San Lorenzo Express News

San Lorenzo Population Density Is Among Highest in the Bay Area

APRIL 6, 2001

The San Lorenzo district -- including San Lorenzo Village, Ashland, and Cherryland -- has more residents per square mile than most parts of the Bay Area, according to U.S. census data released last week.

Not surprisingly, San Francisco has the densest population of any part of the Bay Area. However, Cherryland ranks third, Ashland sixth, and San Lorenzo 10th. The high ranking of the local area reflects the fact that the area is small and almost entirely residential, with residential parcels of land being compact.

The 10 most densely populated areas are:

San Francisco16,634
Daly City13,703
San Pablo11,726
East Palo Alto11,585
San Lorenzo7,893
By comparison, San Leandro has a density of 6,053, Castro Valley 3,971, Hayward 3,158, and Fremont 2,652.

A high population density does not necessarily mean "crowded". The feeling, indeed the reality, of congestion is the result of many factors, notably the pattern of land use and ease of getting around by foot or vehicle.

A dense population in a small area, like Eden Township, does mean that public services need to be concentrated in that area. It also means that, if jobs are not nearby, the daily movement of people in and out of the area will put heavy demands on transportation infrastructure.