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March 1, 2001

Present: Members: Keith Barros, Pat Pebelier, MaryAnn McMillan, Jack Mackinnon, Mary Reynolds, Kathie Ready, Anne Brichacik, Ann Marie Mrak
Residents: Karyn McNicholas, William Lewis, Jan Fisher, Alexa Affleck, Enrique Barbosa, Howard Beckman, Shirley Perea
Businesses: Norris Mitchell and Mr. Chau representing Mr. Chau's, Greg Luey representing Albertson's.
Supervisor Gail Steele
Staff: Nancy Van Huffel

Opening Comments: The meeting opened at 7:06 p.m. by Chair Mrak. Minutes for the February 1, 2001 meeting were accepted and approved. Ready made a motion to nominate Betty Moose for appointment to the BCDC by the Association board of directors. Reynolds seconded the motion. The motion passes unanimously. Jack Mackinnon announced there would be a County Wide Communications Drill on April 18 at 1:00 p.m. He stated he would have further information at the next meeting.

Mr. Chau's Restaurant Proposal: Chair Mrak announced that Mr. Chau brought samples of his food for the committee to try. Norris Mitchell presented drawings of the proposed building, which will be 7000 square foot in size and 2 story. The restaurant section would be 2400 square foot and approximately 2000 square feet of the remainder of the building would be rented to other tenants. Discussion ensued regarding who the renters would be and what type of businesses would be allowed. Also traffic, lighting of the outside of the building and the color of the building and roof were discussed. There will be a Site Development Hearing on this proposal with the county on March 27. They hope to break ground this summer. The consensus of the committee was that the food is very good. A motion was made by Mackinnon that the Board approve the Mr. Chau's Restaurant proposal and that they (the board) request Mr. Chau's to review the Specific Plan guidelines and recommendations as to occupants of the rental retail space. Barros seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Lorenzo Manor Shopping Center: Beckman informed the committee that Lisa Lo has withdrawn her application for "modification of site development." The County won't entertain any application process until the center is brought into compliance. Supervisor Steele informed the committee that Lisa Lo has now involved a lawyer, regarding whether she has to tear down the old KFC building. The County will also involve County Counsel. There was much discussion on promises made and not kept. Who is responsible? There was discussion about Taco Bell wanting to expand, and whether or not Lo is aware of the benefits of same. County lawyers will look at the problems and get back to us with solutions. Also the the Health Department has been contacted about Cathay Express and has not gotten back to the complainant. Gall will look into this.

McMillan Petition: The hearing for the McMillan Petitions before the Planning Commission, for the zoning change has been changed to April 2, 2001. New traffic, noise and air pollution studies have been submitted, and should be studied.

C.C.& R. Committee: There was no meeting, therefore, no report.

Special Homes Recognition: There was discussion on how homes that are well kept could be recognized. Mrak showed rough drafts of Certificates of Appreciation which would be given to homes for "taking pride in San Lorenzo and your home." They would include a picture of the home. Steele suggested "tiles" for distinguished homes, i.e. Home of the Month. There was discussion on how to nominate these homes. Whether it should be by the Homes Association Board members or be kept as a duty of the BCDC. It was decided that a subcommittee would be formed and get back to the BCDC next month with a finalized version of what they would like to see implemented. The subcommittee members are: AnriMarle Mrak, Kathie Ready, Keith Barros and Kari McNicholas.

Discussion of Agenda Items for Future Meetings: A review of the land use of the industrial area at the foot of Grant Ave, the present zoning and future needs. (This will probably go on the Agenda in May). Discussion of a possible Board of Zoning Adjustments, pros and cons. (This will be on the April Agenda). Bylaws of the BCDC. Water project planned for San Lorenzo by EBMUD.

Announcements and Adjournment: Supervisor Steele reminded committee members that "redistricting" of the supervisors' seats is coming up. There will be public hearings on this and the community's input will be most critical. This will be happening in May, June, and July. Mrak reminded committee members to send in their applications for the Redevelopment Advisory Committee.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.


Kathy Ready
Acting Secretary