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July 6, 2000

Present: Sign In sheet was misplaced

Chairperson, Kathy Ready opened the meeting at 7:05

Approval of Minutes Motion to approve by McKinnon, seconded by Pebelier. The motion carries unanimously.


Redevelopment: Groves wanted to know why smaller businesses are being singled out and why Bohannon is not doing anything to encourage this type of business to the village . What is needed is a way to do the development The problem is the land is owned by another entity. Bohannon won't develop land until we commit to come in. Maybe if someone were to make an offer to make it worth their while to develop a plan to be workable for Bohannon, the developer and the community. Then perhaps Bohannon will sell a portion for development. It was also expressed that several promising incoming businesses were lost because of the high rents being asked. Small businesses can't come into the center as it is, refurbish the building and afford to stay in business. Bohannon won't let large chains come into the area and they are ones who can afford to do any upgrading necessary. It was suggested if a subsidy to Bohannon would help encourage them to develop the area. Steele suggested doing a survey of the surrounding areas (Castro Valley, Hayward, San Leandro) to find out what the rents are for those areas. Van Huffel advised the survey should include more that just the rent per square feet and should include other options provided in those areas. It was also brought up questioning why there are no "For Lease' signs posted to encourage rentals. A suggestion was made to write to Bohannon and ask them. Also is was brought up to send a letter to the San Mateo Times as well as local newspapers asking the same question. (Frank) suggested contacting a lawyer and have the county look into reasons for non development. Ready noted that the Preservation Ordinance was not observed by Bohannon. Van Huffel thought we should contact other developers to get their input and suggestions. This is to be discussed at the next meeting with a report on the input from other developers. The feeling is that Scott Bohannon has good intentions but he is not able to follow through with them and doesn't have the vision to see the potential in redeveloping the village.

Commercial Area: Ready said the cargo containers are still in place in the Bockman Center.

Neighborhood Business: It was noted that a new market is going in to replace Dave's Market on Bockman Road. It is now called Pacifico and advertising it will open soon.


Lorenzo Theater. The Youth Commission does not want the church to open. Barros thinks the church is not the proper entity to have in a commercial area. The C-1 zoning has certain limitations for interim tenants and do those limitations apply to a church. The national organization that the church is under has tax exempt status. The C-1 determination information is to be added to the next agenda. A petition was circulated and signed at the Craft fair to let the planning commission know that the Lorenzo Theater should be owned and restored by the Lorenzo Theater Group.

Problem Areas - The house on Via Alamitos is a constant source of irritation. The empty lot across the street had the weeds cut down but garbage is still on the property.

It was asked if something could be done about the vacant property on the corner of Washington/Via Enrico. It is an eyesore where garbage collects on the chain link fence.

Report on the San Lorenzo Village Specific Plan - San Lorenzo Village Specific Plan Progress for Task Force/BDC members. Steele talked to Lou Andrade and the task force plan will be out the end of July and the Specific Plan to be out the end of August written by the county. She suggested it needed to be done in a different format in order to proceed. There is also a problem with the time factor due to a lack of available staff to complete the work in a timely manner.


Make a Difference Day - A package of information to come and given to the Administrator. One idea was to have a 'Clean up San Lorenzo Day'. This would involve picking up trash, possibly involving problem properties, to clean up the village. As far as the problem properties, it was thought the trash would be picked up, put in garbage bags, tied with big ribbons, and given to the owners/offender.


Zoning Guidelines - Regarding the end of Grant, the question is to establish the difference between heavy industrial and light industrial. Per Van Huffel the difference is light industrial work must be done exclusively indoors whereas heavy industrial can be indoors and outdoors. It was also suggested to ask the county to delay the zoning change guidelines until after the board meeting.

Travis suggested we come up with general guidelines for the city to go by. Van Huffel brought up the point that even if a city plan is in force, the people can vote to make changes.

Utility tax - Van Huffel took a vote whether to continue the utility tax passed 8 years ago for the unincorporated area. For the 20 voters in attendance the results were as follows:

Support continuation of the utility tax at 5.5% - Yes = 17; No = 3
Raise the utility tax to 6% - Yes = 14; No = 6
Tax cell phones - Yes = 10, No = 10
Sunset Clause as is - Yes = 17; No = 3
Change Sunset Clause to 10 years - Yes = l5; No = 5

Adjournment 9:15 p.m.

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Valerie Ramsey