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May 31, 2000

Present: Members: Harry Gin, David Sloan, Ron Groves, Kathie Ready, Jack McKinnon, Tina Cheung, Anne Brichacek, Mary Reynolds, Ann M. Mrak, Pat Pebelier
Residents: Keith Barros, Joyce Barros. Sharon Foster
Others: Stacy Sorenson and Daryl Gray (County Planning), Greg Luey (Albertsons) , Kathleen Harrigan and Nancy Van Huffel (Staff)

Chairperson Kathy Ready opened the meeting at 7:10

Approval of Minutes Motion to approve by Reynolds, seconded by Groves. The motion carries unanimously.

Ready presents a certificate from the Association Board of Directors to Tina Cheung-for her participation in the Christmas in April program.


Redevelopment: it was announced that the plan goes before the Board of Supervisors on Thursday, June 8th. Groves questioned why the Sunset area was included in San Lorenzo's project area. It was discussed that bringing in this area would potentially generate more funds for the San Lorenzo Village due to the rapid rate of real estate turn over in the Sunset Area.

Van Huffel stated that the San Lorenzo Village Board of Directors should have a say in how the moneys generated from the project should be spent and as to what is considered a priority. She stated that members from the BDC as well as a representative from Royal Sunset should also have a voice in the process. Van Huffel noted that nothing in the current documents related to redevelopment address the issue of the Citizen's Advisory Board which would monitor the process and include representation from the community as to how the funds generated from redevelopment in the area should be.

It was discussed at length as to who should be members on this Advisory Group. The consensus of the BDC was that there should be something in the written in the redevelopment plan which outlines such a group and its members.

A motion was made by Ready seconded by Groves that there be a redevelopment advisory committee comprised of San Lorenzo residents, businesses, Association Board members and a representative from the Royal Sunset area. This advisory committee should be written in the redevelopment plan that would go before the Board of Supervisors for a vote. . Motion passes unanimously.

It was discussed as to who would appoint the members for this group. Ready suggested that the Association send out a ballot in the newsletter similar to the ballot for the Directors election to see who residents want on this advisory committee. Cheung stated that there should be a youth representative on this committee.

Problem Business Areas -- Ready read a letter from the Bohannon's about the status of their property on Paseo Grande. (See attached)

Groves questioned what was happening with the stores that had the fire several months ago on the Bohannon property. The Administrator stated that she had contacted the Bohannon Organization and was told that China City and the Fish Restaurant should be open within a week, the other buildings incurred structural damage and would not be opening until some time in August.

Ready questioned why the county cannot do anything about the Bohannon buildings on Paseo Grande that have been boarded up for years. County staff, Sorenson stated the county has no control over how long a building remains vacant without a new business going in. Zoning Administrator, Gray stated that the county ordinance does not require that buildings have windows at all, he stated that the owner could save money by constructing a wall in place of where a window had been by putting up plywood and painting over it (this is referred to as a 'Tl-11'). It was questioned as to whether there was some other non-breakable material that could be used in place of windows and Gray stated that there is a plastic material that can be used that would be non breakable. This material is expensive and scratches easily.

Sorenson reported on the status of several businesses and residences she has been working on. She stated that she had given the owner of the Bockman Shopping Center 30 days to remove the cargo containers. The date for these to be removed is May 25th, she will not be able to check them on that day, but will be out that following Monday. If the owner does not remove the cargo units she will be able issue a citation. She stated that she would issue a final abatement letter and can fine the owner every day if he does not remove the containers. If the owner does not reply to the final letter the county can go in and remove the containers and charge the owner for the work.

Sorenson stated that the owner of the vacant lot at 997 Grant Ave has been contacted by the Fire Department to mitigate the weeds in the lot. She is not certain how long the owner has before they will have a hearing on the issue, but she stated that the Fire Department can abate the condition if the owner ignores the problem.

Sorenson reported that the county-owned residence at 15800 Via Alamitos should be painted within two weeks. The county is having problems finding a led certified painter to do the job. The fence and the ivy at the residence have been taken care of.

