First Plan for San Lorenzo Center on Hesperian Boulevard
Civic Partners (January 2002)

The first proposed master plan for development of commercial properties in San Lorenzo around Hesperian Blvd. includes 240,000 square feet of retail and office space as well as public buildings, and 860 residences.

The proposed development would recreate a commercial center for San Lorenzo that has been lacking since the closing of the Mervyn's department store and associated shops in the mid 1990s. It would create a focal gathering place for the community by bringing together retail stores, offices, new housing, cafes, and public buildings, including a library, community center, post office, and the Lorenzo Theater.

A retail center is organized along a three-block "Main Street", lined with shops, restaurants, and café's and punctuated with plazas, courtyards, and fountains. A major supermarket and smaller retailers surrounding a small surface parking lot anchor one end of the street. A large retailer and smaller shops and restaurants surrounding a large "event plaza" anchor the other end of the street.

Above the restaurants and shops are two and three levels of stacked residential flats and loft-condominiums -- approximately 450 units.

Looking east on "Main Street"
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The "event plaza" is designed to host farmers markets, street fairs, and community events.
Looking across the Event Plaza to the Civic Center.
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Across Hesperian Boulevard from the "event plaza" is the Village Square, the centerpiece of the new Civic Center. Surrounding the Village Square will be a new library in a building that also contains professional offices, a new post office, and a new Town Hall for the community.

Adjacent to the Civic Center is a residential community for elders, live/work lofts with additional stacked flats, and urban townhomes.

Looking into the Civic Center on Hesperian.
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