Excerpt from Ordinance 2000-20, City of Santa Cruz, adopted Oct. 10, 2000 (amends portions of Municipal Code Section 24.10.2301 (The Downtown Recovery Plan). For the full text of the ordinance see: Ordinance 2000-20

Ground Level Special Uses.

The following uses require a Special Use Permit:

Any ground floor space greater than 16,000 gross square feet per 
single-tenant space shall require a Special Use Permit (SUP). The SUP 
provided for in this subsection shall be issued or denied by the City
Council after review and recommendation by the Zoning Board. In addition to 
the findings for SUP issuance required under Section 24.08.050, a SUP 
required by this subsection shall not be authorized unless the following 
additional criteria, findings and conditions are made by the City Council
demonstrating how the proposed application would provide a public benefit to 
the City and Downtown Recovery Plan (DRP) area. The proposed use would: 

          (1) Add a desired, "targeted" business to the Downtown which would 
              serve to diversify the DRP’s ground-level business base;

          (2) The application shall provide a public benefit by 
              demonstrating how it would contribute to an appropriate 
              balance of local or non-local businesses. For the purposes of 
              this finding, it shall be presumed that local businesses serve 
              to sustain the authenticity and unique retail character of the 
              DRP business mix. However, non-local businesses may add to 
              retail draw and contribute to overall Downtown vitality in 
              certain circumstances; 

          (3) Contribute to an appropriate balance of small, medium and 
              large-sized businesses in the DRP to diversify the DRP’s 
              ground-level business mix, to insure the "Santa Cruz" 
              identity, character and authenticity, to seek to reduce 
              economic "leakage" of profits out of the City and County, and 
              to induce local investment and employment in the DRP area;

          (4) The design of the façade of the proposed use would meet the 
              design standards and guidelines of the DRP and would not be 
              restricted by corporate-required standardized exterior design, 
              signage, materials, color or other visual treatments; 

          (5) The proposed use would be a good neighbor and contribute to 
              the community life of the Downtown by participating in such 
              community activities as: (i) Membership in Downtown merchant, 
              resident, neighborhood improvement organizations and/or 
              assessment districts; (ii) to the greatest extent feasible, 
              hiring local residents; and (iii) hosting or participating in 
              Downtown festivals, fairs, benefit events and similar 
              neighborhood activities; and

          (6) If applicable, all food and/or beverage service activities 
              shall be conducted in accordance with the following 
              conditions: (i) Sufficient trash and recycling receptacles 
              shall be provided and shall be regularly maintained; (ii) all 
              debris boxes shall be screened and kept at a designated or 
              approved location on the premises; (iii) the operator shall be 
              responsible for cleaning the sidewalk within fifty (50) feet 
              horizontal distance from the premises during the hours of 
              operation to maintain the sidewalk free of paper, spillage or 
              other litter; and (iv) noise, glare and odors shall be 
              contained within the premises so as not to be a nuisance to
              neighbors. Under no circumstance shall the ventilation outlets 
              or motors cause emission of objectionable odors or noise 
              toward neighbors.