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September 7, 2000

Present: Members:, David Sloan, Pat Pebelier, Ron Groves, Mel Brookman, Kathie Ready, Jack MacKinnon, Anne Brichacek, Mary Reynolds, Mary Ann McMillan, Travis Thoms

Businesses: Christine Duran (Albertsons)

Residents: Keith Barros, Joyce Barros, Betty Moose

Others: Scott Bohannon (Bohannon Organization), Gail Steele (Supervisor), Tom Guarino (San Leandro Chamber), Kathleen Harrigan and Nancy Van Huffel (Staff)

Chairperson, Kathy Ready opened the meeting at 7:10 p.m.

Approval of Minutes Motion to approve [minutes of Aug. 3, 2000 meeting] by Groves, seconded by Sloan.


Summary and comments from subcommittee on redevelopment: Supervisor Steele stated that redevelopment has been approved by the Board and will take time to implement in the area. She had no current update.

Subcommittee targeting other problem-commercial areas: Condition of the Bohannon property on Paseo Grande: Ready stated that the property is getting worse, with the painting of the windows for the Rotary's haunted house. Scott Bohannon stated that he had asked the Association Board whether they approve of the Bohannon Organization offering the property to non profit groups for flea markets, carnivals etc. Van Huffel stated that the Association had a few complaints about the trash after the recent Rotary carnival. She stated that Rotary did raise over $7,000 from this carnival which benefitted the youth in the community. She was not clear as to how all the fees collected by the Rotary were used for the youth but stated that every year Rotary gives out a lot of scholarships,for the students in San Lorenzo. Van Huffel stated that when the parking lot is donated to the Cop Shop for it's yearly flea market, it benefits the crime unit with its fund raising.

McMillan stated that renters of the property should be required to do the following: 1) have security for the event; 2) Clean up the garbage during and after the event; 3) Be willing to abate any excessive noise that is caused due to the event. The committee discussed the benefits that non profit groups have in using this area. Bohannon stated that he would be willing to require the renters to provide security as well as to clean the area after its use.

The consensus of the group was to agree that Bohannon allow non profits groups to use the Village Square as long as the sheriff's patrolled the property when event was scheduled and that the group agree to clean up the area during and after an event.

Steele questioned whether Bohannon would consider some type of interim use for the property, similar to what had been done at Hesperian and A streets, with landscaping. Steele stated that she would ask county staff to research this idea if Bohannon agreed to this. Bohannon stated that he had no objections to them researching the idea. He stated that he had done some investigation himself with respect to office buildings in the area, the problem with the office buildings was that for interim use the types of businesses who would be interested would be "class C" businesses which are lower scale businesses and would not create a great economic incentive and may not be successful. He stated that businesses have to spend several thousands of dollars to set up and most do not want to have to relocate after a short period of time.

Van Huffel asked if Bohannon had considered the idea that was suggested at the last Association meeting, to consider having a mixture of office and retail space for the buildings in the Square. Bohannon stated that his organization had looked into this and was told that there is not a large demand for office space in this area. They did not feel it would financially feasible for that specific area. Bohannon stated that it was never his organizations' intention to keep the property vacant for this period of time. He stated they are looking into restaurants which might locate in the front of the property and are considering senior housing and other mixed use for the property. The Organization is developing a comprehensive plan for the square and will bring it before the community when they have it developed. It will fit in with the uses that are in the Specific Plan. He stated that his company does not want to put money into the area if it is eventually going to tear down the buildings or reconfigure the square. Groves suggested some large planters which would be inexpensive and could be moved, should the buildings be torn down or moved. Steele suggested that redevelopment may be able to help with landscaping such as this. A little landscaping may make the area more attractive to potential businesses. Bohannon stated that he would look into the idea of these planters for the area.

Ready asked Bohannon what was going on in front of "Hard Rock Charlie's" restaurant there has been a smoker in the parking lot for several weeks now. Bohannon stated that he had received a complaint about that and if he has not already written a letter, would do so this coming week asking them to stop using the smoker in the parking lot.

