San Lorenzo Express News

School District Looks for New Superintendent

FEBRUARY 20, 2007

The San Lorenzo School District is searching for a new superintendent following the retirement of Arnie Glassberg. Mr. Glassberg will leave the district at the end of the current school year. The districts board of trustees aims to hire a new superintendent by July 1.

The board has hired a private firm, the Cosca Group, to conduct the search. At a special meeting February 1 the board worked with the consultants to come up with a schedule of public meetings and interviews with candidates.

During this week the consultants will meet with various groups and individuals within the district the and the community served by the district -- employees, parents, school councils, unions -- to hear what people think is most important in a new superintendent. In addition, two public meetings will be held for those interested in commenting:

For those unable to attend these meetings, comments may be sent by e-mail to Steve Goldstone of the Cosca Group (deadline Feb. 22). The consultants have said they will meet privately with any individual who is uncomfortable presenting their views in public.

At its meeting Feb. 1 the board offered its views on the strengths and weaknesses of the school district, and the kind of person most suitable to guide the district. At a meeting March 8 the board will look at the information obtained by the consultants from all groups and individuals and set priorities for the district's needs to be addressed by the new superintendent. It will also decide which characteristics in a new superintendent are most needed to address the district's top needs.

Based on that information the Cosca Group will prepare a brochure that will be distributed to individuals interested in the job. The consultants will actively recruit candidates through advertising and its own network developed from prior searches for other school districts. The deadline for applications from candidates is April 27.

The consultants told the board at the Feb. 1 meeting that there will likely not be a large pool of candidates from which to choose. Not many experienced school administrators want to be superintendent these days, they said.

The consultants will screen applicants, perform background checks, and provide the board with information on the candidates by mid May. The board will then select candidates for interviews with the board between May 19 and 21.