San Lorenzo Express News

San Lorenzo Underground Water Storage
Would Supply Water During Droughts

NOVEMBER 14, 2000

San Lorenzo water may spell relief during droughts if an East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) proposal is realized.

In 1997 EBMUD dug a well at 2600 Grant Avenue to investigate whether deep acquifers (underground natural storage formations) in San Lorenzo could be used to store water for long periods. The results were positive, showing that the deep acquifers could provide a significant portion of water supply during a drought.

EBMUD now proposes to construct six to nine more wells, a water treatment facility, and transmission pipelines and pumping facilities. All of this development -- called the Bayside Groundwater Project -- is in the vicinity of Grant Avenue. Three alternative routes are being considered for the proposed underground pipeline that would connect the stored water supply to the existing system.

EBMUD expects to issue a draft environmental impact report in February 2001. One issue of concern to nearby residential property owners is whether the project would result in subsidence -- the sinking of land and structures -- in the surrounding area. If the project is approved, construction would take places between July 2001 and July 2002.

For more information call Angela Knight, 287-1213, or visit the EBMUD website.

Update March 27 The environmental impact report for this project is now available on the web in PDF files at Bayside Groundwater Project EIR.