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San Lorenzo Homes Association Rejects Community Leader

FEBRUARY 16, 2001

Long-time community activist Betty Moose has been denied a seat on the San Lorenzo Village Homes Association's committee on community development. The rejection came at the meeting of the association's board on Feb. 15.

Appointment to the association's Business and Community Development Committee has been routine in the past. At the Feb. 15 board meeting both Mrs. Moose and community activist Keith Barros were nominated. The board unanimously approved Barros's appointment.

However, when Mrs. Moose's name was put forward, all members of the board save one claimed that Moose was not eligible because she is not a member of the association. Board president Dorothy Partridge referred to an unwritten rule that only association members could serve on association committees.

Mrs. Moose told the board that it has defined "community" to mean only homes association members, and that the board's rejection of nonmembers was inconsistent with its invitation to local business owners to participate in the committee.

Mrs. Moose has lived in San Lorenzo Village for 50 years. She is president of the San Lorenzo Unified School District board of directors, president of the San Lorenzo Heritage Society, and a member of the California Senior Legislature.

March 18 update

The San Lorenzo Village Homes Association board reversed itself at its meeting tonight, accepting Mrs. Moose as a member of the business development committee. The new action was the result of a change in the composition of the board since the February meeting.