Gray announced that the zoning staff will be targeting the Cherryland area for the next few months to see if residents are complying with Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance. He stated that this will not prevent staff from taking and investigating complaints from other areas, however they will be going out and reviewing the area for problems. Gray suggested that once Cherryland has been done that the county concentrate on another unincorporated area and would suggest that the Trash Triage Committee choose which areas should be priorities.

Spotlighting neighborhood businesses - Ready reported that she only had two (2) businesses this month to report on so she will not be submitting an article for the Association newsletter until its July/August paper. She questioned whether the group had any objections to her highlighting Albertson's, since it is a chain. The consensus of the group was that they had no objections to using Albertson's as one of the businesses to highlight in the Association newsletter.

Report on the San Lorenzo Village Specific Plan - Gray stated that he has not been informed as to the status of the plan, or whether or not Andrade is making the final edits and revisions. A final copy of the plan was to be forwarded to the Task Force Committee members. Van Huffel stated that she would look into the progress of the plan and report back to the group.

Unfinished Business

Rental Properties motion - Committee members discussed whether the county could do anything about the backyards of homes where there was a possible health or fire hazard. Gray stated that the Neighborhood Preservation Ordinance can only deal with the front of the property. He stated that the Fire Department does have policing authority to go into a back yard, if it is deemed a fire hazard. The County Health Department does have some power if a yard is deemed to be a health hazard. He will invite Joanne Ringot, County Health Inspector to come to the BDC next meeting to discuss what the county can and cannot do with respect to a health hazard.

Ready suggested that the Association letters should state that a residents violation is not only against CC&R's of the Association, but mention the County's Ordinahce. She also questioned why the Board does not revisit the issue of Christmas light being up all year long on residences. Van Huffel stated that the she will put this item on the Board for it to review at its next meeting.

Questions were brought up as to why the BDC is even looking at residences since it was originally established to try and get businesses interested in San Lorenzo. Ready pointed out that if the residences in the area are run down then it reflects on the business climate and may affect whether a business will come into the area or not.

Mrak questioned what happened to the committee's brochure and suggested it revisit distributing this pamphlet again. Reynolds stated that she has no expertise in soliciting businesses into an area and does not think the BDC should be doing this without the expertise. It was suggested that the BDC find a good broker in the area and recommend Bohannon use this person to solicit businesses for San Lorenzo.

There was a discussion as to why Bohannon has the old Mervyn's lot fenced in and that it is an eyesore.

Reynolds made a motion for the BDC to ask Bohannon to take down this fence and make the area a park. The motion dies for lack of a second.

Brichacek stated that she wants the committee to be more focused on what it is doing. She stated the committee has very good ideas, but has not been able to implement them for a lack of this focus. She suggested that a committee member write to the Daily Review and let it know what has been done by the Committee to solicit interest by the community.

Ready agreed that the BDC needs more 'teeth" and focus. She suggested that once the redevelopment plan is approved and the Specific Plan is in place the committee should write to the Bohannon's inquiring what their broker is doing and to keep on top of what businesses he or she is or is not soliciting.

New Business

Make a Difference Day - Mc Kinnon announced that Make a Difference Day is coming up and he will talk more about it at the next BDC meeting. He would also like to see the group participate in fixing up the sign on Hesperian that shows the entrance to San Lorenzo. The sign is failing down and the shrubbery around that island needs to be cut back.

Lorenzo Theater - Ready announced that the theater is in escrow for purchase by a church group. She stated,that she has heard from many residents who do not want a church in that specific area. Resident Keith Barros agreed that a church is not an appropriate use for the site and is not named as use for the church in the Specific Plan.

There was much discussion about the issue of parking and how a church group of 100 plus would be accommodated at that site. The Administrator stated that the group will be answering these types of questions at the next Association Board meeting. The item on the agenda would be informational only, and the Board would not be entertaining a motion. The group decided to hold off on any motions for or against the church group purchasing the theater until it hears more information from the group itself and what its plans are.

Adjournment 9:42 p.m.

Submitted by,

Kathleen Harrigan