Van Huffel asked Steele when the Association would get something regarding the Specific Plan from the County. The county was supposed to have something by the end of August. Steele stated that Gray is on vacation, she understood that a final draft would be complete at the end of September, however she would check next week and let the Association office know. Van Huffel suggested that someone from planning staff be invited to an Association or BDC meeting to address this issue.


Ready stated that she had nothing to report. Van Huffel announced that she had recently received information from the county that a tanning salon is applying for a use permit near Hot Tropics hot tubs on Hesperian as well as there is an application for a dental office in Hacienda Plaza near Frodo Joe's.

Bohannon announced that Albertsons's is still looking into the possibility of moving its store into the Village Square Area.


Lorenzo theater - Report on Planning Commission Hearing - Ready reported that the Planning Commission Hearing was postponed on this issue. The item was tabled until the next BDC meeting.

Ready announced that the Lorenzo Theater Foundation would be hosting another talent show/fund raising event this Saturday at 7:00 p.m. at the Bohannon Middle School.

Scott Bohannon announced that his organization just re-paved the parking lot near Hollywood Video and the Theater. Bohannon stated that he has still not been contacted by the church group about the parking in the Village Square. He stated that his organization will not agree to share parking with the church unless the community and the Association Board approves the use of the theater by the church group.

Discussion on General guidelines for San Lorenzo-Brochure on San Lorenzo with summary of specific plan - Van Huffel announced that she and Thoms are still waiting for Eileen Dalton to forward a summary on the Specific Plan prior to redoing the brochure.

Make a Difference Day - McKinnon stated that he had no received any information from the organization yet and said that it may be too late at this point for the BDC to coordinate the day in San Lorenzo.

NEW BUSINESS Discussion of rental properties in San Lorenzo - Margaret Eliot from County Public Works - Eliot was not present to discuss this item with the committee.

Information on the "Broker Breakfast" - Van Huffel stated that in the San Leandro Times there was an article addressing a luncheon which would be held in the school district office and co-sponsored by the Chamber and the District. She was unclear how this tied in with the broker breakfast the group was trying to organize with the chamber. Tom Guarino of the San Leandro Chamber stated that this forum on the 26th of September would be one form of communication for business and the district. He stated that there is also another event that is scheduled for 10/24/00 at 8:00 a.m. in the Community Hall that would be a workshop directed toward marketing and lead by Roseann Sullivan. Guarino stated that the chamber would need to distribute a flyer prior to the October meeting to bring interested businesses to the breakfast. Groves suggested that the meeting be advertised in the Association newsletter.

Guarino reported that the chamber has a website for San Lorenzo businesses which is Ready stated that she had reviewed the website and was concerned because there were no businesses in San Lorenzo that were listed, only San Leandro businesses. Ready suggested that San Lorenzo businesses be the first referenced on the website with San Leandro businesses secondary. Guarino stated that the chamber was trying to get approval for those businesses it references on the site prior to adding them. Thoms stated that he has his own website that lists all the businesses in San Lorenzo, and did not need the permission of each business. His website is Guarino suggested that his listing be added to the San Leandro Chamber site so that San Lorenzo was covered. Thoms agreed to add his list to the site.

Other - McMillan reminded the committee that it requested her to do a comparison of the quality of businesses in San Lorenzo vs. San Leandro several months ago. She made a list of the types of businesses she would be investigating and handed out a questionnaire form that businesses would fill out for this comparison asking the committee members for suggestions. She would be setting up approximately 20 interviews comparing a gas station, a corporate video store, a large supermarket chain , a coffee house and a dining establishment. McMillan stated that she may also incorporate smaller independent businesses as well as the large corporate businesses.

Ready announced that Arroyo High School is having a car show this Saturday at 1 p.m. at the Grant Avenue Storage Facility. All funds made from this would be used by the senior class at Arroyo and she encouraged residents to support the students.

Adjournment 9:15 pm

Kathleen Harrigan