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Eden Area Redevelopment District Money is Growing

APRIL 23, 2005

Part One of a Series

The Alameda County Redevelopment Agency has collected more than $40 million in property taxes from urban Eden Township since its inception. The agency gets a fixed percentage of the taxes levied on property within redevelopment districts. The taxes diverted to the Redevelopment Agency would otherwise go to the county's general fund and are intended to correct "blight" and stimulate economic development.

The Eden Area has two redevelopment districts. The Joint Project Redevelopment District began in 1993 as a joint project with the City of San Leandro and covers the East 14th Street - Mission Blvd. corridor as well as the portion of Lewelling Blvd. between Hesperian and San Lorenzo High School. (See the map in PDF format.) San Leandro withdrew as a participant once Alameda County formed a Redevelopment Agency.

State law requires that a percentage of revenues be allocated to housing projects exclusively; the remainder are used for what is generally called "commercial" purposes.

The Joint Project District has received about $20 million since 1993. Of this, a little over $11 million has come from property taxes, of which about $4 million has been set aside for housing projects. Almost $16 million has been available for all other types of projects because of additional, nontax revenues ($2.3 million from other programs and $2.5 million in grants). Projected tax revenues in the next fiscal year are about $3.2 million.

The Eden Area Redevelopment District began in 2000 and covers most of the western urban area of Eden Township, including Castro Valley, San Lorenzo, and Cherryland communities as well two smaller areas, the Foothill and Mt. Eden neighborhoods. (See the district map.) The district is divided into subareas representing these communities. (See the maps for Cherryland, San Lorenzo, and Castro Valley in PDF format.) Revenues from each subarea are spent within the same subarea.

The Eden Area District has collected more than $20 million in property taxes since 2000.

Set Aside
Estimate for
FY 2005-06
Castro Valley$4,341,269$1,105,171$5,446,440$2,446,800
San Lorenzo$5,910,055$1,488,398$7,398,453$3,120,600

Minor revenues from Foothill and Mt. Eden areas are not included in the table.

The county board of supervisors decides how to spend Redevelopment District money. Citizens advisory committees in each subarea advise the board. In Part Two of this series we examine how Eden Redevelopment District money is being spent, and what spending priorities have been set by local citizen committees.

In Part Three we will describe how redevelopment agencies operate and some of the issues that have emerged in California.