San Lorenzo Express News

San Lorenzo Moves to New County Supervisoral District

AUGUST 8, 2001

The Alameda County Board of Supervisors voted to shift San Lorenzo into supervisoral district 3, joining San Leandro and Alameda. New district boundaries were required as a result of the recent national census. State law requires districts to have roughly equal populations.

The supervisors tentatively adopted a plan for new districts after a hearing on July 24. Voting for the winning plan were Supervisors Keith Carson, Nate Miley, and Gail Steele. Supervisor Steele, District 2, has represented San Lorenzo for the past nine years. Voting against the plan were Supervisors Scott Haggerty and Alice Lai-Bitker. Supervisor Lai-Bitker will represent San Lorenzo after the plan has been officially adopted.

At yesterday's board of supervisors meeting an ordinance establishing the new district boundaries had its first reading. The ordinance will have its second reading at the board's August 14 meeting and, if approved then, will become official.

Lai-Bitker, an Alameda resident, was appointed to the board to fill the vacancy created when Wilma Chan, also of Alameda, was elected to the California Assembly. She will face her first election next spring.

The new district 3 also includes the western half of Ashland, while the eastern half lies in district 4. In the old system all of Ashland was in district 4. Under both the old and new systems, the urban unincorporated areas were split between two districts, making two supervisors directly responsible for governing issues in the unincorporated areas.