San Lorenzo Express News

Supes Appoint Citizens Advisory Panels
for San Lorenzo Area Redevelopment

NOVEMBER 7, 2001 (Updated Feb. 18, 2002)

Two citizen advisory panels were appointed yesterday by the county board of supervisors to recommend priorities for capital spending in the San Lorenzo and Cherryland subareas of the newly formed Eden Area Redevelopment District. The San Lorenzo subarea (see map in PDF format) encompasses parts of San Lorenzo Village, the Sunset neighborhood (the area bounded by Hacienda Ave., Hesperian, A Street, and Interstate 880), the commercial areas on Hesperian and within the village, and the industrial district west of the village. The Cherryland subarea (see map in PDF format) also includes a portion of the Ashland district.

The redevelopment district was formed in June of this year by the county board of supervisors. In addition to the San Lorenzo and Cherryland subareas, it includes three other subareas: Castro Valley (portions only), Foothill (the Fairmont neighborhood east of I-580), and Mount Eden (pockets of unincorporated areas in the industrial area of Hayward).

Redevelopment districts provide a means of raising investment capital for new construction or rehabilitation of property by setting aside a portion of property taxes collected within the district. For general information on redevelopment financing in California, see the website of the California Redevelopment Association.

The San Lorenzo subarea panel includes the following individuals:

Patricia Hoke, a San Lorenzo Village resident and administrator for the Newark Unified School District.

Edward Gabrielson, a Sunset neighborhood resident.

Scott Bohannon, representing the Bohannon Organization, the principal owner of commercial properties along Hesperian in San Lorenzo.

Christy Beavers, owner of Christy Flowers on Hesperian.

Catherine Hagebusch, a San Lorenzo Village resident and city planner for the City of Livermore.

Kathy Ready and Pat Pebelier, representing the San Lorenzo Village Homes Association.

The Cherryland subarea panel includes the following individuals:
Maria Palmeri
Chris Freschi
Yvonne Dardenne
George Graves
Stephen Clearwater
Dan Hobbs
Barbara Woody
For more information on the Eden Area Redevelopment District, contact the redevelopment manager for Alameda County, Eileen Dalton (tel. 670-6509, e-mail