Scanned and reposted by San Lorenzo Express



September 6, 2001

Opening Comments: Chair Mrak opened the meeting asking if any of the members would take minutes for the meeting. No one volunteered, so the Administrator will record all motions made at the meeting.

Motion #1

Fresh Pizza, 15829 Channel St has made an application to ABC to extent the hours for sales and service of alcohol beverages. Their reasoning is because they have Karoke entertainment every weekend.

McMillian made a motion, seconded by Brookman to recommend to the Board to deny the extension of the sale of alcohol beverages for Fresh Pizza. Passed unanimously.

Motion #2

Pacific Bell wishes to install an antennas at the Public Storage site at 15951 Hesperian Blvd. The height of the flagpole would be 35 ft 8 inches.

McKinnon made a motion, seconded by McMillan to allow this structure and to conceal it with a US non-commercial, serviceable flag. Passed unanimously.

Motion #3

A plan was submitted for the corner lot at Washington/Grant Ave. The applicant is requesting that mixed use zoning be allowed. His proposal is 11 townhouses, plus a mini mart, plus a service station and car wash.

Members of the committee believes that this would create serious traffic management problems.

McKinnon made a motion, seconded by McMillian to recommend that no mix use be allowed for that lot. Further, if the applicant wanted to put townhouses on the lot, that it be limited to the same density as Centex homes (on Washington). Passed unanimously.