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September 2, 1999

Present: Members: Mary Reynolds, Travis Thoms, Harry Gin, Mary Ann Mc Millan, Mel Brookman, Frank Peixoto, Millie Arieta, David Sloan, Pat Piras, Pat Pebelier, Ron Groves, Barry Weiss, Carol Davis, Jack McKinnon, Tina Cheung.
County Representatives: Lou Andrade, Rodrigo Arduno
Resident Guests: Anne Brichacek, Keith Barros, Kathie Ready

Opening Comments: None. Resident Keith Baffos sang his San Lorenzo anthem for the group.

Approval of Minutes: Harry Gin made a motion to approve the minutes, Pebelier seconded the motion. The motion passes unanimously.

Protocol was discussed as to how to communicate effectively with the Association Board. The consensus of the committee was to get a summary of the meeting with the motions to the Board prior to the monthly Association Meetings. It was also discussed that Thoms had a conflict with presenting a report to the Board at these Thursday Night meetings. McMillan would receive summary from Thoms and report in his stead at each of these meetings.

Chair Thoms stated that there were others who wanted to be on the committee and should be considered, however, they would have to take nominations on these individuals at the next meeting, since the item was not on the agenda. The committee discussed this problem and the consensus of the group was to have every BDC meeting after this to contain a standard agenda item that would be deal with nominations for new members to the committee.

Weiss requested that Van Huffel research what the committee is bound to in reference to protocol. He questioned whether the committee needs to parallel the formalities/protocol that the Board of Directors run under. Van Huffel stated that the Board as well as other committees have always worked according to the procedures put forth by the Brown Act. Van Huffel stated that the group may want to consider changing the Charter with reference to this as well as the rule that new members be considered by the committee only after they have attended two (2) consecutive meetings. Chair Thoms stated that he would put this item on a future agenda.

Presentation by the San Lorenzo Youth Committee: Emmanuel Satingen and Tina Cheung presented the Youth Committee's plan for the square. The diagram included a lawn plaza, a historical center, giving an outline of the history of the area, a family restaurant, book store, outdoor-caf6 and an ice cream parlor. Median strips were shown on Paseo Grande which would have additional plants/trees. Additional parking would be on Via Mercado and the plan also included six more homes along Paseo Largavista to "show a true separation of the residential and the business area".

The youth commissioners stated that they had worked as part of a subcommittee to the Youth Commission on this plan for approximately nine months and each youth commissioner had been instructed and contacted at least five (5) friends, acquaintances, family members or teachers regarding their ideas and comments on the youth committee's plan. Weiss questioned how many youth were involved in the process. Satingen stated that there were 14 youth members involved and that this fall they would release a survey to students for input on the Village Square. Weiss questioned what types of businesses the youth wanted for the square. Satingen stated that a family restaurant, ice cream shop and book store were all suggested by the youth, however their diagram had left space for other businesses suggested by the community.

Barry Weiss made a motion to accept the youth committee's report and plan, for the BDC to commend the youth commission for all the hard work they have done, and that the committee forward the youth committee's plan to the Task Force for its planning consideration. Gin seconded the motion. Piras suggested an amendment to the motion that would state the committee "received" the youth committee's report andplan, rather thah "accepted" the plail Weiss accepted the amendment. The motion passed unanimously.

Comments from the County concerning the San Lorenzo Village Specific Plan Process: Lou Andrade from the County was present and introduced Rodrigo Arduno who was with the county and would be attending the Task Force Meetings. Andrade announced that the first meeting for the Task Force will be on September 14, 1999 at 7:00 p.m. The meeting will be held in Hayward at 224 W. Winton, Room 160. The meeting will be an orientation meeting for the members which will outline the planning process and give each an idea as to what to expect in a Specific Plan. After this initial meeting, all others would be held in the SLZ Community Hall at 7:00 p.m. the first and third (if needed) Tuesday of every month. The initial meeting will not be discussing the plan, but will be an orientation meeting for each of the members. Andrade stated that the county has picked an economic planner and an architect and facilitator who will be present at the second meeting on September 21, 1999.

Comments and Ouestions by Guests: Chair Thoms introduced Debra Almason who was appointed as an alternate to the Task Force by the County and the San Lorenzo Homes Association's Board of Directors. Almason stated that she has been a resident for 11 years and feels there has been a deterioration with the businesses in the area. She said she is looking forward to being a part of the planning process and hopes that there will be some positive changes.

Role of the BDC: There was discussion about what the role/focus of the committee would be now that the Task Force was created to design a plan for the square.

The following were suggestions by members and guests as to what the main focus should be:

Weiss recommended that the committee prioritize the list and that each committee member have three votes for top priority. The top three should then be the focus for the committee.

The voting was as follows:

** Weiss pointed out that the committee would be communicating in one form of another on an ongoing basis with the Task Force due to the fact that several members are on this panel.

The following three ideas were deemed as priorites from the voting members present:

Weiss recommended that redevelopment be discussed at the next two meetings, with a presentation and that the BCD appoint two or three people on subcommittees to investigate business to highlight and to explore the commercial areas that are problem areas.

Steele, Van Huffel and Pebelier volunteered to look at the redevelopment issue. Ready and Weiss volunteered to investigate Village Business to spotlight for the Village Briefs. Reynolds, MacKinnon and Van Huffel volunteered to investigate other problem commercial areas in San Lorenzo.

Each of these subcommittees was asked to bring back a report to the next BDC meeting.

Further Discussion of Merchant's Association and/or other methods of fostering existing business: Van Huffel stated that she believes the questionnaires had been distributed to San Lorenzo Businesses by the San Leandro Chamber, but had not heard back from the chamber to confirm this. Van Huffel had provided business labels to the chamber and would give a report on the status of the questionnaire at the next BDC meeting.

Meeting Adjourns: Chair Thoms adjourns the meeting at 9:10 p.m.