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July 12, 2001

Present: Members: Jack MacKinnon, Kathie Ready, Keith Barros, Mary Reynolds, Ron Groves, Mary Ann McMillan, Pat Pebelier, Mel Brookman, Ann Marie Mrak
Resident: Joyce Barros
Business: Samol Phal, Albertson's
Ala. Co. Supervisor: Gail Steele

Opening Comments: Chair Mrak opened the meeting at 7:10 p.m. The minutes for the June 14, 2001 meeting were accepted and approved. There were no new members nominated.

Village Square Development: The Committee was informed that several members of the committee and Board Members have gotten together to fly balloons in the Mervyn's parking lot at a 65 foot height, to give as many people as possible a visual on the new proposed height of buildings in the Village Square Development. This activity is planned for Saturday, July 14th at 12:00 noon. It is planned that pictures and slides will be taken. Supervisor Steele voiced her disapproval of this, wanting instead for the community to wait for the master plan from Civic Partners (the developer) before making a final decision on the projected height. Discussion ensued, prompted by Groves, that the Homes Association property, i.e. the Homes Association building, the Library, firehouse, and Cabin be lumped into the development project in exchange for new space rented back to the Community for a minimum amount and that services be contracted out. He believes that the community would have more input if the developer had more land to work with. He pointed out that we need to know where we want to be in the next ten years. He also said that we must hold fast to the 180,000 square feet of retail space that has been suggested in the Specific Plan.

Review of Charter Changes: Each member was given the revised copy of the BCDC Charter with changes. It was read aloud and the final revisions were made. A motion was made by Barros and seconded by MacKinnon to accept the revised Charter for the Business and Community Development Committee and present it to the Homes Association Board for their approval. The motion passes unanimously. See attachment of the new Charter for the BCDC, with a revision date of 7/01.

Recruiting for BCDC: The question was asked how many members we actually have on the committee. After counting, we have thirteen members. In attendance, this evening, there are nine members. Brookman suggested that we advertise our meetings and that we are always looking for new members, on the Community Page of the Daily Review. It was also suggested that we continue to advertise in the Village Briefs. It was also suggested that something be written to show that this committee is a way to brainstorm ideas and discuss issues in an informal setting, which is different than the normal Homes Association Meeting. Mrak suggested that a recruiting letter be sent to all organizations within the community asking for membership by them i.e., PTAs, churches, schools, and Senior organizations encouraging them to participate. They too, have a "stake in San Lorenzo" and should be heard. McKinnon suggested that each of our High Schools send a member of their Leadership class to our meetings. Mrak asked for a volunteer to write a short letter of introduction announcing our committee to these various organizations. There were no volunteers for this project. This will be discussed again at next months meeting.

Approach to San Lorenzo on Hesperian: McMillan reported that she called Anna Apadoca from Senator Figuero's office after our last meeting. She was suppose to get back to Mary Ann with information on Cal Trans and who would be responsible for landscaping the 238 approach off of Hesperian. It was also pointed out that the approach on Grant on to 880 is an even bigger mess and that that is right in the middle of San Lorenzo. Tona Henninger from Zoning Enforcement should be handling the condition of Airport Appliance and the mess that they are creating because it is in the unincorporated area. The question was asked, as to whether Airport Appliance is complying with their Conditional Use Permit and whether or not tents were a part of it. The subject was changed for sometime to the condition of County housing. It was asked why County owned housing isn't held to a high enough standard that it not wreck neighborhoods. Gail stated that she would request a meeting with the Mr. Fenstermacher and Mr. LaBelle inorder to get to the bottom of the problem. A suggestion was made that private professional property managers be hired to maintain county owned housing and the job be taken away from the county. Gail said that she would consider this option and present it in her discussions with the County.

San Lorenzo Homes Recognition: The winning home for the month of July is 15896 Via Alamitos. The consensus of the Committee was to write an article in the Village Briefs announcing our monthly recognition of outstanding homes and asking if the community had nominations. It was also asked that a picture of the winning homes be put in the Briefs. Discussion as to hanging the completed award with picture in either the Homes Association Office or the Hall for more people to see and posting one also at Albertson's on their bulleting board with the approval of the Homeowner. A motion was made regarding same by MacKinnon and seconded by Brookman to ask approval of the Board to hang the awards in the Office or Hall and Albertson's (with homeowner's approval). The motion passes unanimously.

Additional homes nominated for next month are:

  1219 Via Lucas                970 Paseo Grande
  1455 Via San Juan            1289 Via El Monte
  1508 Via Bandoni            17237 Via Frances
  17422 Via Frances           17205 Via Melina
  110 Paseo Grande 

Future Agenda Items: New ideas for the Village Briefs, its content and appearance. Condition of Approach to San Lorenzo, all directions. Recruiting for BCDC. Grant for the trees. C.C.& R. Enforcement, possible suggestions to add to letters to offenders. New member is still needed for the Lorenzo Theater Foundation Board.

Clarification: Keith Barros informed the Committee that he will not be able to be the representative to the Lorenzo Theater Board from the BCDC, do to his work schedule and prior commitments. A member is still needed.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathie Ready
Acting Recording Secretary