San Lorenzo Express News

Final Version of the General Plan for Eden Unincorporated Area

OCTOBER 8, 2009

The revised final version of the county's general plan for the unincorporated area — including Ashland-San Lorenzo-Cherryland — has been released for public review. Preparation of the plan began in 2002. Completion has been delayed by controversy and the recent need to incorporate state-required planning to reduce greenhouse gases.

The Eden Area Plan directs the county's actions in shaping development of the area over the next 15 years. It articulates the community's vision for the future and sets specific policies for land use, traffic, parks and recreation, noise, and public safety.

The plan includes an overview of the area's history and describes its present-day population and economy.

In addition to the Eden Area Plan, a number of local plans, called "specific plans," provide detailed direction and standards for specific neighborhoods or districts. Notable among these are the San Lorenzo Specific Plan, which was prepared to direct development of the commercial properties along Hesperian Boulevard, and the Ashland-Cherryland Business District Plan, which directs development along East 14th Street. (See Planning Issues on this website.)

Along with the Eden Area Plan, the county has released a revised final environmental impact report (EIR) on the plan. Both documents are available in the San Lorenzo and Castro Valley libraries, or can be obtained on a CD from the county planning department (670-5400). They are also available on the website Eden Plan.

Public meetings and hearings on the plan and the EIR are as follows (see the Express Calendar for details and up-to-date information):