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June 14, 2001

Present: Members: Jack MacKinnon, Mary Reynolds, Kathie Ready, Anne Brichacek, Pat Pebelier, Mary Ann McMillan, Mel Brookman, AnnMarie Mrak.
Residents: Howard Beckman, Lena Palazzotto, Maureen Brosnan, Susan Sherman, Kellie Elpusan, Karyn McNicholas
Board President: Jim Sherman
Theater Foundation: Larry Leal Business: Albertson's (Rick Kim)
Challenger School: Clay Stringham and Melanie Catingub
Staff: Nancy Van Huffel

Opening Comments: Chair Mrak opened the meeting at 7:10 p.m. The minutes for the May 3, 2001 meeting were accepted and approved. There were no new members nominated.

New Business:
Challenger School:
Clay Stringham, Director of Development for Challenger Schools made a presentation regarding a new Challenger school to be opened at the old Barret School (Life Chiropractic College) site. Challenger school is a private school with twenty one campuses in three states. The nearest facility being in Newark. It is a K through 8th grade facility, also including a Pre-school. It does not have a religious affiliation. Mr. Stringham played a video showing the school, and also presented slides showing the proposed improvements scheduled to be done to the existing school site. Benefits for the community would be: educational competition, a positive economic impact, increased employment, and increased property values. McMillan asked whether or not the teachers were credentialed. The answer given was that all the teachers are expected to have a four year degree (i.e. B.A. or B.S.) and then are thoroughly trained by the school. Challenger Schools are also accredited with NIPSA. Tuition rates as well as student/teacher ratios were also covered. They are listed in the information packet. Beckman questioned why the school had to apply for a Conditional Use Permit with the County when in fact a 'school' is going into a school site. Mr. Stringham did not know the answer to this. He stated that this is the first time in California this has ever happened. It may be because this is a private school. Beckman states he will look into it. A motion is made by Anne Brichacek to recommend to the Homes Association Board to support Challenger School's request to open a school at the proposed site. Mary Reynolds seconds the motion. The motion passes unanimously.

Lorenzo Theater Foundation: Larry Leal reported on the current goings on with the Theater. Larry feels that Dr. Salwan is much more willing to work with the Theater Foundation. He has reported that they have a three month lease, and hopes to negotiate a long term lease in the immediate future. In order to apply for grants, the Foundation must have a long term lease or own it outright. Larry believes with the past behind them, the Foundation can now start moving forward. The Foundation believes that in expanding the number of members on their board, it will involve more of the community, which Dr. Salwan wants to see. A position on the Board has been offered to the Homes Association, the Bohannon Corporation, Supervisor Steele's office, and an unknown volunteer. The Bohannon's have declined. The Homes Association Board has recommended that a member of the BCDC be their representative. The foundations next Board meeting will be Tuesday, June19th. Nancy pointed out that the Community and the Association will be faced with many tough decisions over the next year. And that by applying for an H.P. designation for the Theater will mean that anyone doing work in the Theater must be an historic architect. This would of course increase the cost of renovation, could limit what could be done with the Theater even to having it demolished, should money never become available. She believes that the Homes Association should be presented with a business plan with time definitions clearly outlined, and their financial goals for the next two years before it is declared an H.P. district. There were also questions regarding whether Dr. Salwan would ever really donate the Theater to the Foundation. Larry was unable to give a definite opinion, but he thoroughly believes in the Foundation and the Theater and believes that this will be a long process. There was discussion on a volunteer for the appointment to the Theater Board. The Committee agreed to make Keith Barros our representative, with a unanimous vote. He reluctantly accepted, pending his ability to attend meetings because of his schedule.

San Lorenzo Homes Recognition:
The first homes recognition award was given for the month of June 2001 to 24 Via Hermosa. They are original homeowners. The owners names are Bennie and Olita Giglione. The committee drove around and look at all homes that were nominated. The committee wanted to give the first award to an original homeowner. The committee also reported that for the next few months, it is hoped that people will try to find homes that are located on main streets in the Village. Nominations for next months award are:

15896 Via Alamitos     110 Paseo Grande
  Via Alamitos         17373 Via Chiquita
690 Via Alamo          18250 Via Poudre
18750	 Via Arriba	     1253 Via Dolorosa
17271 Via Estrella     1019 Via Palma
857 Via Manzanas       849 Via Manzanas
Reynolds asked whether the C.C.& R. updates have been individually mailed to property owners yet. Nancy said she is in the process.

There was also discussion on the condition of the County owned property in San Lorenzo, and there continued lack of maintenance. Questions will have to be asked of the county to address these issues and try to achieve answers. It was also pointed out that high traffic streets where houses are poorly maintained, give the impression that all of San Lorenzo looks that way. These streets give the "first impression" of the Village, and can either attract buyers or dissuade someone from wanting to live here.

Review of the BCDC Charter: After much discussion, it was decided to go line by line on the Charter to try to decide what changes need to be made, in order to remove language that relates to the Specific Plan or outdated information. See attachment "suggested revisions". It is expected that the committee will go over the changes at the July meeting, vote on them, and present them to the Board for approval.

Announcements, Future Agenda Items: Conditions of the approach to San Lorenzo both from the north and the south, (i.e. unincorporated Hayward where Airport Appliance is located). Nancy encouraged all the members to come to the meeting before the Homes Association Meeting regarding the Village Square development.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathie Ready
Acting Recording Secretary