San Lorenzo Express News

Hayward Airport Preparing for 26 More Corporate Jets

APRIL 27, 2001

Plans to build hangars for 26 corporate jets at the Hayward Airport were presented to the Hayward City Council Airport Committee last night.

The City of Hayward, which owns and operates the airport, is presently revising the airport's master plan, a long-term plan for constructing new facilities to meet projected demand from aircraft owners. The revised master plan foresees a "huge" demand in the Bay Area for hangar space for corporate jets and single-engine propeller planes hangars. However, while the plan anticipates 51 new hangar spaces for single-engine propeller aircraft, only six new corporate jet hangars are projected.

Two airport tenants have now proposed to build hangar spaces for 26 business jets and 43 small propeller planes all at once. Hangar development in the airport master plan, by contrast, was expected to occur over several years.

Although the details of the project are being negotiated with the two tenants, the staff report prepared for the City Council Airport Committee states that construction of a General Aviation Terminal may become part of the immediate project. In the airport master plan construction of a terminal is considered a possibility several years from now.

The companies that want to build the hangars are Ascend Development HWD, a subsidiary of Trajen Flight Support, and Valley Oil Company.

By increasing hangar capacity the airport hopes to encourage corporate jet services to use the Hayward airport rather than Oakland International. The total area of the corporate hangars would be 350,000 square feet.

See the website of San Lorenzo Citizens Against Airport Noise for more information about the airport.