San Lorenzo Industrial District -- Existing Uses

The parcels in the map below are described in a table following the map. The designation "underutilized" is the preliminary judgement of the county planning department and will no doubt change depending on the desired uses in the area. See the aerial photograph of the same area.

Parcel Number


Lot Size (Acres)

or CUP

1438-0010-001-022222 Grant Ave.Aitchison Family Partnership16.5TharcoM-2Yes
2438-0010-003-0515900 Worthley Dr."Davini, David & Shirley, J. Et. al"2.29Pacific Rolling Door Co.M-2
3438-0010-003-14Grant Ave.Transportation Terminals Company3.97M-2
4438-0010-003-17 2411 Baumann Ave.Sara Lee Corporation 3.98 Galileo Foods Corporate OfficeM-2Yes
5438-0010-003-192364 Baumann Ave."Seelig, Robert" 1.04 USF Surface Preparation M-2Yes
6438-0010-003-20 Grant Ave."Lan, Tai & Leu" 2.92 M-2Yes
7438-0010-003-212400 Grant Ave. "Lan, Tai & Leu"4.08M-2
8438-0010-004-0116500 Worthley Dr.Worthley Associates Llc2.47WorthleyM-2 Yes
9 438-0010-004-082480 Baumann Ave.Aitchison Family Partnership6.2Associates/OfficesM-2Yes
10438-0010-004-09Baumann Ave.Aitchison Family Partnership0.48M-2
11438-0010-004-1316525 Worthley Dr.Cosmas Ltd 5.89 Pacific International Steel Corporation / RV StorageM-25.89
12438-0010-004-1516505 Worthley Dr.Santini Foods5.76 Santini Foods Inc.M-2
13438-0010-004-16Baumann Ave.Johnson Lynn & Beverly4.43RV ParkM-24.43
14438-0010-004-17Worthley Dr.Sullivan John & EllaM-2
15 438-0010-004-18 16520 Worthley Dr.Sullivan John & Ella6.47All American RV StorageM-2Yes 6.47
16438-0010-006-012651 Grant Ave.Ora Loma Sanitary District 54.79Ora Loma Sanitary DistrictM-2-BE (10 ac)Yes
17438-0010-007-032572 Grant Ave."Hunt, Gary"0.56 Carrier Air Conditioning & HeatingM-1-B-40
18438-0010-007-042584 Grant Ave."Thompson, Gary" 0.56 Thompson & Thompson Fence Co.M-1-B-40
19438-0010-007-052548 Grant Ave.Kim Bong S & Kil0.75M-1-B-40
20438-0010-007-072541 Grant Ave."Medrano, Jose & Luisa"0.3Mei Ling's Fine FoodM-1-B-40
21438-0010-007-082561 Grant Ave.Ora Loma Sanitary DistrictOra Loma Sanitary DistrictM-1-B-40Yes
22438-0010-007-092560 Grant Ave.Santos Partners 0.6M-1-B-40
23438-0010-007-102536 Grant Ave.Ora Loma Sanitary District14.98Ora Loma Sanitary DistrictM-1-B-40
24438-0010-008-01Grant Ave."Mcmillan, Carlton"6.27M-1-B-40 6.27
25438-0010-008-022500 Grant Ave.Oakland Pallet Co.8.36Oakland Pallet Co.M-1-B-40Yes8.36
26438-0010-009-002480 Grant Ave.Grant Avenue Associates4.75M-2
27438-0010-013-012400 Baumann Ave.Sara Lee Corporation1.12Galileo Foods Engineering and PurchasingM-2Yes
28438-0010-015-012440 Baumann Ave."Rodrigues, Joseph"1.26J&S TruckingM-2
2980G-0910-012-00Grant Ave.PG&E3.02M-2
3080G-0910-013-072575 Grant Ave.Alameda County Flood Control23.59Alameda County Flood Control M-223.59
3180G-0910-015-002539 Grant Ave.Frito Lay Inc4.7Frito Lay Inc.M-2
3280G-0910-016-002505 Grant Ave.Bonanza Buildings Llc4.08 "Cal Best Pak, Inc."M-2
3380G-0910-017-002505 Grant Ave.Bonanza Buildings Llc"Cal Best Pak, Inc."M-2
3480G-1178-002-0115719 Railroad Ave."Bladek, Scott & Ellis, Lisa" 0.15M-2Yes
3580G-1178-002-02Railroad Ave."Bladek, Scott & Ellis, Lisa"1.68M-2Yes
3680G-1178-003-02Grant Ave.Fanfa. Joseph G0.68M-2
3780G-1178-003-0515741 Railroad Ave."Conway, Bruce, Teresa"3.29Conway Freight LinesM-2
3880G-1178-004-072225 Grant Ave."Gradin, George Stephen"3.33United TextileM-2Yes
39 80G-1178-005-30 Grant Ave.Barnes Killion1.65 M-2
4080G-1178-005-312401 Grant Ave."Fanfa, Joseph G"1.85Fanfa Inc. Engineering ContractorM-2
4180G-1178-005-332333 Grant Ave.Bernstein & Perwein2.05JosamM-2Yes
4280G-1178-007-022505 Grant Ave."Pai, Yat & Hill, Fikaputera"11.5"Cal Best Pak, Inc."M-2
Total Acres210.8555.01

Total Acres in San Leandro36.65
Total Acres Underutilized in San Leandro23.59
Total Acres Underutilized in Alameda County55.01