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Ashland Residents Bring in $450,000 Grant for After-school Sports Program

APRIL 11, 2005

An Ashland mother was instrumental in getting a four-year grant to support new after-school sports programs. Juline Hobbs, along with former San Lorenzo school district trustee Ray Grangoff, were successful in getting a $450,000 grant from Team Up for Youth, an Oakland-based organization.

Hobbs and Grangoff were hired by the San Leandro Boys and Girls Club in February 2004 to evaluate after-school sports programs in the Ashland area. After concluding that there was little in the way of organized after-school activities, they developed a program to fill the void. The program grew out of discussions with representatives of the San Lorenzo school district and Hayward Area Recreation and Parks, but most importantly it was based on several meetings in the community to determine what kinds of programs kids would prefer.

Meetings with Ashland youngsters were conducted by selected students at Hesperian, Hillside, and Edendale schools as well as San Lorenzo High School. The student pollsters took notes and summarized the consensus of the kids who attended meetings

Hobbs and Grangoff then refined their planned program in meetings with the local Youth Collaborative. The Collaborative is a community-based organization that identifies recreational and cultural needs of youngsters throughout the unincorporated Eden area.

Hobbs and Grangoff presented their successful proposal to Team Up for Youth in October of last year. Funds began flowing in January and are being managed by the San Leandro Boys and Girls Club.

The grant does not cover all the expenses of the planned program. Instead, it provides seed money for a program that is expected to succeed by its own efforts after four years. In each of the first four years program managers must raise some of the funds needed to support the program. The first year requirement is 35 percent. The amount required becomes greater in each succeeding year. In the second year program managers will have to raise half of the program's funds on their own.

In its first year the program will include soccer, basketball, swimming, and dance.

Two part-time activity managers have been hired. Tina Roselle, whose son Cameron was instrumental in organizing public support for the skateboarding park in San Lorenzo, will manage activities at Hillside and Hesperian schools. A manager for Edendale School and San Lorenzo area activities has not yet been hired.

Hobbs, a television producer, prepared a 15-minute video to accompany the grant application. She finished the work the day before the application deadline and delivered the video on the way to her own wedding. At the same time she was also in the last stretch of her campaign for a seat on the San Lorenzo school district board. (She failed election by less than a few hundred votes.)

For information on the afterschool programs contact participating schools.