schools.


Report on Broker Breakfast/Marketing Workshop to he held October 24th - Nancy Van Huffel - Van Huffel stated that Rosanne Sullivan has been invited to speak at this broker breakfast marketing workshop. Sullivan will address how businesses can market themselves better. Van Huffel asked each BDC member present to hand out flyers to businesses in San Lorenzo asking them to attend this work shop. She provided the members with the names and addresses of these businesses along with a fact sheet which would identify contact persons for each business, e-mail addresses and other information to update the Association office's database.

Ron Groves suggested that if the businesses are interested that BDC members take the $10.00 fee for the seminar at the time they are distributing the flyers. He also suggested that the members give information to businesses about the next BDC meeting while distributing these flyers.

Report on the Comparison Study on Businesses in San Lorenzo - Mary Ann McMillan - McMillan stated that it was too soon to report on the study. All the data had not been collected. She will report to the committee once the data has been collected and read.


Discussion of Agenda items for next month - Chair Ready asked the committee to suggest agenda items for the next meeting. McMillan asked if the committee could work on resident's making the front of their properties look better. Van Huffel invited McMillan to the CC&R committee. Ready stated that there is a lot in the County's Preservation Ordinance that can address items that the CC&R's do not. She invited all BDC members to attend the CC&R review committee.

Sloan recommended that the committee discuss the idea of having a crosswalk put up in front of Grant school due to the amount of parents and traffic in and around the school.

Ready stated that the committee needs to clean up its roster. She stated that there are a number of members on the list who are not coming to the meetings. She said that both Thoms and Reynolds had excuses for their absence at this meeting.


Ready reminded the committee that next month there will be an election for a new chair.

Van Huffel announced that the church group wanted to speak about the Lorenzo Theater purchase at last Monday's Planning Commission meeting. This was rescheduled until 10/16/00. Van Huffel stated that it was her understanding that the church group was changing its plans to use the theater for more theater use than church use.

Van Huffel also announced that on Wednesday, October 11th the Coffee Kiosk would be heard before the Zoning Administrator. She stated that the Homes Association has already sent a letter in to the Zoning Administrator with concerns about the problems with traffic should the kiosk be approved.

Van Huffel reported that the Association is trying to raise funds to purchase new playground equipment. She stated that it will be holding a Pancake Breakfast/Fund raising event on Sunday, November 5th from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Albertsons is donating all the food. Tickets can be picked up at Albertsons or the Association Office. She also announced that Association's Annual Halloween party for Children 12 and under will be held on October 30th at 6 p.m.

Gail Steele will be hosting another meeting with a broker for the Village Square on Thursday, October 12th in the back room of the Association Office. She stated that members from the Lorenzo Theater Group would be invited as well as members of the BDC.

The meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted