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February 3, 2000

Present: Members:, Harry Gin, Mel Brookman, David Sloan, Ron Groves, Kathie Ready, Jack MacKinnon, Tina Cheung. Anne Brichacek, Mary Reynolds, Mary Ann McMillan, Travis Thoms, Ann Marie Mrak
Residents: Shirley Moore, Ray Reynolds, Frank Clavin, Judy Clavin, Joe Dyer, Mark Chaty, Edith Tegge, John Tegge, Myra Palacios, Betty Moose
Others: Karla Goodbody (Senator Figueroa's office), Lou Andrade (County Planning), Gail Steele (Supervisor), Carol Robinson (Daily Review), Kathleen Harrigan and Nancy Van Huffel (Staff)

Chairperson, Kathy Ready opened the meeting at 7:08 p.m. There were no opening comments.

Chair Kathy Ready welcomed new committee Anne Marie Mrak. There were no new nominations for new members.

Approval of Minutes A motion to approve the minutes from the December 1999 meeting was made by MacKinnon and seconded by Sloan. The motion passed unanimously.

REPORTS FROM STANDING COMMITTEES Redevelopment: Van Huffel reported for Pebelier who was absent due to illness. She stated that she had received further information off the internet on redevelopment. Some areas in Southern California have had negative impacts due to redevelopment. She stated that the main negatives are with respect to who has the control of the money. San Lorenzo needs to have local control and not have the control be solely in the hands of its Supervisor, who may not be in office as the process goes along. She reported that some cities in Southern California are millions of dollars in debt due to redevelopment. If the money does not get repaid by bonds then taxpayers bare the burden. Van Huffel has asked the county to address the progress of redevelopment in the Ashland area at its upcoming meeting. She encouraged all members and residents at the meeting to look up redevelopment on the internet, is the internet address.

Ready stated that she had seen map for the redevelopment area which was distributed by the county and she questioned why San Lorenzo's area did not encompass any residential units as compared to Castro Valley's area.

There was discussion about what the benefits would be for the community if it expanded the redevelopment area into the residential areas of San Lorenzo. Lou Andrade from County Zoning stated that by incorporating the residential area into the plan, the redevelopment process may happen sooner, however the money gained would not go directly to the homes but may go to the parks and other areas. He stated that when you start the redevelopment process you can negotiate a pass-through from the library, park districts, etc. to get the money. Van Huffel questioned the impact redevelopment, would have in decreasing property values for the residential areas. She suggested that a committee from the community be established to make the negotiations that Andrade spoke of.

It was asked as to what advantages would be accomplished if the industrial area at the bottom of Grant were included in the redevelopment area. Andrade stated that if the industrial area is included the community could be capturing an area that has the possibility of generating a large tax revenue if a new business and/or warehouse is built in the area.

Subcommittee targeting other problem-commercial areas: Reynolds reported that she took pictures of businesses and some homes in the Village area. She displayed the pictures for the committee. Reynolds asked if the Association's legal department could do something about these businesses. Van Huffel stated that the Association has no jurisdiction over businesses, but that if the address is residential it can follow up or contact county zoning.

Supervisor Steele stated that the county is now looking at problem properties in unincorporated county areas with the neighborhood preservation ordinance. She suggested that the committee fax a list of problem business properties to her as soon as possible. Mrak suggested that Reynolds, she and MacKinnon fax a list to Steele, Van Huffel and the County Zoning Administrator, Daryl Gray. Steele stated that she will have county zoning staff at the next Business Development meeting to address these issues.

Ron Groves pointed out that most shopping centers have "cam" charges that pay for the maintenance of the property. If a center is not doing well, the owner may have never instituted these charges, or may be bearing the burden of the fees.

Subcommittee spotlighting neighborhood businesses: Ready had no report. Van Huffel stated that a process needs to be developed, whereby we can let businesses know how they are being chosen to be highlighted in the Village Briefs. Ready stated that the original plan was to spotlight one business from each of the shopping centers in the area, alternating to give each center equal time. She stated that she never wanted to highlight two businesses from the same center. Van Huffel said it would be helpful if the policy was written down so that the Association office can give it to inquiring businesses. Ready said that she would talk with Weiss and see what type of policy they could create. Mrak stated that she would like to see these articles reported in San Lorenzo Villager.


Report on the San Lorenzo Village Specific Plan Process: Groves reported that he was encouraged with the last meeting of the Task Force and that the committee was making progress. He said that the county was addressing some of the concerns the Bohannon Organization had and that the plan was getting closer to a realistic conclusion.

McMillan reported on the plan as it relates to the old San Lorenzo Barn. She stated that the architect, Frank Fuller had developed one plan that would have the old barn reconstructed and put up in the corner of Paseo Largavista and Paseo Grande, across from where the old Mervyns was. She said the architect had suggested the Barn could be a restaurant and/or history center. His idea was to have the business buildings near the old barn depict pictures of the old San Lorenzo with the barn being at the end of the area, which would incorporate the community's history into the development.

Andrade stated that the web site has all three plans depicted and anyone who wants to review the plans can visit the site:

Van Huffel stated that the next Task Force meeting would be in the San Lorenzo Community Hall February 15th at 7:00 p.m.

Report from Harry Gin/Ann Marie Mrak regarding neighborhood clean-up proposal: Gin reported that he, Mrak, and Cheung have been working with Castro Valley Chamber member Jim Pacheco on identifying homes for the Christmas in April program. Cheung has coordinated a meeting with Arroyo High School student clubs on 2/22/00 to solicit student volunteers. Gin reported the Homes Association identified four (4) homes that might be potential candidates, however, only one qualified. The program has specific criteria that must be considered when accepting a property. Gin stated that he would be going out next week to identify some problem homes himself. Mrak said she had spoken with employees of San Lorenzo's Washington Mutual Bank and they will be volunteering for the project.

Cheung stated that she has had several students interested in the project and will know more after the February 22 nd meeting. It was pointed out that both inside and outside repairs are considered for the program and that the group would like houses that are on well traveled streets so that they can advertise the work being done by the volunteers.

Mrak asked if the Association had contacted the one homeowner who was being considered by the group thus far. Van Huffel stated that the office would contact the owner and get back to the subcommittee on the status of the conversation.


It was questioned as to what happened to the brochure the committee completed and suggested that the committee consider distributing it again to businesses.

Mrak suggested inviting local businesses to the meeting. She stated that the group should consider sending an agenda to the businesses. Ready stated that when interviewing the business owners for the Village Briefs, she has invited them to several meetings lefting them know about the committee. Not one of the owners has shown up so far and she stated that the group may not get a good response even if it invites business owners. Many are small businesses, work long hours and do not have the time.

Gin asked what was happening with hotel/storage proposal on Embers. Groves stated that the water district found an underground water table which they capped and secured and this may affect the storage unit. He said that the City of San Leandro is still having problems regarding the street exits and entrances to the proposed project.


Report from the Chair regarding San Lorenzo Business Council Meeting - Ready reported that she attended a meeting with the San Lorenzo Business Council. The purpose of the meeting was to get San Lorenzo businesses involved with the San Leandro Chamber. Senator Liz Figueroa was the guest speaker at the meeting. Ready pointed out that there were only three San Lorenzo businesses at the meeting, and she was not encouraged by this turn-out.

Van Huffel stated that she had given the Chamber labels for the businesses in San Lorenzo several months ago and it was to mail a four question survey to these businesses. The last time she contacted the Chamber she was told the person responsible for doing the mail out was no longer with the Chamber but was assured that the questionnaire would go out soon. Ready had suggested to Mr. Chavez of the Chamber that he get together with her to formulate a cover letter. She stated that businesses need to know how the Chamber would benefit them if they decide to join. Van Huffel stated that the four point questionnaire was very good and she would provide it to Ready. Ready was concerned that the fee of $205 per year for membership was to expensive for many of San Lorenzo's small businesses. Brookman suggested that the group recommend to the chamber that it consider offering an auxiliary rate for the smaller businesses from San Lorenzo. Ready stated that she will coordinate a meeting with Mr. Chavez regarding what San Lorenzo businesses may or may not need.

Thoms questioned what happened to the packet the committee was putting together to send out to small businesses in San Lorenzo informing them of different resources and groups to look into that would benefit them. Thoms stated that he had given this information to Van Huffel. Van Huffel said that she did not remember seeing the information. Thoms said he would look it up on the Internet again and get it to Van Huffel.

Announcements: Moose stated that Proposition 14 needs a yes vote from voters to help the libraries apply for grants and receive more funding.

Van Huffel reported that the Youth Resources Valentines Dance is coming up on, Friday, February 11, 2000 and invited all to purchase a ticket for $25.00. All proceeds will go to youth in the Community.

Adjournment 9:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by

Kathleen Harrigan