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May 3, 2001

Present: Members: Keith Barros, Pat Pebelier, Kathie Ready, Mary Ann McMillan, Jack Mackinnon, Mel Brookman, Anne Brichacek, Ann Marie Mrak.
Resident: Howard Beckman
Business: Grey Luey
Staff: Nancy Van Huffel
Supervisor: Gail Steele

Opening Comments: Co-Chair Anne Brichacek called the meeting to order at 7:09 p.m. The minutes for the April 5, 2001 meeting were accepted and approved. There were no new members nominated. Chair Mrak arrived at 7:15 p.m. and took over the meeting.

Zoning Board of Adjustments: A letter was read from Mary Reynolds regarding her non-vote at the April BCDC meeting on the Z.B.A. She apologized for any confusion this may have caused. She also stated that in her opinion "the system we have now, works better than having several people making a decision." Beckman discussed variances and C.U.P.'s and how they should be granted judiciously. There was discussion on how inappropriate variances and C.U.P.'s can chip away at zoning and set precedents. Nancy reiterated her opinion that this is a very complex issue. Since the last meeting, she was given an 8 page memo from the Planning Department which give many alternatives to the Z.B.A. She suggested if any of the committee members wanted a copy, she would provide them one.

Committee Targeting Problem Commercial Areas: Discussion on whether it should be returned. We need to come up with reasons for people to develop and improve their commercial properties. Some discussion on the BCDC Brochure bringing it back, giving it to commercial property owners. Questions: Why do people buy property here? Are we beating up on commercial property owners?

More discussion on graffiti: Responsibility of commercial property owners to community. Whether we are supposed to report graffiti to Zoning or to the Sheriff. Discussion on list of residents willing to help paint over graffiti. Could BCDC mobilize this group. When Union City Police see graffiti they report it to the dispatcher who, then notifies the property owner within 24 hours and it is taken care of. Gail suggested paying a retired person to go paint over graffiti with paint supplied by the county. Going through Public Works seems to take a long time. Nancy, Gail and Ann Marie will get together to identify areas and find someone to paint over the graffiti a.s.a.p. A graffiti update will be on the next Agenda. Committee members are encouraged to attend the next Sheriff's meeting to voice concerns.

Subcommittee Spotlighting Neighborhood Businesses: no report.

Homes Recognition: Committee members submitted addressed of homes to be considered for recognition. Mel Brookman submitted several, which was good, considering several committee members did not bring in their nominations. Each member was reminded to bring one address each month, using the map and schedule supplied by Nancy. The smaller committee will decide on the winner. This month's nominations are as follows:

1219 Via Lucas	       1455 Via San Juan
1289 Via El Monte      1508 Via Bandoni
17237 Via Frances      17422 Via Frances
17205 Via Melina       15830 Via Pasatiempo
17309 Via Alamitos     17373 Via Chiquita
15961 Via Conejo       110 Paseo Grande
24 Via Hermosa         551 Via Acalanes
Review of Charter: This item is tabled to the next meeting. Mrak reminded members to read their charter and BE READY to review it next month!

Future development of industrial area at the end of Grant Avenue: There were several questions and comments. Do we want to rezone the area? Variances are constantly being granted. It's past time to do something. What happens at the foot of Grant effects all of us. The traffic is getting worse. Can Zoning be changed? Why was the industrial area included in the Redevelopment District. How do we go about starting the procedure of looking into rezoning an area? We need to identify the issues. Gail suggested talking to Alolph Martinelli about what we want, and how to go about it. If zoning is changed, that would make everyone down there a non-conforming use. Gail says she will look into the exact process. Questions arose over how things suddenly happen before the community is aware of them. What other properties are owned by the County. Why the County didn't notify the community when the property was put up for sale. Zoning is extremely important and C.U.P.'s should be watched very closely. Nancy has maps of the foot of Grant and how they are zoned. Live/work spaces could be an alternative. A specific plan could possibly be implemented for the foot of Grant. This item will be repeated on future Agenda's in order to hopefully come to a conclusion.

A quite lengthy discussion ensued about the EBMUD project, somehow sidetracking the original subject. Lorenzo Theater: The Theater group will be on next months agenda to discuss future plans. They were originally scheduled for this month, but asked to be taken off, as there are hopefully things in the works, that they will be able to report on soon.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathie Ready
Acting Recording Secretary