San Lorenzo Express News

Hayward Beats a Retreat from Cherryland

FEBRUARY 23, 2001

The Hayward City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to leave Cherryland alone. The City had previously expressed an interest in annexing about 40 acres of the Cherryland district around Foothill Boulevard between Mattox Road and Grove Way. Hayward regards this area as a "gateway" to the city, but one that leaves a poor impression of the city.

The City had hoped to renovate the area, but in order to do so it believed the City needed direct authority over the area.

Last month City officials an into a wall of hostility to the idea of annexation when they met with the Cherryland Community Association. Community leaders were irate that Hayward would cherrypick a portion of the Cherryland district, particularly an area that has development potential. The area Hayward sought is presently within a redevelopment district under the County of Alameda. Residents expressed concern that, just as the area around Foothill Blvd. was about to be developed, they would lose influence over the direction of development once Hayward took control.

The City will now have to work with Alameda County to develop the area. However, many of the vacant lots on Foothill Blvd. leading into Hayward belong to CalTrans.